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Where Will Special Interests Find Refuge When the US Ceases to Exist?

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

It should be noted that last year was marked by an abrupt increase in various programs aimed at developing the space industry in the US, including those that may someday allow frequent tourist flights into space, the construction of inhabited stations and cities on other planets.

For instance, the well-known company SpaceX announced last February its intention to send two tourists to fly around the moon by 2018.

NASA has been developing a number of projects that would supposedly allow the creation of settlements on other planets. Among these projects one can even find mention of an expedition to Europa – one of Jupiter’s moons.

At special hearings, the Committee on Science,Space and Technology has repeatedly demanded NASA to put forward a comprehensive plan that would result in the creation of the first manned station on Mars. Yet, NASA has nothing to complain about since it’s been receiving massive funding for all of its “resettlement projects”, with the government allocating even more money than the scientists initially requested. So, the budget for the study of planets and their satellites alone grew to 1.63 billion dollars last year, with 175 million being allocated to a flight to Europa. It’s expected that NASA will be able to present results of its research in 2022.

With the security situation in the world deteriorating rapidly, and as Washington seeks new ways to apply even more pressure on Russia and China, and while destroying the Muslim World, even seasoned analysts cannot exclude the possibility of a major armed conflict erupting, that may result in the actual use of nuclear weapons against densely inhabited regions of the world. Think tanks in Washington are somehow convinced that this scenario is highly likely to occur. That is why we’ve been witnessing so many “resettlement projects” since Western financial elites seem determined to escape the global nuclear catastrophe they’re bringing closer with every day by their misguided policies.

However, there’s yet another explanation that may seem less apparent due to the fact that the US government has been deliberately downplaying the facts that have become available to the scientific community. As it’s been noted by a source closely affiliated with NASA:

The rates of San Joaquin Valley subsidence documented since 2014 by NASA are troubling and unsustainable,” said DWR Director William Croyle. “Subsidence has long plagued certain regions of California. But the current rates jeopardize infrastructure serving millions of people. Groundwater pumping now puts at risk the very system that brings water to the San Joaquin Valley. The situation is untenable.

Additionally, a number of California-based media sources report that their state could soon be drawn into fire due to a number of volcanoes erupting almost simultaneously along the coast. So why is nobody sounding the alarm or speaking about the nature behind those cataclysmic events?

The upcoming catastrophe was pushed forward by the same financial circles standing behind the so-called new oil bonanza in the United State that was made possible by the development of fracking All trough last year, American scientists have been persistently warning Washington that the use of fracking could result in catastrophic geological events. This was noted by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Geological Survey (USGS). Those agencies have scientifically confirmed the concerns expressed by a handful of American ecologists and geologists regarding the use of waste waters for drilling oil and gas wells will lead to major seismic changes. These two US agencies stressed the fact that California could be particularly susceptible to geological catastrophes due to freaking, as well as Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, Alabama and New Mexico.

However, US special interests who are only concerned by new ways of increasing their breathtaking bottom lines neglected these warnings voiced by environmentalists along with the fears of those US residents who are living in oil producing areas. As a result, the production of shale oil in the United States keeps growing annually, while steps against the shale revolution are being suppressed by Washington.

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5 comments to Where Will Special Interests Find Refuge When the US Ceases to Exist?

  • anon

    “Where Will Special Interests Find Refuge When the US Ceases to Exist?”

    EXACTLY. The Western “elite” (PARASITES) are KILLING THE HOST ~ the AMERICAN PEOPLE ~ who they’ve been PARASITIZING FOR AT LEAST THE PAST 100 YEARS (since Dec. 23, 1913).


    Probably, in the 19th Century, those “at the top”, like the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, Paul & Max Warburg, and others (like Benjamin Disraeli, J.P. Morgan) ~ ASSUMED that THEY would remain in control of GLOBAL AFFAIRS, in perpetuity, because it seemed SO EASY to them, given their ability to DECEIVE AND CONTROL, AND IMPOSE THEIR WILL, at the height of the so-called “Brit-ish” Empire and the fledgling “American” Empire ~ they were possibly a tad-bit TOO SMUG in their CONCEIT. America was the POWERHOUSE that sent these Anglo-JUDAIC “elites” into the wealth-stratosphere ~ and all of it at the expense of the average American. The wealth gap has never been higher ~ even during the “Gilded Age” of the 2nd, American Industrial Revolution. Where are those low-life, psychopathic, murdering, sociopathic, pedophile, paranoid schizophrenic CABALISTIC Western Anglo-JUDAIC “elites” going to go now, after they’ve destroyed the U.S. and the American people? Oh, I know ~ RESOURCE-RICH RUSSIA…

  • anon

    A message to President Trump: What did the Founding Fathers of this country tell us?

    “A Nation of Laws, and not of men.” — John Adams, 2nd U.S. President (1797-1801)


    Restore the RULE OF LAW. Restore the U.S. CONSTITUTION, its BILL OF RIGHTS, and EQUALITY UNDER THE RULE OF LAW ~ meaning, that even if your name is BUSH, CHENEY, or CLINTON, or Obama, or Rothschild, or Warburg, or Rockefeller ~ IF YOU COMMIT THE CRIME ~ YOU ~ WILL ~ DO ~ THE TIME (in the BIG HOUSE)! Period.

  • anon

    1) The “Jew” World Order Unmasked


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