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April 23rd-A Potential Turning Point For The “99%”

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

For the first time in the 15 years I have been in the Precious Metals space, I truly believe we are witnessing the “last days of the gold Cartel.” However, we’re not there yet – as evidenced by the fact that despite a blizzard of PiMBEEB, or “Precious Metal bullish, everything-else bearish” headlines since markets closed for the three-day holiday weekend; from Friday’s horrifying March (and downwardly revised February) retail sales reports, causing the Fed to reduce its 1Q GDP estimate to just 0.5%; to dramatically escalating North Korean geopolitical tensions; plunging interest rates (the 10-year Treasury yield is down to 2.20%; a falling dollar index; and declining stock futures; the Cartel still executed its 180th “Sunday Night Sentiment” capping of the past 190 weekends; and 818th “2:15 AM” EST raid at the London paper pre-market opening of the past 936 trading days – “Cartel Herald” algorithm and all. In other words, the definition of impossible, “sixth sigma” trading anomalies, better known as rank manipulation. To that end, consider the waterfall decline that took place at the London paper market open, with not a single other market budging.

Then again, when motivated by fear and desperation, trapped rats will do anything; which is precisely how I’d characterize the rapidly fading “powers that be,” as the hideous fiat Ponzi scheme they have fed on for decades, at the expense of the “99%,” implodes around them. To that end, consider that last weekend’s “upcoming silver Waterloo” update was predicated on the Cartel – i.e., the COMEX “commercials” – taking an all-time high naked short position, despite no visible financial crisis. Well, the new data was published Friday afternoon – in which, it was revealed that as of Tuesday, April 11th, said all-time high short position became “all time higher,” by another 2,068 contracts. This, with silver, as I write, trading at its highest price since Election Night. Trust me, Cartel fear has never been higher, in this must listen podcast.

And if you think “make America great again” Trump has your back any more than “hope and change” Obama, consider that the man who said that if elected, “I’m going to be working for you, I won’t have time to play golf”; who decided to bomb Syria whilst having “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake”; has played 17 rounds of golf in his first 81 days in office, compared to zero for “Tiger” Obama.

To that end, I’m looking forward to seeing what he does after day 100 – per this must read article by David Stockman – when the historically dysfunctional government he “leads” will likely shut down for lack of a simple budget resolution; with a far more devastating “debt ceiling” showdown mere weeks afterwards. Not to mention, the potential end of Europe as we know it, if Marine Le Pen becomes France’s President (more on that in a second). And perhaps, World War III, if he is crazy enough to follow up his lunatic incursion into Syria by invading the far more dangerous North Korea. To that end, following this weekend’s (failed) North Korean missile launch, Mike Pence proclaimed “the era of strategic patience with North Korea is over.”

Heck, if this damning chart, of U.S. Treasury receipts declining year-over-year for the fourth straight month – for the first time since the Great Financial Crisis – is any indicator, we’ll probably be in RECESSION by then. As will the entire world, per this horrifying chart of London housing prices plunging to Great Financial Crisis lows; or this one, of plunging New York City office sales. And how about the world’s largest Aluminum producer – in China, of course – teetering on the brink of bankruptcy? Or 90% of Indian ATM’s having run out of money this weekend? Or the potentially horrifying ramifications of this weekend’s (rigged) Turkish Constitutional Referendum – which essentially anointed as unchallenged dictator the world’s second most psychotic ruler after Kim Jong-Un; i.e., Turkey’s Recep Erdoğan?

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