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You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When…

by SGT,  SGT

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Silver plummets 70 cents in a FLASH as more than TWO BILLION DOLLARS of PAPER silver flood the market.

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Gold drops $20 in a FLASH as mountains of fraudulent PAPER gold floods the market.

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Bitcoin skyrockets for the umpteenth straight day, breaking all time highs.

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… One Bitcoin is worth MORE than one ounce of Gold.  $1270 VS $1232.

From a SGT report reader:

Starting at 11;25 for 40 minutes straight!

at 11:25 it started with 1071 contracts
then 5,648 at 11:30
2798 at 11:35
1175 at 11:40
2815 at 11:45
3319 at 11:50
1517 at 11:55
2357 at 12:00
5861 at 12:05
4702 at 12:10

That’s a total of 30,192 contracts in 40 minutes





Bitcoin Price Breaks $1228 All-Time High Again With ETF Nearing

by Joseph Young, Coin Telegraph:

Bitcoin Price Breaks $1228 All-Time High Again With ETF Nearing

Bitcoin price surpassed $1,228 earlier today on major Bitcoin exchanges including Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken and bitFlyer due to the industry’s optimism towards the Winklevoss twin’s Bitcoin ETF approval on March 11.

Digital currency exchanges in Asian markets including Japan and South Korea, which control over 52 percent of the global Bitcoin exchange market, have been facilitating Bitcoin trades in the range of $1,260 to $1,270, with a $50 premium in contrast to the global market.

Traders on bitFlyer in particular, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange that processes 60 percent of trades of the Japanese Bitcoin exchange market amounting to 94,520 Bitcoins per day, is still trading Bitcoin at $1,262, a value nearly $39 higher than Bitfinex and Bitstamp.


Speculation on Bitcoin ETF Approval

The strong performance of Bitcoin price is a result of the speculation of the Bitcoin industry towards the approval of the Winklevoss twin’s Bitcoin ETF COIN, which is awaiting its final decision by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to be made public on March 11.

Prior to the release of a memorandum on Feb. 22 by SEC Attorney and Adviser Neel Maitra, many analysts including Needham & Co Vice President of Equity Research Spencer Bogart noted the low probability of the COIN ETF being approved by the SEC.

The reason behind the prediction of Bogart was that if a Bitcoin ETF is approved by the SEC and it does well in the public market, SEC officials or whoever that made the final decision to make the ETF public will not receive any form of incentive out of the deal. However, if the ETF fails and controversy emerges as a result, SEC officials will be responsible for their actions.

“We have pegged the odds at less than 25 percent. That is because the very first thing the SEC lists in its own mission statement is protecting the investing public. When you think about the game theory aspect of this, if I work at the SEC and I approve this ETF. and it goes well, nobody is probably going to come around and pat me on the back and give me a promotion. But if I approve it and a lot of money flows into it, and something goes wrong, I am likely to lose my job,” said Bogart.

In other words, Bogart explained that it is a go-to decision for SEC officials to turn down any risky funds like the COIN ETF as they don’t benefit from the strong performance of the ETF but are still wholly responsible for the outcome of the ETF.

Speculations began to change in favor of the Winklevoss twins and the Bitcoin industry when the Feb. 14 SEC-Winklevoss twins roundtable discussionmemorandum was released. In the memo, the SEC revealed that its Division of Trading and Markets, Division of Corporate Finance, State Street representatives, KCG Holdings, Susquehanna International, ConvergEx and BATs participated in the meeting to discuss the future of the ETF and its performance when approved.

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53 comments to You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When…

  • d

    Still a globalist plan to demean gold and silver…BITCOIN….get ’em in it instead of gold…plan working just great….and after the market crash more $$$$ will flow to BITCOIN….as planned….now many have no cash and only hold ‘electronic bitcoins’……where oh where to use them for your expenses…..the end game will then be in play….imho

  • Mike from the North

    They have backed themselves and us into a corner.
    No longer does truth matter to them…but soon truth will matter and honesty will rise above their deceit.

    Their paper house will soon burn down.

    What now as this smack down reverses.

  • Mike from the North


  • Don

    It will be a smack down like this that precedes the big up, as the criminals cover. Maybe this is it….

    Clif High has been nailing these markers, silver gap up days followed dow 20k and btc > AU.

  • Timco

    Two words…. Options exspiration

  • Minuteman

    Two words…. Twilight Zone

  • Timco

    It’s not right, but It happens every month like clockwork, so why are people still surprised? Learn how to sell at the money calls with 60 days left to expire, and benefit from the predictible price action.

  • Steve_D

    Four words: Back up the truck.

  • knowtoomuch

    Well, my Digitalcash / DASH is doing GREAT ; about 50$ worth today, while I only paid 2,50$ for them two years ago (when they were called Darkcoin / DRK )

    N°3 on this site :

    • knowtoomuch

      Ok, I’l be honest : I’ve only left (from 200) 50 of them, and the worse : I too stupid to update its wallet to a newer version.

      So I’ll let them sleep untill I find someone who can help me to upgrade this damned Dark-wallet.

      Perhaps it’s better this way, because I would’ve sold them all today for 2500 bucks ; but how much will they be worth is, let’s say, six months ?

      Perhaps even 10 K !

      (and I’ll be loading up N°47 for 16$/Oz wahaahaaa !!)

      • mike

        Stick with btc, it is what the market has chosen. Almost any good attributes DASH has can be added to BTC, just a matter of getting people to agree.

        • knowtoomuch

          Wat I don’t like about DASH is that it’s someway centralized ; there’s this company or something behind it.

          IF the government takes them hostage after having passed an “anti-crypto-law”, this company will be “happy” to help to destroy DASH.

          Or am I wrong mike ?

          • mike

            Just saying some other coins have cool unique attributes btc doesnt. If something comes along that is revolutionary BTC can adopt those attributes. Since btc is the clear market choice it will continue to evolve.

            No worry’s the Cia and nsa had nothing to do with btc. That would require intelligence that no abc agency out there has.The gub can only contract and their crony contractors are cool with producing washers for $20 a piece..They are not going to rock the boat.
            Not everything is a conspiracy. The Gub can do nothing about btc.If the markets are shut down you can not stop individuals from trading. Then Btc purchasing power will go through the roof…Keep your fingers crossed hopefully that ETF will go through and btc is a 5 banger from here 🙂

            • KRELL427

              Yes Mike, if you pull your head out of your ass and stick your finger crossed hand up it you will have your 5 banger.

              • mike

                Jesus Krell seriously WTF is wrong with you? I mean that sincerely, stop with the homo shit. Everyone gets you dont get it. There is an entire world out there and it has moved away from PMs. People dont want to attempt to carry 1000 lbs of metal with them to purchase goods. PMs are better than the fiat but BTC is not fiat in any sense of the word.

                See if you had BTC my boat would only cost you 150BTC right now and you could pay instantly..OR you could get a plane ticket and pay a lot extra to Haul 1000 lbs of silver plus customs fees down here to pay for the boat…Your choice.

                • Eric

                  Yes Krell, WTF is wrong with you?

                  Why would anybody with any common sense want to bypass digital bullshit like btc and go directly to the source of money which is Gold which has real intrinsic value and will still have real intrinsic value 1000 years from now when the digital debt bomb 500 bajillions dollars?

            • knowtoomuch

              Antonopolous roughly says/thinks the same as you :


              But then again : WHY would the NSA kill its OWN (BTC-)BABY after giving birth to it ?

              Because of course this mythical Satoshi-guy was created to hide BTC’s true NSA-MOTHER.

              Perhaps you’re surprised, but I sincerely think cryptocurrencies were created purposely to DIVERT attention from the public from investing in PHYSICAL PM’s, once money would try to get out of the centralized system.
              And there is where we are NOW, at least the beginning fase of it.

              Therefor, I only see crypto’s as a way for me to make profits in order to reinvest them in PM’s, espacially silver.

              So I’ll OUTSMART these (satanic) PM-pricemanipulators.

              To mahe whole for my fysical (!) silver investments dating from 2010, which (up to now) never “worked”.

              So I’ll play their (temporary and) shitty crypto-game, no problem !

              Untill “they” DO blow up all of the crypto’s with their Quantum Shit ruining every crypto investor in the world (see article!)

              You know, we Dutch learned the hard way in the 17th century from the “Tullip Crisis” you know.

              At its height a black tullip’s … ehh … “bloembol” (“flower ball” ?) was worth MORE than a big mansion in Amsterdam.
              Then everything collapsed of course.

              Gold & Silver will ALWAYS be the ONLY End Game Players !

              Smaller crypto’s can easily be attacked/wiped out by a huge computing power as well by a socalled “majority attack”.

              The ONLY question for me is : WHEN will the crypto’s be WIPED OUT ?

              Technically they could do it today.
              (jew run) NSA will do it when the time has come ; when crypto’s will have NO more use for them.

              So I don’t agree with Mr Antonopoulos ; he’s a great technician, but lacks The Historical Overview. He’s too naive.

              But AT LEAST he recognizes crypto’s total destruction is technically possible !

              Gold & Silver will ALWAYS be the ONLY End Game Players !

              The one and only Eternal Money.

              So F*CK this crypto shit (that I’m “forced” to ride for a while )

              • mike

                Why,why,why, you realize you can apply that 1 word question to anything indefinitely right?..Why. It sometimes just “IS”.
                I think there was probably more than 1 person involved in creating btc but even that is just speculation. One thing I do know from experience is the gub had nothing to do with it. Unless you have tangible irrefutable proof of anything it is just an opinion based on speculation. You know whats said about opinions? Everyone has them.

                • Eric

                  “The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.”

                  -Arthur Schopenhauer

                • aa

                  Mike how in the world do you know the government had nothing to do with the creation of bitcoin? Your opinion about the origins of bitcoin is speculative as well.

              • aa

                I agree with your assertion knowtoomuch that the establishment created bitcoin to divert attention away from gold and silver. I just read an article on this site that asserts that bitcoin will destroy the banking and government levithans and create freedom and equality for us all. If this actually happened I will be the first to applaud the cryptos but I am not holding my breath.

  • Kevin

    I’ve backed the truck up until the cash is long gone. Silver has been a dud investment. Hoping Clif High is right about silver going up in price, though many have said the same many times before with no results. To Clif’s credit he has been spot on over the past year so willing to wait it out a while longer. If not I’ll end up melting down my metals and casting them into a big gold and silver dildo to fuck myself with because that’s all metals have done to investors. Reminds me of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football.

    • mike

      Silver will be good, maybe, if there is a massive nuclear war and all 7 billion people on earth survive but all tech is totally destroyed and all knowledge is totally erased.

      If most people are killed in the event that brings humanity backwards 1000 years silver will be worthless. It will be all over the place with no one to pick it up. Would be like the first dawn of the dead when the raiders were taking cash and jewels from the mall lol..

    • Rdawg

      Or you could cast your metals into a great big pacifier since all you do is cry about your losses.
      If you’re that unhappy, just sell your silver/gold, take your lumps like a big boy and buy some BTC.
      We’re sick of hearing about it already, grow up.

      • Eric

        I keep saying the same thing. Sell your real money and buy digital crap.

        If you don’t hold it, you absolutely positively totally own it cuz your broke ass broker blockchain told you so.

      • Kevin

        Rdawg and Eric
        I get your point but you are not thinking like an investor. An investor not only seeks to preserve his wealth, he also seeks to increase it. An investor doesn’t just cash out at the lowest point in the market. He tries to minimize his losses and recoup his investment as much as possible. I sold my two ounces of gold recently and was able to exit at my purchase price in 2014. Promptly put it into Bitcoin. Already seeing a positive return. Silver is trickier. Because of the manipulation, an exit point for silver can’t be timed well. Hence giving silver 3-6 months to see if Bix and Clif are right. If not then it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Also keeping an eye on Bitcoin’s performance to see if within those three months it may be more profitable to sell silver and convert to BTC more than likely I will hold some of both. But I WILL preserve my wealth AND increase it as wise investors do. I’m not just going to sit on a load of metals hoping and wishing.

        Two things I noticed from being and following metal bugs on here:
        1. No one here will admit metals have been a shitty investment both collectively and individually. For the ones that do the response is always a one note. “Silver is real money blah blah” or Eric’s “go buy your stupid old Bitcoin, you’ll be sorry nyah nyah”. Silver is only worth what the free market says it’s worth. The only people who have made money on metals are the bullion dealers, pawn shops, and analysts like Bo Polny who sell subscriptions for $1200.
        2. People who don’t understand Bitcoin are the only ones bashing it. Forward thinkers see the potential and are getting on board. It would be like buying stock in a Apple and Microsoft in the early 80’s when others were saying that computers are stupid. That only books and paper are tangible. Bitcoin is more than the internet. Bitcoin can be stored on paper and hardware independent of the internet. So yes you can hold it and you own it. Bix Weir is an advocate of paper hardcopy wallets.

        I admit that like many, I was naive when I started converting cash into metals. But not so much anymore. So rather than sitting around clutching an ounce of silver chanting “someday it will go up, someday it will go up, someday it will go up” I’m reading the writing on the wall and moving forward.

        • Rdawg

          Metals have been a shitty “investment”, if you were looking for a return denominated in USD. There, I said it. That’s not why I got into metals, though. They are only a part of my financial portfolio, and I own them as a hedge.

          I never bashed Bitcoin; I told you to buy some if you want it.

  • mike

    Only btc is money..Silver and gold in endless supply,in constant production from here until forevermore..As time and tech advances PM’s will be even easier to extract..BTC truly rare, valued by the free market, given no fiat value by any gub on earth. Am amazed some still can not see that. I imagine some will still be saying that when each BTC has the purchasing power of millions of dollars or 1000’s of oz’s of gold.

    • Rdawg

      “Silver and gold in endless supply,in constant production from here until forevermore.”
      Not exactly true. See Steve St.Angelo’s analysis looking at the energy cost of extracting metals from the ground. That energy cost has been rising inexorably higher and higher.

    • aa

      “Silver and gold in endless supply.” Know I know you know next to nothing about the production and history of gold and silver. Gold mining in South Africa is more dangerous and costly than ever because miners must go deeper and deeper into the ground in order to extract ever decreasing deposits of gold. You have know idea of the associated costs of extracting precious metals from the ground. Your belief that bitcoin is truly rare is delusional. How much sweat and treasure did these computer blips cost to create, and what makes you think bitcoin will not be created endlessly. Oh that’s right they are making milli bitcoins so a bitcoin can be divided forever. Isn’t that the same thing as diluting stocks?

  • Kim

    I always have and still have a problem with bitcoin, when notable people in our camp endorse it I scratch my head even more. I don’t get it, I realize the 16 to twenty one million only and that bankers can’t manipulate it. But what is IT? A blip, electronic entry in a Japanese computer?
    I respect fonestar and everyone else who like it and endorse it, heybest of luck and well done.
    As for me I will stick to the poor mans gold and hope my 14 years of patience pays off, I am convinced I am correct and will sit tight though I am beyond pissed off!Pissed off that most people are f-ing morons and don’t get what is truly Gods money.

  • anon

    You KNOW we have a TERMINALLY-BROKEN system (like FAKE “News” & FAKE “Values”) when an alien enters your historically-CHRISTIAN civilization, and then begins to PARASITIZE it, feeding off of it, getting its sustenance from it, while simultaneously draining it of it’s OWN, REAL LIFE FORCE.

    1) L.A. Times’ Joel STEIN: ““Jews totally run Hollywood. … As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. … I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media [MSM], Hollywood, Wall Street or the [U.S.] government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    2) “Jewish power is supremely epitomized by the fact that criticism of Christianity, Islam, or any other major religion or ethnic group is fully permissible in our societies, but criticism of Jews and Judaism, on the other hand, is taboo, off-limits as well as socially and politically dangerous. As the saying goes, if you want to know where the [REAL] power lies, ask whom you cannot criticize.”

    Source: THE JWO (“Jew” World Order) UNMASKED

    Read. Learn something.

  • anon

    What, do you support, with your TIME, ENERGY, ATTENTION, AND “MONEY” (fiat currency)?

    If you want the independent media to exist, you need to support the online stores that fund it… economic censorship now under way

    Read the comments. Click on the links. Read. Learn something before it’s too late.

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