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Bug Out Roll: Important Update

from Canadian Prepper:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    When the ancient Roman armies “bugged out” across the world, one important thing they did, was they carried SEEDS with them, and they PLANTED various (permanent-perennial) FOOD plants all along their routes!

    They were the first “Johnny Appleseed”. They are well known for planting grape vines, asparagus, and other edible plants that they could help to supplement their armies all along the way on their of their extended empire.

    Natives all over the world, (nomads), practiced this important self-survival strategy.

    North American indians, are known to have carried & planted, among other things, Paw Paw trees, from the Gulf Coast, up to southern Canada. It would be interesting if there were any “lists” of things that our natives have spread across the land.

    Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes) are another transplanted crop, spread far across parts of America. There is another crop, known as “Indian Potatoes”, but I have not looked it up.

    OK, so if you plan on being a migratory nomad who follows the seasons, animals, harvests, etc, it would be in your best interest, to plant yourself a number of crops along your repeating route.

    If it’s a ONE WAY trip for you, then you’ll have an assortment of seeds to begin planting everything in your new “permanent location”. We all gotta eat. Don’t forget the herbs & spices to make your meals tasty.

    Gotta have garlic, onions, and a variety of other stuff. What’s a bowl of fried potatoes without onions?
    If you’ve got asparagus, chickens (or ducks, quail, etc), then you’re gonna want green peppers, onions, etc, to make some nice OMELETS.

    Things that “store/keep” well will be your most vital, life saving foods. Things that rot quickly, will require more work to preserve them.

    Good Luck you guys. Eat well, grow food.

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