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A WARNING: War, The Federal Reserve, and YOU

from Gregory Mannarino:

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2 comments to A WARNING: War, The Federal Reserve, and YOU

  • anon

    Don’t worry ~ “Big Daddy” Government (District of Criminals) will keep you enslaved. And the Anglo-JUDAIC “elite” ~ the ACTUAL (hidden, “Shadow”) Government BEHIND “Big Daddy” Government will keep ALL your politicians in line, regardless whether they are “Republican” or “Democrat”, just like Bernard Baruch kept Woodrow Wilson “in line”, in order to have Woodrow Wilson administer the policies of said Anglo-JUDAIC “elites”. The so-called “Federal” “Reserve” will continue to insure that “JEW”-ISH SUPREMACISM (Globalist/Socialist/Communist ~ Western “elite” Anglo-JUDAIC) never loses its funding at taxpayer expense.

    They’ll just continue to use YOUR MONEY to fund WARS, ECONOMIC RECESSIONS & DEPRESSIONS, FAUX “REVOLUTIONS”, PRE-ENGINEERED FAMINES (like the Holodomor), etc. Everything is OK! Go back to sleep, America. Everything is OK! We’re just headed down the road to TOTAL GLOBAL DEBT- and TAX-ENSLAVEMENT, by Western “elite” Anglo-JUDAICS (“JEWS”).

  • anon

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read the comments, if you are interested at all, in the truth.

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