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BIX NEWS: The Biggest Event in Human History

from RoadtoRoota:

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5 comments to BIX NEWS: The Biggest Event in Human History

  • Bob

    I didn’t listen to this because it’s Bix, but I can only guess that the biggest event in human history is that one of Bix’s many predictions finally came true.

  • Scott

    The only reason I occasionally still stop by SGT (shit, garbage, trash) is to post so “newbies” don’t fall prey to this crap! Newbies beware this site is tabloid news……”an alien ate my face off”.

    • willygroper

      don’t be a turd.

      for the most part bix is fos, but i got a “hidden” nugget on the usgs site re: silver mining he didn’t bother to give the link to so i had to dig.

      Sean does a great service.

      fwiw, many sites are falling prey to infiltration, prejudice & religious nutbaggery.

      it’s up to you to discern.

    • Timco

      Hey Scott- We wouldn’t expect someone with your limited intellect to appriciate SGT anyway, so buzz off.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I try to keep an optimistic attitude, and try to keep my mind open to more information, facts, etc…but BIX?

    Come on man!!! Don’t be SOOoo OPEN minded that your BRAINS fall out!!! Bix is far too optimistic about some topics to the point that he is not realistic.

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