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Wikileaks’ Assange Claims Hillary & Intel Officials “Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover”

from Zero Hedge:

Over the weekend we noted chatter that some saw Mike Pence as “the Deep State’s insurance policy,” and now, judging by tweets from Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, that may well be the Clinton/Intelligence Officials plan.

As The Daily Caller notes, Assange’s claims appear to come in response to reports that President Trump authorized the CIA to perform drone strikes on terrorists Monday evening…

As we concluded previously, if Trump doesn’t adopt the Cold War 2.0 approach of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and is forced out of his own administration in the same manner as Flynn, it will become clear why once we learn who would replace him: Mike Pence.

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3 comments to Wikileaks’ Assange Claims Hillary & Intel Officials “Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover”

  • wauhoo

    Paul Craig Roberts called it a while back. Choosing Pence as his VP was signing his death warrant. We shall see.

  • Donna

    Get Pence out ASAP. Need obama-like populist community organizers. Trump needs help, he can’t do everything.

  • Windrunner58

    Judas Preibus and Pence both have plans to take him out, according to online sources (hey CNN lists sources unknown why can’t I), if they take out Trump, there will be an all out revolution on the hands of Amerika.

    But..that is what the deep state wants anyway….

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