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  • videoctr

    Anyone here believe the US has a space-based energy weapon or laser weapon to knock out any missile threat from North Korea or Russia? Is Trump holding some ace cards on this?

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I consider that to be a very real possibility… as well as all the computer hacking tools in the NSA/CIA toolchest. Slip a virus into some of that Korean Porn stuff, and I’m sure it will be viewed by the top NK insiders.

      There is always the possibility of design or part failures, just look at NASA’s old track record, and the Elon Musk Rocket launches, etc.

      Either way, I’m glad that at least ONE country is delayed in their hungry quest for nuclear contamination of our planet.

    • Ed_B

      Years ago, there was a space-based system that was in development called “Project High Frontier”. It’s claim to fame was that it was essentially a rail gun that could be placed in orbit to destroy air and ground targets via a hyper-velocity titanium alloy dart. Some of these were about 6-8 feet long 10-12″ in diameter, and moving at 50-100k ft/sec. At impact with the ground, they had about the same yield as a tac-nuke but without any radiation at all. They called these “kinetic kill” weapons because their velocity was so high that they destroyed targets via their very high kinetic energy. On impact a lot of that energy is released as flying debris and heat. These were very destructive, invisible, and unstoppable.

      Then, there came a time when all comment about such weapons ceased. While I never saw any comments from the U Gov about how this proposed weapon system had failed, the tech difficulties were too great, or their cost was too high it made me wonder why they “went dark”. My guess is that they work, that the US military / CIA has them or controls them, and that they will be used when appropriate. When that Chinese factory went boom a couple of years ago and Bill Holter was all a-blabber about a possible nuke strike, this seemed to me to have had the exact fingerprints of a High Frontier kinetic kill weapon strike.

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