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BREAKING: Bill Clinton Calls Reporter So He Can ‘Die With A Clean Conscience’

from MLordandGod:

2) Thumbnail image – Bill CLinton dies with Clean conscience…

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6 comments to BREAKING: Bill Clinton Calls Reporter So He Can ‘Die With A Clean Conscience’

  • MarcS

    So, the satanist klinton confesses to another satanist enabling him a clear conscience?


  • d

    It does not matter what he says ‘ is’ means ….GOD has it down pat and will render HIS judgement…..and bill ‘the POS’ will be cast to eternal pain and suffering……amen

  • Chris

    for anything’s sake… the person who makes these videos is severely mentally challenged. Bill Clinton is NOT on his deathbed, holed up in Little Rock.

    • Windrunner58

      Yes a lot of what she states in her vids never materializes. But this one, I hope she has something. Time for him to die, and die slowly, in pain…..

      • chris

        Sure, let the bastard die… but truth is, he’s photographed happily standing beside a giant grasshopper, looking happy and healthy just a few days back. A lot? This person is fake news. By default, unfortunately, Sean is fake news for posting it.

  • randy0302

    Hey Bill it doesn’t work that way?
    Most likely one last feeble (pun intended) to spin his legacy.

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