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Women/Gender Studies Degrees Up 300%

by Jamie White, InfoWars:

Degrees in women’s and gender studies degrees have reportedly skyrocketed 300% percent since 1990, despite an increasingly competitive employment market.

These figures come from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), reports the College Fix.

A driving reason for the increase is apparently due to young people’s desire “to understand and relate to peers and colleagues better.”

“Many of the programs explore and question the relationship of race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, and more to encourage students to investigate the broader fields of gender,” writes USA Today College.

The reality is, these programs are designed to push a leftist political agenda, a fact some proponents openly admit.

“Our curriculum is really about social justice, and I think at this moment a lot of students are realizing that this is where students want to put their energy – what they want to learn and what they want to do,” said Doreen Mattingly, chair of San Diego State’s program.

Even though the U.S. faces an increasing demand for jobs in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), construction, and medicine, proponents of women’s and gender studies programs insist that they’re equipping young women with the right skillset.

“When people with this degree and this background to out into the world, they have a really great tool set to be able to understand and recognize different problems and obstacles affecting different people in our country,” says women’s and gender studies major Lilly Madden of BSU.

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4 comments to Women/Gender Studies Degrees Up 300%

  • Ed_B

    Jeeze, what next? Gender studies… really? Like Black Studies back in the day, it’ll probably lead to a few teaching jobs but other than that is a complete yawner to about 99.9% of employers out there. They are looking for people who can actually DO something VALUABLE that will increase THEIR bottom line. This is why people get hired.

    I asked my wife about the “Day Without a Woman” thing the other day. She just laughed and told me that running her business was all the excitement she needed and that she did not have time to be fooling around with anything that did not help her business do better. I guess that some just have a LOT of time on their hands and no idea how to employ it productively. Sucks to be them. lol

    • Eric

      You’d be surprised at how many women I see that say, “If you voted for Trump, don’t bother contacting me.” But then I do live in loony lefty California.

      I predict a lot of lonely old maids over the coming decade.

  • KRELL427

    So you would think by now someone should be able to give us the scoop on Manchelle.

  • MarcS

    So, you might think :
    (something the usa guvmint does not do very well, unless you include assassinations, war and theft)

    That the “brilliant” higher education facilities would recognize the overage of degrees in these “fields of study” (LMFAO) and would put limits on these degrees……

    But then again we are talking about the “educational” system.


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