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CPS Seizes Child After Parents Challenge ADHD Diagnosis

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:

An Ohio couple, Christian and Katie Maple, lost custody of one of their children after they disagreed with the school’s mental health assessment of their child.

Camden Maple, a seven-year-old boy, has five siblings and enjoys Star Wars, Pokémon, football, video games, and Legos. He loves to write stories and draws comic books. While this sounds like an ordinary, creative, imaginative American little boy who can, according to his mom, be “rambunctious” at times, his school said that he needed mental health help.

While the school diagnosed him with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), his parents, who know him better than anyone else, believe that his “rambunctious” actions stem mostly from boredom and not being challenged in the classroom. Camden has been tested a full grade above his current one and often finishes assignments before the rest of the class. When he spends the extra time doodling, Camden gets punished for his creativity.

Does that make him a disobedient or bad child? According to administrators at the public Bowman Primary School in Lebanon, Ohio, it does. They insisted that Camden is “mentally unstable” and needs professional mental health assistance to deal with his disability.

“We as parents do not have the problems the school claims to have with him, at home. We know how to deal with a rambunctious 7 year old, but the school is content with making him believe that he is a bad child; we disagree,” the Maples said.

CPS seizes little boy after a twisted joke at school

Following an incident at school, Christian and Katie were called to pick up their son. He had been a little disruptive in class and told one of the school counselors that he wanted to “erase himself from the earth” because he was a bad kid.

Instead of seeking professional mental health help, the Maples decided to have an extended conversation with their son first, sorting out the issues on a family level. As reported by his parents, there was no reason for concern. During their long talk, Camden explained that he did not want to hurt himself and just said it because he was upset and wanted to see what the counselor would say. His parents added that before this statement, Camden never said anything about harming himself.

“The school thinks he is ADHD; we as parents disagree,” the Maples explained. “We believe that it stems mostly from boredom and not being challenged in the classroom. The school has tried on several occasions to get us to have him diagnosed, so that he can be medicated.”

The Maples made suggestions to his teachers about how to handle Camden. They explained that Camden doodles or becomes restless because he is bored, not because he has ADHD. Their comments and suggestions all got ignored, and the school decided to call Child Protective Services (CPS), accusing them of “health neglect.”

After several visits to their home, eight police officers surrounded the couple’s house on March 3, 2017, and took Camden away based on false accusations and ADHD diagnosis. Rather than addressing the issues – by skipping a grade or giving him extra assignments – the CPS abducted a healthy, little boy from his loving family, stamped him with the label of a mental disease, and put him on damaging ADHD medication and mandatory therapy.

Camden never showed any signs of depression or the intention to hurt himself or others. He is just too smart for his age and bored. Nonetheless, the school called the CPS when the Maples did not comply with their demand to get their child diagnosed with ADHD and medicated.

The Maples are still fighting to get their son back and wonder if they fell victim to a money greedy school that wanted funding by having him diagnosed as a special needs child.

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3 comments to CPS Seizes Child After Parents Challenge ADHD Diagnosis

  • Trespass Unwanted

    During yearly enrollment, parents get these papers in the mail, to their home.

    The children tell the parents to sign it within three days.
    Sound familiar? It’s a contract.

    Courts make you perform the obligations of contracts.

    I’ll tell you parents do not read the enrollment paperwork. They sign all their rights away in them, and even give permission to the school (which is anyone working within it) to do all manner of things to/for/against their children.

    I rejected the pink nurse contract that said the nurse can make decisions regarding the care of my youth.
    As a youth, we were given polio vaccines in sugar cubes at school, and to give blind consent, if they decided to inject my youth with anything that I was not previously aware of, I would have already given them permission to do it.

    The nurse was upset with me. If my youth had an injury requiring a band-aid, I was called to come put the band-aid on. If my youth went to the nurse with a headache or stomach ache, the youth was not allowed to lay down for any moment, they had to sit up and wait for me to come to the school to take care of them.

    If my youth had a sore throat, I had to come to the school to spritz the throat with the over the counter throat spray.

    I had a job, and it took me from work those times the nurse called.

    BUT, my youth, my responsibility, and I did that to keep from being compelled to do things for the school or nurse I did not want to do.

    Now I could have said the nurse was being mean, to call me all the time, or I could accept the fact that maybe the nurse was honoring my refusal for her to do anything with my youth without my permission.

    In the contract, these parents gave the nurse the right, power, privilege, and immunity to diagnose their youth with an illness and to file a claim of child abuse or suspected child abuse if the youth is not getting treatment the nurse claims the child needs.

    Some problems are due to diet, including putting the children on wheat because society says it’s healthy, so wheat bread, wheat rice, and the parents think that looking like they are taking care of their children is the same as taking care of their children and it’s not.

    Some children’s bodies have issues with wheat, it’s absorption and it’s conversion inside the body, but you can’t tell people what to do with their children, except with contract.

    In this case someone wants to use chemicals to offset the behavior of a child that could be caused by diet, but people are immovable, and no one can tell them what to do.

    I feel for the child, it’s not fair to be stripped from a family over a conflict until it’s resolved.

    The first thing the parents received is another contract.
    A we have your child contract, and I’m sure they signed it too.

    People don’t read anything, it’s a shame.
    I blame the parents for what happened to this child.

    I blame the parents because the people who act against them have a contract and can prove it.
    The parents will sign documents with people who took their child, (more contracts) and pay for an attorney to speak for them (more contracts)

    It’s contracts that got them in this mess, and they’ll get into more and more and more and more and in all honesty an attorney cannot get you out of a contract you entered into unless the contract is void.

    I doubt the school, nurse, CPS, etc have any void contracts.
    They got contracts with these parents signatures on them saying they read everything and signed in agreement in the comfort of their home, which means signed while not under duress, and while not under coercion for the first three days of school forms.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    During yearly enrollment, parents get these papers in the mail, to their home.

    I don’t remember typing it like that, I know it’s not delivered in the mail.

    During yearly enrollment, parents get these papers that are brought into their home.

  • willygroper

    “While the school diagnosed him”

    no nurse is qualified for such utter crap. add to that the whole psychiatric profession is nothing but a ruse to dispense more harmful pharma.

    i know a 7yr old child being video recorded for the same crap. iow they’re building a dossier to prescribe plus the fed $$ for “special needs.” i also know the school is swimming in wifi. this is juicing their central nervous system not to mention sterilization thereby providing pharma with a steady income stream & pop reduction.

    ignorant foot soldiers for evil.

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