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from SGT Report:

TF Metals Report Craig Henke joins me to discuss the increasingly constant bankster paper gold and silver raids – and the decline in effectiveness of those attakcs. We also cover the Comex fraud and the meltdown of the silver fix at the LBMA.

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  • Eric

    Excellent! Great conversation.

    Buy Silver for life.
    Buy Silver for fun.
    Buy Silver for the wife.
    Buy Silver by the ton.

    Take physical delivery and beware of a pullback. Always have powder.

    Open interest in Silver is making all time highs now. And the Commercial net short position just keeps growing. They can’t get the price down no matter how much paper they throw at it.

    It’s the deal of the freaking century. BTFD!!! 🙂

  • Eric

    On June 13, 1987, William Crawford, the California savings and loan commissioner, testified before Congress on the growing Savings & Loan crisis of the 1980s:

    “We build thick walls, we have cameras, we have time clocks on the vaults; we have dual control—all these controls were to protect against somebody stealing the cash. Well, you can steal far more money, and take it out the back door. The best way to rob a bank is to own one.”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    This tip may help people to stay optimistic, even if you have NO money to buy silver or gold, or to pay off a debt, you can still get outside and PLANT a garden.

    It’s your first line of defense against a major crisis. People who have silver or gold, but have no food, are going to be forced to sell their metals looking for food.

    I’m in a financial pinch at this time, so I go outside and put more work into my garden. I consider it to be GREEN PM’s that grows from seeds. I’m “buying” food with my Labor. It will save me from having to SELL any of my silver coins looking to buy food.

    I know that the SGT crowd (as well as many others) are well informed and prepared far better than (as Sean says:) “sheeple-people”, but it never hurts to do more preps.

    Even if you’ve got plenty of silver, ammo, stored food, etc, then your garden may become the charity you can afford to give away to some needy family member or other person you want to help, without revealing you’ve got preps.
    So, perhaps some of you will grow some food, not for yourself, but for a friend, a neighbor, or even for a stranger.

    Good Luck. Stay Positive…(avoid Michael Snyder’s mind-set).
    If you’ve got everything well stocked but you’re bored? Make some tin-can rocket stoves for fun, and to give away (or sell at a flea market).

    Start some garden seeds in pots, to give away as GIFTS to your non-prepper friends. Sometimes it just takes a tray (flat) of potted plants to get somebody into the excitement of gardening. Get them started, and perhaps it will be better than all the “prep” talk in the world.

    I really like the idea of a gift of an instant garden for people. Wouldn’t it be nice if food pantry groups would give every needy person a garden in a seed-tray, as a starter pack (along with a photo copied page or two, about how to raise your own garden?

    • Ed_B

      Agreed @Craig

      Planting a fruit or nut tree is one of THE best investments anyone can ever make. A healthy tree will provide a lot of edible goodies for decades to come and with very little care needed.

      Gardening is more work but the sheer variety of edible plants that one can grow in most locations is amazing… and delicious. I can’t even eat a store tomato any more. They taste like wet cardboard with ketchup on it, while a REAL home-grown tomato is delicious. One bite produces an explosion of delicious tomato flavor. Other veggies are similar. Anything that goes from garden to table within the hour tastes WAY better than anything else that does not.
      Green beans, corn, squash, peppers, and beets are among my favorites. 🙂

  • ecobel

    part of the global screwing cartel who continue to be wrong but blame everything except rain.
    This group preach doom at 10-20 dollars a month and we buy into it because of fear which is there strategy.

    • Ed_B

      Being Awake And Aware does not mean that one is fearful. These days, it’s good to pay attention to what’s going on around us and to be ready to take effective action, whether that be fight or flight. Yes, there are some who sell fear for a profit but that doesn’t mean we have to buy it.

  • knowtoomuch

    I’m sorry ; I meant “veteranstoday”… shit-SHIT … hips …

  • glitter 1

    As always,great discussion.Love Turd,he’s one of the best out there.He kinda picks up where Bob Chapman left off.Real life,real truth on all things money.

  • rich

    Judy Shelton Must watch:

    Excellent presentation by Dr. Shelton on gold, forex, US dollar and international monetary system

    Wants monetary integrity.

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