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Clif High-Fed Will Crash & Fed Is the Market

from Greg Hunter:

Internet Data mining expert Clif High’s latest report says, ““The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something.

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3 comments to Clif High-Fed Will Crash & Fed Is the Market

  • Bob

    Needed a chuckle, so I listened for a while. His predicted crash in March-April has now become his predicted crash in August-September. That’s been his MO all along (same with Bix Weir and so many others). Make outrageous prediction for time x. When that turns out to be nonsense, change time to x+y. Keep up until ad revenue falls, then change predictions and start over again. He’ll keep his charade going until too many people figure out he’s completely full of shit. Then he’ll have to work for a living.

    Hunter’s ass kissing is fun to listen to as well.

  • Scott

    Problem is there is a new generation of listeners coming on line every 5 years as the old listeners become aware of the charlatan bullshit. Just like today’s new crop of idiots flipping houses again after just 8 years. People never learn. I too was an idiot……buying 1,000 silver eagles at $30 a piece because the “world is going to end next month”!

    Live life and have fun. Fuck all these talking heads…..they can’t get “real” jobs

  • Kevin

    @ Scott. I too sir was a precious metals idiot. We are two of many.

    Guess Clif and his webbot completely failed to forecast the Syrian crisis?!? The US bombimg Syria and calling for regime change is a pretty significant event and major change in Trump policy. Surely there was enough “language” in the internet for his webbot to pick up on?!?

    And what happened to the major crisis with the financial markets around March 15? Nothing happened. Silver can’t even hold $18.00. Clif said silver would hit $30 last summer and threw out a figured of $600 within the coming year.

    We need a web site list of his predictions and dates and whether or not they materialized. I bet the hit rate is less than 1%. I was intrigued by the appearance of accuracy with the rise in BTC price but one hit doesn’t excuse the thousand misses. The public started holding Bo Polny accountable for his failed forecasts and crazy predictions based on bible prophecy. Any Polny articles posted on here are rightfully disregarded and mocked. I think it’s past time we started holding people like Clif accountable for their failures as well.

    And now the positive spin from Bix and others about how Trump bombimg Syria is really a good thing as part of some brilliant Trump chess move and how it shows the good guys are winning?!? Can anyone seriously keep up with what is really going on?

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