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from SGT Report:

Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to break down Trump’s incredibly idiotic attack on Syria and how we know that the entire charade is based on lies.

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  • knowtoomuch

    Good luck with “your” Donald Duck :

    For he’s just ANOTHER jew banker’s puppet of course.

    Never say I didn’t try to warn you ;-(

  • Big Ben

    DONALD TRUMP must be in fear for his life to SURRENDER his ideals he promised The American People.

    I supported TRUMP
    I despised Hillary.

    I am MORE THAN disappointed in The False Flags and the Main Stream Media (CIA) lies.
    People all KNOW the FAKE SYSTEM NOW so why push this LOSING NARRATIVE?

    • mike

      No he just never had any ideals..The guy is a moron. The entire time during the presidential race Trump repeatedly was polishing the deep state and Israeli knobs and saying openly he was going to censor everyone.Never heard a word about it from the alt media just cheer-leading and knob gobbling.
      The “Alt” media aka run of the mill neocons are twisting side to side and up and down to defend the moron. For god sake had to stop watching Trumps bottom biatch, Bill Still for
      his never ending Trump do no wrong worship.
      Trump is just a lying worthless politician.It is always the same why would you think the outcome this time would be any different?

      • Eric

        Curious mike.

        When exactly did Trump say he was going to “censor everyone?” Don’t remember that part.

        Are you sure you didn’t just make that up?

        • mike

          Here is your cock sucking Golden God snubbing freedom of speech…

          You stupid Zionist POS…

          • Eric

            Oh yeah I’m a Zionist who has been exposing the Greater Israel Project for several years now. How many times did you read Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties?”

            I’ve never heard you talk about it before.



            Obviously if your big mouth is still functioning, he hasn’t censored everyone yet.

            • mike

              When your on your knees knob gobbling your Zionist neocon Golden God..That makes you, by default a Zionist.You are an in the closet Zionist, of course you point out you anti-Zionist links. All in the closet people from neocons to Zionist to gays rant against what they truly are inside. Just have to look at actions and you were the biggest Zionist neocon supporter on this site.
              You are a gay Zionist.

              • Eric

                lol. Sure whatever mike.

                You’re the only knob gobbler around here.

                You seem to be the only one who can’t figure any of this out also. First you think it’s the Saudis while praising Israel and now you say it’s the Zionists. Make up your mind. Who is it going to be next? The boogeyman under your bed?

          • Eric

            Award winning journalist Robert Parry says incident was likely a false flag
            Paul Joseph Watson | – April 12, 2017

            Award-winning Iran-Contra journalist Robert Parry says the chemical weapons attack in Syria was launched from a joint Saudi-Israeli special operations base in Jordan, according to his intelligence sources.
            U.S. intelligence analysts determined that a drone was responsible for the attack and “eventually came to believe that the flight was launched in Jordan from a Saudi-Israeli special operations base for supporting Syrian rebels,” according to the source.

            “The suspected reason for the poison gas was to create an incident that would reverse the Trump administration’s announcement in late March that it was no longer seeking the removal of President Bashar al-Assad,” writes Parry.


  • Big Ben

    According to False Flag Specialist Ole Dammergarde he found Cameras showing the alleged injured and helpers (TEAM FALSE FLAG) all walked past Empty Ambulances and entered The Mariott Hotel.
    Public Investigation required?

  • knowtoomuch

    Two Wings of the Same (kosher) Bird :

    ■ Major Jordan, an american officer charged with military supplies, states publicly that the USSR , during the so called ‘Cold War’, was supplied by the American Army with planes, parts, generators, weaponry etc, with even more priority than their own (american) army ! :

  • Steelerdude

    Good lord SGT! auto start up of audio on this video!
    This site just keeps getting worse and worse…the side ads are horrible etc

    why dont you make it like brother johns with no comments???

    this is becoming dumb to go here…even on the main page auto audio start up happened!

    • Ed_B

      “why dont you make it like brother johns with no comments???”

      Because if he did that, a LOT of us on here now would leave… permanently.

      If Sean was to do anything, he could implement a TRP… a Troll Reduction Program. Now THAT would be of some use here.

      • Millicent

        Yup, get rid of anyone who does not kiss booty and agree with the program. Hey, Trump should hire you, Ed… you could be in charge of the TTP,(Trump Thought Police).

      • Eric

        A Troll Reduction Program would definitely reduce the number of people who can’t support their comments with evidence, links, or arguments.

        It would probably decrease the number of stray cats in alleyways also.

  • Johny Comelately

    Congratulations SGT fro experimenting with a new video platform! I support anyone who mirrors their work from YouTube and transition away from it. We don’t need Google anymore!

    • SGT

      Thanks Johny, I’m now working with some great guys on some exciting new things that will hopefully give SGTreport a bit more freedom from Google’s reach over the long run.

  • Guido

    During the campaign and presidential election, I was heartened to see so many jump on the Trump train, as it was indicative of people who appeared to desire change, REAL change, not just the empty or carefully veiled words we had been used to hearing from candidates and newly-elected Presidents. Trump did APPEAR to be sincere, but more importantly, the people appeared to sincerely want… no, to demand change.

    But now I’m disheartened to see how quickly many of these same people have turned Trump into another empty super hero, even after he has demonstrated to be nothing more than business as usual on steroids, particularly after the chemical attack hoax, even though there was already PLENTY reason to accuse him of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing long before the Syrian debacle.

    Evidently, his cozying up to Wall Street, neocons, Zionists, globalists, and Military Industrial Complex stewards isn’t enough to convince people to vacate the Trump train before it goes headlong off the cliff. Nope, they’re going to stick with their him all the same because, after all, they voted for him, and they aren’t about to acknowledge or admit that they made an error in judgement.

    Of course, there really was no viable alternative to Trump. Hellary would have ushered us into a similar predicament, which confirms once and for all the absurdity of voting, at this level anyway. But at least the wicked witch told us up front what she represented. Trump proved to be a chameleon, and in the process, deceived millions who expected more, MUCH more. In essence, Trump is Hellary with gahones, at least after stripping away the domestic differences between the two which only served to create the illusion that they played for opposing teams.

    So while a hefty percentage of Trump’s original support base has abandoned him, he still has his loyal followers who are demonstrating a disturbingly similar cult mentality as the Obamites prior; blind faith, unquestionable loyalty, and hero worship, something that seems to be an unfortunate phenomena that constantly repeats itself, particularly in the US.

    • Ed_B


      “… and they aren’t about to acknowledge or admit that they made an error in judgement.”

      Well, IMO, it isn’t as if there was any viable alternative, is it? Hellery WAS the other so-called option. But the real choice in voting in 2016 was for a small chance at improving the country or NO chance at all. I voted for the small chance, knowing full well that it WAS a small chance.

      • Guido

        Ed, I also voted for him. Hey, I had a smidgen of faith in the system (as meager as it was) and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Do I regret it? NO, because as you say, there was no viable alternative. But now that he failed us (IMO), it’s time to hold his feet to the fire, just as we did Obama. Unfortunately, I hear far too many people continuing to make excuses for him, which reminds me of those who made (and STILL make) excuses for Obama. No more excuses. Trump’s rampant flip flopping cannot be excused.

  • Sayldog

    Trump is a deal maker, and has used in-stock possibly bordering obsolete tech that has been bought and paid for long ago (and whose replacement is being created by US workers even as we speak) in a dramatic yet near-harmless display in order to proclaim his bargaining position as coming from one of strength and action. I’m willing to wait and see.
    And I would like to believe that very few who voted Trump were looking for a savior. If there are those who are suffering from feelings of betrayal, the cause lies in their own faulty expectations (or in the mind-candy that is being served up on both sides of the MS/alt media these days).

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