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Americans Are Too “Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are” Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

There’s a whole sordid history to America’s idiotic return to war again – and again – even though each and every episode, each and every war has wound up being a pile of lies.

But there’s no time to go into that here, and it’s besides the point. If the truth were simply sitting there, on a platter, it would still remain unknown.

So disorienting is the multi-pronged, two-sided propaganda regime that controls our thinking, and thus our lives, that Americans seem incapable of learning from their past mistakes – making them regressive and defenseless animals that are being easily manipulated and contained by the larger collective organism that has pushed for war as a means of metabolism and growth.

In the name of public safety, nearly any health emergency can prompt mandatory quarantine, door-to-door sweeps and forced vaccinations. Major natural disasters and terrorist incidents (particularly the Boston Marathon bombing) now regularly prompt martial law in the regional footprint surrounding the area. Most public events are kept under armed guard; highway checkpoints are common and put up with, TSA are entrenched, Homeland Security has unchecked powers at every level.

From Nixon’s destruction of the gold standard, to Carter’s government rationing powers during the oil crisis, to Rex 84 internment camp plans and Iran Contra under Regan and Bush, Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City under Bush and Clinton, and the War on Terror under Bush II and Obama, there have been incredibly significant attacks on personal liberty.

The threat has little to do with the public personas of the presidents themselves, but more to do with the crisis that they face. 9/11 opened the door to a police state, and the institution of a permanent surveillance state.

What kind of crisis will President Trump face? How will he respond?

When/if President Trump faces a major crisis, there is no reason to think it will bring anything but even more tyranny, instituted in the deep state itself. Depending upon the situation, the response could be quite harsh.

The threat of martial law has once again become very real.

Nothing good can come out of what happened in Syria. Its consequences may take time to play out, or not.

And no one is currently in a position to stop or even stand up to any of it.

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10 Reasons Trump’s Attack on Syria Was Idiotic and Based on Lies — James Perloff:

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