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2013 Trump is Against Everything That 2017 Trump Does

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

In 2013, Donald Trump could have almost been mistaken for a Dollar Vigilante subscriber. He was against almost anything Obama was doing, was against all the wars and occupations, was against Obamacare and constantly pointed out all the corruption, criminality and waste in government.

Boy, do we miss 2013 Donald Trump.

He was adamant about getting the US out of Afghanistan in 2013. He even was as late as 2016. But, then, after he had fooled enough people and became President, he began to do exactly what George W. Bush and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack O’Bomber, always did.

Except now he is doing everything even bigger. Or huge as he’d say.

It took around a month for Obama to launch airstrikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria after the Syrian gas attack false flag/hoax in 2013. Trump took only 63 hours.

And, in Afghanistan, where things had grown relatively quiet over the years, Trump took it up a big notch this week, approving the dropping of something called the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) on Afghanistan.

So much for “getting out of Afghanistan,” as he wanted in 2013. Now that he’s the frontman for the US government, he continues to bomb a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. If he wanted to bomb the place that was behind 9/11 he’d bomb Washington, DC.

Given the fact he can’t even remember where he just bombed (see video below) maybe there is hope that one day, over some delicious chocolate cake, he’ll accidentally bomb the District of Criminals and get rid of most of the evil in the world.

Of course, Trump continues to say that he is bombing Syria and Afghanistan to “fight ISIS.” But even the LA Times knows that ISIS is a CIA funded operation just as was Al Qaeda.

The real agenda, and one that Trump fully supports is a total destabilization and control of the entire Middle East.

Trump’s press secretary accidentally told the truth on that earlier this week.

We warned, before the (s)election that Trump was a globalist, Jesuit insider and would just carry on the same agenda that has been carried on now for decades. And it should be clear to everyone that is the case now.

And, even on the topic of “draining the swamp” and reigning in massive government waste, Trump has begun to overfill the swamp to unseen levels, has not reduced government waste by even a penny and, in fact, has somehow managed to outspend the eight ridiculous years of the Obama’s fantastic vacation expenses in less than a year.

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3 comments to 2013 Trump is Against Everything That 2017 Trump Does

  • anon

    “2013 Trump is Against Everything That 2017 Trump Does”?

    Yes, because Trump wasn’t President in 2013. Just as Obomber wasn’t President in 2007.

    PROMISES, PROMISES, PROMISES ~ are what Obomber made in the run-up to the 2008 “Election”, and he fulfilled exactly NONE of them, apart from the debacle we know as Obomber-care. Obama can’t claim to be President when the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act was passed by Congress (as that claim belongs to Woodrow Wilson). What Obama CAN claim as his “legacy” is the 2008 NO-BANKER-LEFT-BEHIND-BAILOUTS, and the fact that, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, these same Western Int’l Central Bankers OFF-SHORED something like $40 TRILLION in American taxpayer money. Think we’ll ever see a single penny of that KLEPTOCRATIC SWINDLE? Welcome to GRIFTOPIA.

  • Guido

    Looks like I’ll lay off Berwick for the time being. He’s been making plenty of good sense by calling out Donald Dump on his lies and flip flops. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be moving to Berwick’s Margaritaville anytime soon.

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