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Bitcoin Now ILLEGAL in THIS Country! Can You Guess Which One? Hint: It’s in Asia

from The Money GPS:

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1 comment to Bitcoin Now ILLEGAL in THIS Country! Can You Guess Which One? Hint: It’s in Asia

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    India…of course. First they cancel almost all of the paper currency (for your own good), and they put more and more restrictions on gold, and now “crypto currencies”.

    The DOMINOES are falling faster and faster, as nations go “cashless” (to fight money laundering, crime, etc. Hahaha) yet the London & NYC banksters never go to prison.

    Just like flushing the toilet, the circular motion starts slowly, then gains speed, and then WHOOSH.. it’s gone!!! Cash is getting shit-canned. Governments are getting more desperate.

    Even if it takes another 24 months for things to get really obvious or screwy here in the USA, Europe, Canada, etc, it’s coming. Best to be ready “right now” instead of hoping for any delays.

    Just like Cyprus, there was NO warning for the common people. Go to bed one night, and wake up empty handed in the morning. Other places crash with a slow-burn, such as Venezuela.

    People who are not prepared, and who have no clue what’s coming, for THEIR sakes, I hope we get the Venezuela and not the Cyprus. When people are alive and can see it’s getting worse, they’ll have time to do a few preps, buy a few ounces, and plant a few gardens.

    Garden TIP= buy a few bags of the Scott’s Lawn fertilizer- the one with NO weed killers (of course). NO “weed & feed”, because your veggies are considered WEEDS.

    The stuff is a POWDERED mix, with some pretty big numbers of N-P-K. You can mix spoonfuls of this with WATER and use a watering can to water your plants. It goes into the soil QUICKLY.

    The standard PELLET style fertilizers, if not mixed into the soil, takes a long time to dissolve and your plants may be underfed, or you may apply far too much and kill everything.

    The powdered stuff, is VERY easy to apply TOO much/too fast, so you gotta be careful with it.

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