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Clif High’s Welcome to Alt Reality (#3): SILVER, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

from clif high:

Discussion of the clean up immediacy data from the April ALTA report. Silver, gold, and bitcoin discussed. Projections on their progress is offered. Also some words on the ‘bitcoin shift forward’ effect of 2016.

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8 comments to Clif High’s Welcome to Alt Reality (#3): SILVER, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

  • Bob

    Didn’t this clown predict huge moves for silver and gold starting March 15? Looks like he was wrong. Again. He’s consistent anyway. So, why would anyone bother to listen to any more of his predictions?

    • Steelerdude

      Well, I got a huge slap of reality about a week or so ago….anyone who is posting on youtube is after one thing and one thing only…..advertisement revenue and they will do any and everything to get you to click on their posting….

      so in all reality, you will never hear the truth from a youtube video…its a very sad situation now days….specially when your desperately looking for correct information.

  • cj

    read everything believe nothing? its all for entertainment? sort of a mosaic of lies with bits of truth ever once in awhile.
    I do believe u have some truth when msm goes out of their way to ignore stories.
    example: pedophilia.

  • Kim

    I have always loved his work and he speaks to me and tells me what I want to hear regarding silver. But, his track record is dissipating and I am disappointed with myself for believing and going along with him. I’m sure he means well (at least he admitted being wrong) but I am losing my faith in the Web Bot.

    • Timco

      Indeed. And here is what people do not understand. If silver does go to $600.00 per oz as CH predicts, the USA will be dead forever. 100 times worse than Venezuela. Is that what you want stackers? Besides, get the hell serious. The gov. will NEVER allow you to keep the profit. You are fools to even think so.

  • glitter 1

    Why can’t people figure out CH’s program,it’s a sliding scale based on internet traffic relative to specific topics.It’s not an exact science.It’s like Face Book,you can read all the communications/internet noise between people and come to a concensus/postulation based on moods,fears,prejudice,”fad of the day”,etc.
    All he does is interpret the data he mines,which is based on moving/shifting information.His Web Bot Program and interpretations can paint a fuzzy picture from months and weeks out,but it’s constantly shifting,that’s why a dogmatic interpretation will get him in trouble.It’s a predictive modeling tool.It has some accuracies,however the timing can and will change.
    Simple- the more people are talking about a subject/fact,the higher the probability it will manifest.
    Keep in mind,what he is mining, data wise, is also coming from communications between Illuminati,Deep State,Masters Of The Universe(MOTU),The Contollers,et al.So there is that predictive probability based on what they are collectively planning.
    Many of his prognostications have in fact come to pass even though the timing may have been off.
    BTW,I’m not defending CH,since I disagree with is life philosophy(s).

  • Kevin

    I guess the Syrian bombimg were not significant enough for his webbot to pick up on? I like Clif and his passion and sincerity. I really think he is well meaning. But I am close to tossing his webbot reports into the same trash can as Bo Polny forecasts. Interesting, disappointing, and ultimately useless.

  • Timco

    I think he is a well spoken and bright person, but this is sad to watch.

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