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from SGT Report:

Historically, March 15th has been a very significant date to the Rothschilds. And now March 15th is likely to become a very significant date in American history. Andy Hoffman joins me to discuss Silver, Bitcoin, the US debt limit being reached, and why March 15th is so important.

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  • knowtoomuch

    I don’t know why, but I saw it coming :

    Perhaps because Pizzagate is a child’s play compared to it ?


    Imagine IF it sank in into Humanity that “certain chambers” NEVER existed, then even the dumbasses would comprehend that :

    – Da Tribe was all of the time in full control of their “education”

    – Da Tribe was all of the timein full control of “chosen politicians and appointed judges”

    – Da Tribe was all of the time in full control of their “media”.

    WAKE UP, PEOPLE ! ! !

    • thinking outside the matrix

      If governments hate Bitcoin so much, how come they are not doing anything to stop it? Matter of fact it seems like they seem to be giving it a pass. Hmmm. Why was the NSA working on crypocurrencies in 1996? The Paper was called How to make a Mint: The cryptography of anonymous cash. Blythe Masters left the Banking industry a couple yrs ago as the most powerful woman on wall street, to start her own Digital Asset company in Israel. Her Ex husband started his own Bitcoin company 6 mths prior to her.This is Very odd. Larry Summer the chief economist under Obama and Chief economist for the World Bank started his bitcoin company a few years ago. Larry Summers was also partially responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, and is now calling for the cashless society. The Bitcoin white paper was written 6 weeks after the financial ’08 crisis as solution to the supposed crisis. Problem, reaction and solution. Bankers are not this dumb. But I guess regular sheeple are. Bc they can’t seem to put two and two together. I’ve know this for a while and have been stacking Bitcoin bc I knew it had the backing of governments around the world. This was a no brainer bet. Unfortunately Bitcoin will replace Gold as a store value. Once the price goes up astronomically, just sit back and watch people try to panic to to get into Bitcoin. Gold is just not practical to exchange with since people have no sense of delayed gratification. The Bankers desires are to turn everything that is real on it’s head. Bitcoin is Gold GMO. THERE IS NO SATOSHI NAKOMOTO!

      • Eric

        Like anyone in their right mind wants to do what Blythe Masters and Larry Summers are doing. Once again, bitcoin may be a lot of things, but a store of value it is not. And it will definitely not replace Gold in any way. I’ve seen people panic into a lot of things as the price goes up. But I do not see a single “we buy bitcoin” store anywhere.

        If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.

        • KRELL427

          Time to get Charles Savoie back on. Good point Eric about not seeing any we buy your bitcoin stores. 😀. Also no Andy I’m not scared or threatened by Bitcoin, I just get sick of hearing that it is a store of value and how good it is every time its moving up. Let’s see how many cryptocurrencies are there to choose from already?

          • Eric

            Definitely getting easier for the sheep to follow the herd mentality.

            I have no problem with an all digital currency if it was actually accepted somewhere. However in a large city of 18 million people, I haven’t seen it accepted ANYWHERE!

            I can’t wait to hear about how bitcoin is a long term store of value the next time it crashes 80%.

            Early adopters of Bitcoin take something that has NO INTRINSIC value,
            Build up the PERCEIVED value to an unsuspecting public,
            Only to sell that scam to the greater fool for something that has REAL value.

            Bitcoin crashed 94% in 2011, 51% in 2012, 23% in 2013, another crash of 80% in 2013, and 83% throughout all of 2014.

            Bitcoin is NOT sound money.



            The scam called Bitcoin
            “WASHINGTON — Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether bitcoin is more like Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.
            Whatever it is, though, it isn’t a currency. It’s a tech stock.”
            Silver is used in solder and brazing. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in batteries. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in dentistry. bitcoin is not.

            Silver is used in glass coatings. bitcoin is not.

            Silver is used in LED chips. bitcoin is not.

            Silver is used in medicine. bitcoin is not.

            Silver is used in nuclear reactors. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in photography. bitcoin is not.

            Silver is used in photovoltaic or solar energy. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in RFID chips. bitcoin is not.

            • thinking outside the matrix

              Eric Intervention!

              You’re an embarrassment to yourself and the PM community. You spend all your time tap dancing on why the price of Bitcoin is going up, lol. Why even open your mouth? People seem to be doing the opposite of what your doing and buying Bitcoin. I hate to see you going out like this. So sad Eric 🙁

              We really care about you



              • Eric

                I never said the price wouldn’t go up. I just said you can’t buy groceries, gasoline, a new car and many other things with it and it’s not a store of value.

                If you denominate everything in an increasing debt based currency, then it’s logical that everything will go up in price eventually. Is it not?

                They approve that etf yet? Perhaps I will buy a couple satoshis. MRV Communications is up 44% today. Don’t know what that is though. Lots of things “go up.” Lots of things “go down” also.

                Cleaned up my portfolio today and added to my Silver miners. They look about ready to soar!

                I hate to see me go out holding a big room full of Silver too. So difficult to sleep at night knowing exactly where all of my money is. lol.

                Because when you buy a lot of something at 1979 prices, it will never go up in price again right?

                Are you expecting bitcoin to go up forever and never crash again?

                • thinking outside the matrix

                  I could careless what you own but don’t go behind everybody else and bash them for owning Bitcoin when clearly it could be a game changer and a life changing event. Yes, you should take caution owning Bitcoin. It is new. It is a speculation. But you should also recognize the potential it has to go up in value given it being so new and that society seems to be moving towards the digital age. Do I agree with it. Probably not. But I think people should try to protect themselves in a diverse manner just in case inevitable events occur.



                • Eric

                  Have no problem with people speculating on crypto currencies.

                  But stop telling me it’s gonna revolutionize everything when it’s not even a real currency that you can buy what you need with it.

                  The VALUE is ZERO. The PRICE may go up. Why can’t you distinguish between price and value? Is it really so difficult?

                  I have plenty of software if you want to speculate on that also. It won’t buy you groceries either.

                  I remember when people thought they were going to get rich buying up beanie babies and cabbage patch dolls also. That didn’t work out so well in the end either. Speculate on whatever you like. But if you get emotional and excited when the price goes up, be prepared to be let down when the price falls unexpectedly also. Life is full of ups and downs. I have no problem with cryptocurrencies as part of one’s portfolio. Just stop telling everyone it’s what everybody should do.

                  Promoting an obvious scam that shady characters like Blythe Masters and Larry Summers are involved in won’t protect anyone.

          • Eric

            Gold beats any currency in the world.

            Send Gold to anyone in the world with a Goldmoney account. They receive it INSTANTLY with no cost to cross borders or foreign exchange fees.

            • thinking outside the matrix

              Gold money is most likely going to end up being a fraud. How is this suppose to be better than Bitcoin if someone else is holding your Gold. Soros invested a lot of money in this company. The company does not even make money. It’s losing tons of money through affiliate advertising. Good idea but it’s in corrupt hands. That’s the problem with having a 3rd party store your Precious Metals. What other hair brain ideas do you have Eric? Next?

              • pipes

                I had a GoldMoney account years ago. It was a great idea, run by good people…and profitable for a time. More recent developments and new ownership (barely a grown man) after hemorrhaging cash, have raised red flags with the informed consumer.

                • Eric

                  Watch the video. The “block size” is not an issue.

                  I didn’t tell you to buy the stock.

                  What is bitcoin backed by again? Oh that’s right… NOTHING.

                  Which one of you turkeys wants to buy my “magic beans?” Only 1 BTC.

                • Eric

                  Yes, Brinks has a really horrible history of private vaulted storage. lol.


                • Eric

                  Just for the record, I hope you guys get “rich as shit” as fonestar would say with blipcoin. I also hope you’re smart enough to put some away in something a little more real for a rainy day. Like Gold. 🙂

                • pipes

                  3 replies to one little post…must have struck a nerve.
                  You really are about as attentive as a box of rocks, aren’t ya.
                  Nah…I know it’s not a lack of attention, it’s the convenient ignoring of facts in evidence…people often delude themselves (and attempt it with others) to avoid uncomfortable truths.
                  You’re a broken record…pretty much worthless…and about as interesting to listen to.

                • Eric

                  No. It just takes a lot of effort to inform the extremely ignorant.

                  Still waiting for you to tell me where one can purchase food, water, fuel, or something they might actually need with your all digital volatile currency which nobody accepts.

              • thinking outside the matrix

                Eric wants you to let George Soros hold your Gold with Gold Money. Once again great idea Eric. You’ve obviously done you due diligence, lol.

                • Eric

                  That is so strange.

                  It works great for me and many others. Especially since it’s not held by Soros but by Brink’s. But you knew that right?

                  Where can you exchange bitcoins for groceries or gasoline again? And how long does the transaction take to complete? Do I have to wait in line after paying?

                • thinking outside the matrix

                  Bro you are a retard. Let me state this once again for you. I have a Bitpay credit card that I can load Bitcoin on. I also can use coinbase exchange to covert my Bitcoins to cash when needed. I do not have to buy groceries OR anything else with Bitcoins as long as there are exchanges. Dude get it together. Would people be buying Bitcoins if they could not exchange them for cash at some point. Same for goes for gold. You try so hard to blur the facts. Your obviously too dumb to own Bitcoin. You have to have at least common sense to own them, lol. This is too easy.

                • pipes

                  totm – Pretty sure none of us should even engage Eric or krell (basically Eric’s alter-ego) from here on out. This thread’s run seems to pretty well paint them as trolls of a sort…one need only look at the obsessiveness with which they post – Eric especially. They constantly create strawmen, or argue points that you haven’t even taken issue with, then completely ignore issues that you actually DID say, that COULD be rebutted, if only they had a legitimate ability to do so. Should you ignore them, they will continue on with childish pokes and prods to try and bait you into re-engaging…a bit of arrested development in those two – right around age 12-14 it seems (of course, it could be a little later, like 16 or 17 – high school – when the ‘arrest’ took place…that is when it happens for a lot of guys…especially those littler or uglier than the average).
                  Shit – Eric will even hijack threads on subjects that have nothing to do with Bitcoin, and turn the comment section into a shitshow…especially if fonestar takes the bait.
                  Worst thing in the world for those with that ‘short-man syndrome’ – or Napoleon complex – is to be marginalized and ignored…we may find it more satisfying to our own egos to tweak their silly little noses, but realize that that is what they like too.
                  Dedicated to Eric and Krell;

                • Eric

                  stuck inside the matrix… good for you. I’m glad you waste your energy on an obvious scam promoted by the elite. I wish I could see how happy you will be when the power goes off. A retard is glued to the computer screen 24/7. I did that for years until I realized there is a real beautiful world out there with conscious spiritual beings worth talking to. There’s more to life that digital blips on a screen.

                  pipes – now I know why you call yourself that. You’re full of hot air. Desperate people chase a buck. Comfortable people own real wealth and don’t sweat the day to day stuff.

                  How many strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks did you create in that last comment? Self reflection is a wonderful tool.

        • thinking outside the matrix

          Umm we are in the early phase, duh. The price is $1,200 and 99.999% don’t even know what a Bitcoin is. What happens to the price when 99% know what a Bitcoin is? If you guessed go up you get a prize. Eric, you’re not good at forecasting. You’ve been calling it wrong for so long. Surprised you even show your face around here. You lost a lot of money for people looking for answers on here. Take your gold and silver and shove it so far up your as** the TSA can’t find it, lol.

          • Eric

            Cool! Let’s see what the endgame is then in a few years when I am sitting comfortably on a big pile of precious metals along with China and all of their manufacturing and the bitcoin price crashes again. lol.

            I can’t wait!

            Bitcoin is NOT money. When you figure that out, let me know.

            Surprised you even show your face around here. lol.

            Funny how I haven’t lost a single ounce of Gold or Silver yet. Given quite a few away however to people who are very grateful. How many bitcoins have you gifted and how grateful were they?

            • thinking outside the matrix

              Oh shut your mouth. You’ve lost purchasing power with your Gold and silver. Bitcoin has gained in purchasing power. Sorry bro, you sound smart but you make dumb decisions.

              • Eric

                Haven’t lost anything “bro.”

                All Gold and Silver are vaulted and accounted for.

                I care not about the day to day trading price of Gold or Silver. Just the endgame so “shut your mouth.” lol.

                If Bitcoin has gained in purchasing power then all you have to do is tell me where I can buy groceries, gasoline, or a new car with it. Why can’t you do that?

                I have plenty of patio furniture I will sell you in exchange for Silver or Gold. How many adirondack chairs and patio umbrellas shall I reserve for you?

            • willygroper

              did you get your troll food for a decent price?

              prolly a flat earther too.

          • Eric

            I think it’s safe to say that 99.999% won’t care what bitcoin is when nobody will accept them for value.

            • KRELL427

              Its already starting to water down. Who would drop that kind of money on bitcoin when there are many alternatives?

              • Eric

                I wonder the same thing a lot.

                Why buy only one bitcoin when you can buy 60 ounces of Silver for the same USD price?

                This only confirms my point that people don’t understand the difference between price and VALUE!

                Hey where is mike? It’s so much fun to watch the bitcoin cult lose their marbles when confronted with common sense!

              • mike

                There are many metals out there why would someone pay $16 an oz for Silver when they can buy 1 ton of iron for $16? Its all just metal and Iron is used more and more useful than silver. Your argument makes no sense. The market is the reason people buy Silver or BTC over other metals or cryptos. You and Eric are the most ignorant people on the planet. You right at one time I was down to 3 btc after making a JMbullion purchase of perth lunars I make every year. I dont buy Btc I sell for btc. Currently have 6.22.
                You dont seem to understand you only need 1/10 of a btc and you will be in the top 1% in the future. BTC is limited PMs are ubiquitous and just dug out of the ground with very little human effort…If the market demands more silver and the price goes up more silver will be mined. There is nothing but price holding back unlimited production of silver and gold. That is not the case with btc it is limited.
                The two imbecile amigos trolling every board..Pathetic…Can wait for 20 tril in us debt, can unload at 150/oz per Erics prediction based on all the knowledge he has absorbed from youtube morons.

                PS what do you think of your golden god moron Trump now lol….Establishment hack after all, Ryan’s,Clintons little biatch..World is a stage and you two stooges were played ah hahaha.

                • Eric

                  That’s actually a good question mike.

                  Answer: Because iron isn’t limited in supply like Silver and isn’t convenient. It also has very little history of being used as a medium of exchange and as a monetary metal.

                  The market is not the reason why people buy Silver. Silver has many industrial uses that I have covered above. Bitcoin has none at all.

                  SO with that being said, Krell and I are hardly the “most ignorant people on the planet.” What else don’t you get? Not sure there is any hope for you, but since we’re at war I’ll continue to answer your dumb and smart questions as much as I can.

                  Looks like you have a little less than I do with Goldmoney. But why would you have to buy from JM Bullion is bitcoin is such a store of value? We already know you don’t know jack shit about Silver or the supply/demand dynamics of it.

                  Unlimited production held back by price? Funny. It requires no human effort too right? How many grams of Silver or Gold have you pulled out of the ground so far?

                  And once again I never said Silver will be $150/oz when the debt hits 20 trillion. You keep saying I did and I DID NOT.

                  Like Krell said, your mouth is bigger than your wallet. Anyways, I have real money to make so I’ll have to come back later.

                • Eric

                  By the way, 1 metric ton of iron is closer to $80. Not $16.


                • willygroper

                  never seen any iron coins minted for exchange.

            • thinking outside the matrix

              Bro it’s a store value. When you ready to spend your Bitcoins either use your Bitpay credit card or exchange your Bitcoins for cash at an exchange. This is the same way you handle precious metals. You’re a dumb ass. You should know this.

              • Eric

                Sounds like a medium of exchange, not a store of value. One of many characteristics of money. Have plenty of credit cards and cash already.

                Please try again.

                Let’s make bitcoin boring again. Dumb money for dumb people.

                • thinking outside the matrix

                  If the value is going up over time. It’s a store of value. You’ve been put to shame over and over again on this forum. Whenever you open your mouth the price of Bitcoin goes up. We’ve been debating this since 2015 when the price of Bitcoin was only $200. Don’t feel sad Eric one day you’ll have your chance to shine bc even a broken clock is right twice in one day, lol.

                • Eric

                  How many metric tons of bitcoin do you own smart guy? Sounds like you are as poor as mike is.

                  If the value was going up, then there wouldn’t be over 1000 other crypto-currencies to choose from and there wouldn’t be 80% price corrections.

                  The VALUE of 1 BTC is ONE BITCOIN. What is the value of bitcoin denominated in Iowa Farmland compared to 8 years ago?

                  yes I will shine no doubt because I have something shiny. Not something backed by nothing.

              • mike

                You forgot you can spend btc directly and there is absolutely nothing any gub can do to stop individuals from trading..EVER.
                Eric is an ass clown and so is Krell. A lot of innovation had to happen in human civilization in the last 5k years. If they had BTC 5k years ago it would have displaced pms as money then.Nothing has intrinsic value on it’s own and PMs are no longer money. They will never be money again. BTC is the future of money. If you listen to Eric then back up the truck on Silver and be stuck with a truck load of Silver.Instead you can get yourself something truly rare that destroys PMs as money.Some that can never be destroyed, something truly limited in quantity but infinitely divisible, something that can not be controlled or manipulated by gub, something truly portable,fungible, something chosen by the free market for 21st century commerce, yep BTC…Dont get into arguments with the imbeciles Krell and Eric, they dont know that an entire world exist and there is something called reality.

                Ps Sean nice interview.Great things about BTC…Next time when addressing the naysayer stupid people just say Erics name, it’s obvious your directly addressing Eric and Krell.

                • KRELL427

                  And you own only 3 of them. Looks like your mouth is bigger than your wallet.

                • Eric

                  Krell, it just gets funnier and funnier with mike. And easier too.

                  His pathological lying is hilarious. Makes me feel like I’m the pink panther working with him on a construction zone.

          • Hal

            Im confused- why does your initial post seem so contrary to your replies? @ matrix

      • theoptimist75

        everything you just typed is EXACTLY why I stay away. Bitcoin IS where the controlling elite want you!

        If rigging the game and ruling the game, is the NAME of the game, and I was the controller. I would promote where I want you and destroy where I don’t want you.

        case in point:

        Bitcoin is more valuable than GOLD!!!——TIME TO BUY!!!

        actual gold is a dumb shiny rock!!!——-TIME TO SELL!!

        ^^^this is the current narrative.

      • E.

        So we know bitcoin is a Trojan horse from the bankers, but we buy it for profit
        which helps to promote going cashless and accepting a totalitarian system even
        more. For the record: crypto and occult are almost synonyms, like crypto and
        fifth column (Trojan horse, collaborator of the enemy, agent, betrayer etc.).
        Cryptocurrency, the crypt for cash.
        Profit from bitcoin is your reward for helping to realize a cashless society.

      • knowtoomuch

        EXCELLENT post ! ! !

        This is what I’ve been believing, saying for 4 years !

        ( I’m talking about “thinking etc Matrix” ‘s post on March 9, 2017 at 7:44 pm )

  • Eric

    As soon as somebody can tell me where I can purchase groceries, gasoline, or a new car with bitcoin I will consider it. To think the price cannot be manipulated is naive at best in my opinion.

    Buying a lot more Gold as of right now. It will have to double bottom for me to buy more from here.

    • pipes

      Eric, your shtick has long since gotten old.
      You are an dimwit on a number of levels, but this recent post – even though it’s only a couple of sentences, once again is flush with stupid.
      Show ME where you can purchase groceries, gasoline, or a new car with GOLD.
      And demonstrate how the price of GOLD being manipulated (well-known that it is) DOESN’T compare to your mythical Bitcoin manipulation – WHICH CAN ONLY BE MANIPULATED BY ACTUAL BITCOINS, and not some paper instruments.

      I’m in the market…And stacking…AND Bitcoin…AND Ethereum.

      And guess what dumbo…the Bitcoin and Ethereum are all HOUSE MONEY…I long ago retrieved my original stake in Bitcoin, and it has risen another 10x since then…the Ethereum has DOUBLED since I took my original stake back.

      And you know what I then did with my returned original funds? Bought more metal! So over these last years while you’ve steadfastly been talking shit, and taking your paper route money to buy metal, Crypto has been adding to my stack.

      It wasn’t EITHER/OR…NEANDERTHALS think in such binary terms.

      • Eric

        You know, calling someone a “dimwit” or a “dumbo” or a “neanderthal” IS NOT AN ARGUMENT!!!

        Why don’t you get more emotional about your money? Although I doubt that will help you much.

        I could really care less where one can purchase these things with Gold because whether you believe it or not Gold IS a long term STORE OF VALUE! And I did not buy it so I can just turn around buy groceries with it.

        The Indian guy who owns the local market by me has never heard of bitcoin. He loves SILVER and GOLD however. And it would not be very difficult for me to go buy whatever I might need with an ounce or 2 of Silver and still have a half a ton of it leftover.

        As I’ve said before, they can manipulate or fix the price of ANYTHING. But they cannot manipulate the VALUE. Value and Price are 2 totally different things.

        So as you have traded crypto-currencies, you have ultimately bought more metal? If crypto-currencies were a REAL store of value in the first place, you wouldn’t have to buy the metal.

        Thank you for proving my point.

    • CriticalThinker

      @ERIC As soon as somebody can tell me where I can purchase groceries, gasoline, or a new car with bitcoin I will consider it.

      Well OK then, it might surprise you to know that you can buy a Tesla, that’s a car, get a bloomberg subscription, shop at Sears, Kmart, Target, even get a sub at subway. Oh yeah, if you one needs to get away from it all one can always book a trip on Expedia. Admittedly gas is a little tougher, but possible through buying gift cards. Need a computer or S/W? Dell and Microsoft are happy to accept bitcoin.

      Took almost a minute to search this on (Google is not your friend). Point is, we all have the internet but apparently not many use it.

      Bitcoin seems a usable hedge against inflation, and unlike the dollar, it’s a single monetary unit that is recognized worldwide, is spendable anywhere worldwide with no bank charges, portable so crossing borders is no problem, not created or taxed by governments. The move to a cashless society ensures bitcoin viability since internet connectivity would be essential for businesses and consumers alike, so access to one’s wallet could be assured.

      Gold and silver are tangible assets but I wouldn’t try crossing a border with bars, maybe coins are ok because they have a monetary value so confiscating them is confiscating money which, thankfully isn’t done yet, but would you really risk crossing a border with a gold maple leaf and a bunch of silver eagles to test that theory?

      I like pm’s but there are storage, portability and exchange risks, and eventually they may just be too valuable to spend because you’ll never be able to buy more.

      • Eric


        I have to commend you on actually answering the question I have asked 50 times without resorting to name calling and emotional responses. The rest of the turkeys here could learn a thing or 2 from you.

        I have been aware that all of those things and places are payable and accept bitcoin. However, I do not wish to shop at Target as they do not offer fresh produce or have a butcher section. Lots of annoying people there too like Walmart, and not the best selection. Perhaps the one near you is better but I have never seen much real food there. Definitely don’t need a bloomberg subscription or ever eat at subway (gross). Can always buy a plane ticket with a credit card. Is bitcoin accepted at every Tesla dealership? I personally would not buy a Tesla but I would be curious to know if they all do accept it.

        Bitcoin, stocks, real estate and other assets may be suitable hedges against inflation, but they are not “money” or stores of value in and of itself.

        I have no intention of Gold smuggling or crossing borders with them. That is not the point of having them.

        So to skip on down to the last part of your comment…

        “I like pm’s but there are storage, portability and exchange risks, and eventually they may just be too valuable to spend because you’ll never be able to buy more.”

        Gold and Silver will almost always be too valuable to spend. That’s EXACTLY why I like them. I wouldn’t spend my food or my toilet paper either.

        I would rather secure ALL of my Gold and Silver now. And if someday every idiot on the street is still talking about bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin, then perhaps I will buy a little so that I can still get a tuna fish sandwich.

        I’m not interested in spending everything that I have acquired my entire life. Might be nice to be able to pass something down to another generation, or at least come back in another lifetime and be able to find something that still has value.

        Good work. Finally someone with a brain.

      • dan w

        about the tesla

        “Pietro Frigerio, the general manager of Lamborghini Newport Beach in Costa Mesa, Calif., told CNBC on Monday that he never actually accepted bitcoin during the transaction. Instead he treated the purchase like he would with a buyer asking to pay in foreign currency or gold bars: he told them to convert the bitcoins to U.S. dollars first.”

      • willygroper

        the tesla you can buy can also cook the food you’ve just picked up.

        you’ve named sources to make tptb even richer while enslaving yourself.


  • C nice

    Not disagreeing with you totally, just want to point out the “war through deception” aspect that your missing…

    Because of what you’re saying the implication is that the problem is “da tribe” which obviously you’re implying Jewish people….Since you have such a humble name, you probably also think you know that these zionists are actually Kazarian mafia or a certain faction of Ashkenazi Jew….Again, for someone who knows too much, your info is incomplete..

    If you follow the language of the Jews, Hebrew, you’ll see that early Hebrew is actually the same as Late Phoenician Language…(gogle image it)

    If you examine the Phoenician royalty lineage, you’ll see they were all about the same nefarious sacrifices and “gods” as the Babylonians, just with diff names…Basically all the exact same Freemason Kabbalistic stuff.. These Royal families spread out…Some Phoenicians (again original red hair green eyes) went to Europe, some to Middle East, all Phoenician, but then split up names so no one would ever be able to keep track of the power structure….Jews, Brits, Vikings, funny how they’re always led by people that are white, tall, and often with recessive traits that they painstakingly attempt to keep “pure.”

    So Zionists are Phoenicians that are trying to take back their original Phoenician land, where Israel and Lebanon are today…

    So you should change “da tribe” to include the Royal Family of England (who are Habsburgs, of German nationality, that changed their name to Windsor in the early 1900’s cause there was a lot of hate on Germans.)

    It should also include the Vatican/Jesuits because they are all Nazis as well..Whether under Bush and the American Flag, or Hitler and the Germanic flag, or Mussolini and the Italian flag, they’re all evil….All these shady characters went to SA, where they picked up the current pope, if they had too much heat on them to bring them in on Operation Paperclip…

    But they always kept their network with the 3 city state, Vatican, City of London, or Washington DC, these Phoenicians, under the guise of Zionism, has been keeping their dream alive…As a distraction, and to use the problem reaction solution technique, the Phoenicians have hijacked the people that call themself Jewish, when in reality, unless that person does their homework and realized the con, will actually think that by supporting Israel they are supporting the Jewish people cause, when in reality they are helping some sick megarich Phoenicians get total control of the world once and for all…

    Thats why you all are so clueless….Thinking Dems are fighting Repubs, Freemason and Knights of Malta, or Kazarian Mafia with the good old Anglo-Saxon Rothchild mafia..Nope, its just Phoenicians creating so many moving parts that the average person with responsibilities will nver be able to take to time to figure it out.

    Well I took the time…And I hope this helps

    ***************** Important************
    Oh yeah, just to link the timeline a little better, these Phoenicians also ran Saturnia (now known as Ancient Rome).. After the collapse of Rome the head honchos went to Germany (think Adam Weishaupt and the creation of the German illuminati 1776), where in the early 1900s the Pope (the one that used to work at a sodium bicarbonate plant making chemical weapons and Zyklon B and was a hitler youth and had his team whack the sitting pope after only a month)the Windsor Royal Family (again actually Germanic Habsburg’s) and Skull and Bones 322 (again an offshoot of the Germanic Illuminati)…

    All of these SCumbags in the US, Europe, and Middle East are all Phoenician and they’re sitting on money and information and technology thats been passed on for thousands of years…Everyone is on the payroll, except maybe Morales in Bolivia..Even Evo Morales when he had a problem with the new bills who did he go talk to, THE POPE….

    This problem is YUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEE….Oh yeah isnt donald a ginger????????

    • anon

      “C nice” ~ are you responding to “knowtoomuch March 9, 2017 at 5:33 pm”?

      You appear to have done A LITTLE research. You wrote: “So Zionists are Phoenicians that are trying to take back their original Phoenician land, where Israel and Lebanon are today…” Interestingly enough, you MAY be somewhat correct in this. Why? Because it’s POSSIBLE, there MAY be a link between PHOENICIA, and VENETIA (VENICE). Don’t look at the spelling of the two words, as much as at the PRONUNCIATION of the two words. They differ ONLY in the pronunciation, ultimately. Exchange the initial “f” sound for a “v” sound. The “c” and the “t” toward the end of each word is the same “sh” sound. I can trace the “Jew”-ish WARBURG Family back to the 1500’s in VENICE ~ the FIRST major MARITIME POWER in Europe, after the PHOENICIANS (here: MY question to YOU is: Where is YOUR EVIDENCE, that directly links any modern day (Sephardic? or any other) family to the PHOENICIANS? You didn’t provide any. So, when you said: “…the Phoenicians have hijacked the people that call [themselves] Jewish, when in reality, unless that person does their homework and realize[s] the con, [they] will actually think that by supporting Israel they are supporting the Jewish people[‘s] cause, when in reality they are helping some sick mega-rich Phoenicians get total control of the world once and for all…” Again: WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE THAT ~ DIRECTLY ~ LINKS ~ ANY MODERN-DAY (SEPHARDIC? OR OTHER) FAMILY WITH ANCIENT PHOENICIA OR ANCIENT PHOENICIAN PEOPLE? It’s entirely possible, that some “Sephardic” “Jew”-ish Family could (possibly) present evidence that ties them to ancient VENICE, for sure. But, evidence which ties them to ancient PHOENICIA? I haven’t seen any. Again, you didn’t provide the evidence. It isn’t “sick, mega-rich PHOENICIANS” that are trying to gain “total control of the world once and for all”. You COULD however, make that statement about VENETIANS! Also, you called it the “good old Anglo-Saxon Rothschild mafia”. Sorry. No such thing exists. The people of England and their RULERS were Anglo-Saxon BEFORE they intermarried with the so-called “Jews” (BANKERS & MERCHANTS, largely from Venice & Amsterdam) ~ evidence of which exists from at least the mid-1700’s. “They” may continue to call it “Anglo-Saxon” England or “Great Brit-ain”, but it has become Anglo-Saxon-JUDAIC. The most simple way to illustrate this is to recognize, that you may criticize Anglos or people of Anglo-Saxon descent (WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH PEOPLE) ALL DAY LONG! However, try doing that to the JUDAICS! VERY OPENLY AND PUBLICLY. See how far you will get. You are correct to make a distinction between the Western FINANCIAL “elites” such as the WARBURGS (who CAN supposedly trace their ancestry back to 16th Century VENICE), and the rest of the so-called “Jews” (90% of whom are of ASHKENAZI-KHAZARIAN & EASTERN EUROPEAN extraction, whose most recent ancestors spoke YIDDISH, which, in NO WAY, is related to ancient Hebrew, except that the YIDDISH language was OVERLAID with the Hebrew script, to give it an air of JUDAIC authenticity.) So, you are correct to make that distinction between the Western FINANCIAL “elites” (predominantly “Jews”, who could, POSSIBLY, be descended from ancient PHOENICIANS, but again ~ where is your evidence?) Those ancient Phoenicians you are talking about DID NOT run ancient Rome. WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH (LARGELY CHRISTIAN) CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION is to be found in ancient Greece, Rome, and Europe. “Jew”-ish CULTURE is found in Babylon, and the ghetto. (As well as in the ancient MARITIME MERCHANT MARINE ! such as in VENICE. PHOENICIA? Maybe.) After the collapse of Rome, it was some of the old Aristocracy, & the old Senatorial families, that fled to the lagoons of VENICE, which provided some protection from the armies on horseback that threatened and ultimately destroyed Rome. Were any of these old Roman Aristocrats and old Roman Senatorial families direct descendants of ancient PHOENICIA? The oldest known writing on this says that the progenitors of Rome, arrived from ancient Troy, which was a city where modern-day Turkey is today ~ formerly Turkey was called ANATOLIA and long before that, “IKHARRIA” ~ a Sumerian word for “Lands to the West”. Think of it this way, too: Was TITUS! the Roman General, a descendant of the same ancient PHOENICIANS you speak of, that the WARBURG Family ~ MAY ~ ultimately be descended from? Hey. I’ll keep an open mind. But, WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE? TITUS is one of the most reviled men of History, among modern-day “Jews”.

      Also, “Zyklon B” was used to de-louse those that were in WORK camps. They shaved their heads, and used Zyklon B to kill all the lice, otherwise, they would have had a possible TYPHUS pandemic. Like the one that killed off most of Napoleon’s troops, as he attempted to conquer and then retreated from, Russia.

      Other than that ~ your THEORY about the PHOENICIANS while being of interest, has no SOLID evidence behind it, plus, it seems to deflect attention away from the JUDAIC nature of those SCUMBAGS who sit at the top of the socio-economic pyramid of the West, like Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, and many, many others ~ or at least, control them from behind the scenes ~ like CHABAD-LUBAVITCHERS, or some other ORTHODOX “Jew”-ish sect.

      As to Donald [Trump] ~ his Presidency has just begun ~ so, it is FAR too early to conclude what his term (or terms) in office will mean for average Americans, whether “Jew”-ish, White, Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Arab. One thing is for sure ~ he has some GOLDMAN SACHS people around him ~ and we have NO IDEA whether these GOLDMAN SACHS people are descendants of ancient PHOENICIANS! Or, for that matter, Trump, himself!

  • theoptimist75

    Bitcoin has ZERO intrinsic value and is NOT a store of wealth. It is a universal digital currency. That is what gives bitcoin value, nothing else.

    If I traveled all over the world, bitcoin would be great. There would be no need to constantly convert to local currency.
    But since I live in the USA and have no plans to travel outside the country, bitcoin is no different then dollars. I would rather just “stack” cash in my actual wallet then mess around with a digital one for no reason.

    • Eric

      lol. That’s what I keep saying.

      I guess when you compare bitcoin to the USD, it is a lot like comparing a bowl full of mud to a shit sandwich. I would still rather eat GOLD!

  • C nice

    Correction it was Nicolas Maduro, the dictator and coke supplierof Venezuela, that went to talk to the pope when he had problems with issuing the new currency..

    Eric – you wrote something i like yesterday…The “cat eyes” and Phoenicians always ruled hand in hand, like they do now

    Satan – Christians and Catholics
    Saturn – Ancient Rome
    EL – Caananites (Mark of Cain, red hair wasit, think Prince Harry and the Trumpfster)
    Moloch/Baal – Caananites Phoenicians
    Yahweh – Jewish
    Jehovah – Jewish and Jehovas Witness (who believe that 144,000 Israelites (saturnists) will be whisked away to Saturn (usually called heaven in more popular publications)

    All these “gods” are the same “god” whose name gets changed depending on the geographic and political arena..They ALL INVOLVE CHILD SACRIFICE…Its the same people throughout time trying to hide the fact that they’re all related.

  • C nice

    The Black Cubes you see everywhere are also representative of the Saturnists..The black cube represents the Hexagonal North Pole of Saturn..A 2d picture of a 3d object. The hexagon is a cube with the corner facing you…Black cubes (or cube in general) can be found everywhere, think UN meditation room, Astor Place NYC, Spyphone Store in Manhattan, RT logo, Kabbaa Mecca..
    Remember the Donald Duck comic with the money CUBE crashing the twin towers???

    Almost every communications logo has it….

    The seal of saturn is the freemason logo but found everywhere..Usually show as 2 X’s together forming a diamond….Think Jay Z yelling Hova while thousands flash Saturn gang signs…Or that physicist from Iran who claims Islam is the best because satellites have picked up energy/radiation shooting out of Mecca into space, guess where its going??? The Kabbalistic tree of life (think madonna or Natalie Portman) is the seal of saturn on its side….

    • willygroper

      uh, the energy is because Mecca resides on a ley line as are megaliths.

      you’d be surprised by the symbology in one of the oldest Quran’s in Mecca.

      more dots to connect.

  • pipes

    It’s funny to hear Andy say he’s “been an advocate” of Bitcoin for long time…I can remember bitching at Sean in the comments section to QUIT ASKING ANDY what he thought of Bitcoin because Andy had at that point repeatedly stated that he didn’t know much of anything about it.

    Happily, both Sean and Andy had the wisdom and the foresight to look past the ignorance and blather, and become learned on the subject.

  • Jeff

    Why is everybody here so hostile?

    • thinking outside the matrix

      Sorry, it’s Eric’s fault

      • Rdawg

        Yeah, blame Eric for your behavior.

        What are you, twelve?

        • mike

          You are a wanker as well RDawg..Do you now finally believe Rand Paul came out of his meeting with Trump with the wrong impression? You berated me for telling the truth that Trump had just tweeted out? That was weird. Trump is just dirty establishment begging Rand to go along to get along. Your source was an odd infowars interview with Rand Paul who was confused by his meeting with Trump. Rand Paul came out of that meeting with a backwards impression on where Trump stood lol…Your other 2 ignorant buddy’s joined in on the attack because they are retarded monkeys.
          Well Trump is pushing hard for Ryan care, Trump has a huge painting of Hillary in the WH. Trump is not going to prosecute Clinton or anyone connected to her ever.Trump is a piece of garbage and you got caught up in his words like a worthless sheep…Just words like any politician. That makes you a fucking Moron.

          • Rdawg

            Mike you are a worthless, stupid, lying piece of shit.

            It’s a wonder you can find your way to the toilet and back to the sofa.

            Go eat a bag of dicks, idiot.

            • mike

              You’re the liar piece of trash…Your own words cocksucker…Lol you Eric krell hate it when someone points out the truth..Eric denying he made the $150 at 20 tril us debt prediction, he called me a liar, busted him. Krell being a nut sucking Canadian and you just being an epic moron.That was just a few days ago and you still deny..You are in the race for King Moron.

              March 7, 2017 at 8:49 pm · Reply

              Trump is begging Rand Paul for his support for Trump/Obamacare lite and for Rand to go along to get along on health care with his last tweet. Trump is every bit a part of this deep state crap. Trump doesn’t care what replaces obama care as long as it is replaced. Really sad, I said I would give him a chance but he has not done a thing, nothing but executive orders..Like the old executive order and chief Obama. The deep state will be fine Trump will make sure of it. He only started this spying stuff to deflect the Russian garbage, the man is truly a moron. Nothing at all will come from any of this..Really, is it surprising to anyone the CIA has hacking tools? I would hope they did in the 21st century.

              March 7, 2017 at 10:01 pm · Reply

              “Trump is begging Rand Paul for his support for Trump/Obamacare lite and for Rand to go along to get along on health care with his last tweet.”

              Just listened to Rand Paul interviewed on InfoWars regarding this very topic; you are full of shit and completely wrong.

              March 8, 2017 at 12:04 am · Reply

              Here you go infowars, jesus christ you dudes are fucking retards.


              • Rdawg

                The stupid, it burns.


                I’ve had goldfish smarter than you.

                Now fuck off, I’m not going to waste any more of my time on drooling, mouth-breathing idiots.

                • mike

                  So trump is not trying to push obamacare light?. I am fully aware Paul talked to Trump..Look at the tweet date and the date of their meeting. Trump tweeted after their meeting so despite Rand pauls impressions Trump didnt listen to a word lol…Your fish is obviously retarded. Hate to break it to you but your golden god is a moron like you.
                  I understand you got burned by your words, you would have been better off not responding.

                  2017 king moron race is pretty much a given (Eric), however there might be some intrigue with new contestants such as yourself.

                • Eric

                  goldfish have a higher attention span than mike. lol.

                  I hope you keep attacking me ad hominem mike.

                  I’ll be the guy getting wealthy in the meantime.

                  You sell that boat yet? So liquid. lol.

                • mike

                  Eric i dont attack you, you attack me I just defend against your relentless stupid attacks and reply’s. I really dont care what you do or what you think, not even a little bit. I would expect the same from you. I am not selling my boat and yes that particular boat is very liquid. There is a cult following for the STEVENS 47’s aka Hylas. I just offered it to Krell for 200 btc so he could see there is a world beyond Toronto, filthy vile soul crushing Canada. If someone came to me today and gave me 200 btc for it I would take it.. You guys cant see anything thats not in front of your face. You are both emasculated dudes living like chicks with absolutely no sense of adventure, female nesting trait..I dont care the vast majority of people are worthless subhuman beings just like you both.

                • Eric

                  “Eric i dont attack you…”

                  “You are both emasculated dudes living like chicks with absolutely no sense of adventure, female nesting trait..I dont care the vast majority of people are worthless subhuman beings just like you both.”

                  nuff said.

                  mike, you’re a waste of time, oxygen, energy, and space. I hope you figure this out and do some deep soul searching soon.

                • Eric

                  try to let go of your ego. You’ll be happier inside and know thyself better if you do.

                • Eric

                  Krell, I can’t help but wonder how long it will take mike to find the mother lode digging in the much with nothing but a boat, 6 bitcoins, and a major attitude problem.

                • Eric

                  That’s funny.

                  No. Not it’s not real.

                  I remember about 6 years ago talking with a buddy about what we produce in America anymore. His answer: Farmville. I played that a little when it was hot until I realized it’s a total waste of time like all of the other stupid crap I was distracted with.

                  Check out the dumb ignorant asshole at 7:58 with the stick up his butt…

        • thinking outside the matrix

          Ummm, Yes I am and I’m sure I have a higher net worth than your ole ass. Sad to say. Should’ve got you some Bitcoins when you had the chance, lol

          • Eric

            And unfortunately you can’t buy groceries, gasoline, a car or anything necessary to your survival with it.

            Shouldn’t have sold your Mercedes for bitcoins. At least you’d still be able to drive to the grocery store.

            • thinking outside the matrix

              That Mercedes turned into a brand new Porsche. It’s called an exchange dumb ass. Don’t need to hold the Bitcoins if I don’t need them.

              • Eric

                Why would you need to exchange them if it’s an actual currency? Or “new money?”

                You mean you can’t buy a new Porsche and pay with Bitcoin? lol.

                • thinking outside the matrix

                  Dude never said it was a currency. Quote where I said Bitcoin was a currency. So far It’s been a store of value, idiot. Stop making up BS to go along with the rest of your BS. If I need the Cash to buy something I simply cash them in the same way you would with precious metals. You suck at debating. The Gold Bugs need a new representative cz your arguments have to intrinsic value, lol! Just Dropped the mic on that one……

                • thinking outside the matrix

                  ****No intrinsic value

                • Eric

                  So far. Anything can’t be perceived as a “store of value” when you buy low and sell high. That doesn’t make it a store of value in and of itself.

                  Obviously you didn’t study economics or monetary history enough. Due diligence is a wonderful thing. When you actually DO IT! An “argument” does not have intrinsic value. Bitcoin doesn’t have intrinsic value. Gold fortunately for those that have some does.

                  Gold has intrinsic value on account of a compound process: 1) All value is subjective when “value” initiates – always; 2) Humans assign subjective value to gold; 3) In order to get gold, it takes commodity consumption (energy), physical capital (machines) and considerable human labor before the age of modern mining, all of which has intrinsic value; 4) As a scarce commodity first, which has the assignment of subjective value by human culture, the very process of obtaining the stuff “imports” and places into the physical good intrinsic value via #3 and #4. Conventional wisdom about gold not having intrinsic value is wrong because the idea is built upon a bogus logic train.


                  I don’t even have to debate you guys. Everyone else has already done it for me. Makes it very easy for me. When you grow tired of trading crypto-currencies you may want to move onto binary options. I hear they’re big in Israel where everybody trusts everybody else.

              • Eric

                You’re getting really good at making my points for me.

    • dan w

      When you’re a bag holder, in your mind you need to do whatever possible to tell yourself you’re doing the right thing. That includes talking down to people that do things you wish you did.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Manufacturing Gold & Silver, at first in the lab, and then in the factory.

    That is the one thing that gives me a bit of worry, is WHEN will “they” be able to mass produce gold and/or silver from cheap & abundant stuff? Or, if some secret department or group already has this process perfected?

    Clif High mentions that such things are mentioned in his webbot data. If and when this happens, is the point in time where gold and silver will lose it’s value forever.

    We already know that Russia is producing a diamonds, the process is slow, but they’ve perfected it and improving it all the time (this is very upsetting to the Jewish diamond cartel=DeBeers).

    We also know that labs have been able to produce real gold from using bismuth as the base material, and nuking it some how, and converting atoms into gold. I do believe it’s radioactive, but I’m also sure they’ve been working on a non-radioactive end product. Those “proof of concept” (bismuth into gold) experiments was more than 20 years ago.

    Considering all the secret government projects we are never told about, it may be very possible to create gold and silver.

    The Edgar Cayce readings says that the ancient Altantians, used to produce large quantities of gold.

    At that point, if such a thing really happens, then I could see how PM’s could become worth no more than copper, zinc, or iron, and Bitcoin & food, could become the thing that entirely replaces the “money function” previously occupied by the PM’s.

    According to the Clif High interview, his bot data, seems to indicate that PM’s will begin to be mass produced (instead of mined), in the next 20 years or sooner. Ouch.

    Never say never. People USED to say that Man will NEVER learn to fly. Man will never go to the moon.

    The advancements of technology, inventions & ideas, and the spiritual evolution of mankind, seems like we may be almost limitless.

    About the only thing I think man will never do, is to understand women.

  • RightofRushLimbaugh

    Sean, I see you are dabbling in Bit Coin. I understand diversifying, but beware. It is a crypto currency and the thing I see as a constant theme is the fact any computer system can and will be hacked.

    You made a comment on a previous post. If the U.S. SEC comes out with an ETF on Bit Coin it may go to $3,000.


    Why would this occur? The government allowed ETF’s for gold and silver because they needed to suppress the price so people would not flee the dollar in the 2008 crisis. The Government knew what was coming years in advance so they came up with the precious metals ETF to “suppress”, not to raise.

    I know not too long ago you were advising people to get into the junior minors when they had already risen 300%. You took a bath on them when they came crashing down last year. It was the classic pump and dump.

    Be patient. Remember the movie “The Big Short” when the guys who saw everything coming was pulling their hair out and having meetings with Moody’s, and Standard and Poors asking how is it possible the markets hadn’t corrected.

    We all need to be patient. Just like in the Big Short. Since 2011 they have thrown everything at us but the kitchen sink. QE1, QE2, QE3, Operation Twist, Never Tappering and last year letting banks buy their own stocks back with free money.

    Be very leery of Bit Coin. It is just numbers on a computer screen just like derivatives

    Sean please look at putting the most recent comments to the top of your page so we all don’t have to waste our time scrolling through all of Eric’s dribble. Thank you

    • Rdawg

      Drivel, not dribble.

    • Eric

      Yep. Bitcoin is just “numbers on a screen.” If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

      Apparently this is a difficult concept for some here to comprehend.

      Which part is “dribble” exactly? Perhaps you should read thoroughly and you will see I am not the one providing the “drivel.”

    • mike

      it would happen because they would have to go to the BTC exchange and purchase Btc for the etf. You cant manipulate btc like silver.
      Same thing happened in the manipulated silver market when sprott purchased silver for his despite manipulation rose 25%. The btc market is much smaller and truly limited unlike pms.You cant hack btc lol.

      • Rdawg

        Hey why don’t you post some more animal porn from your personal collection?

        How about the one where you finish off a pony? I mean, I don’t judge, but did you *have* to swallow?

        • Eric

          I was wondering the same thing.

          I was also wondering why mike has such a difficult time distinguishing between Silver, the spot price of Silver, and the REAL price of Silver.

          That pony must have kicked him in the head a few times.

          • Rdawg

            Did you catch Mike the Dipshit’s claim that silver should be $1/ounce according to “my numbers”?

            So I guess we’re back to the late 1800’s.

            I think I am going to start accumulating cowry shells. According to Mike, they should be very valuable, since they are limited, and have a small market.

  • Eric

    Looks like Bitcoin just took a dump.

    1 day performance…

    Bitcoin DOWN 4.96%
    First Mining Finance UP 10.92%

    Hope you guys took profits on your mario currency.

    If you weren’t attacking me all the time and listening closer, you’d be getting wealthy.

  • dan w

    Etf was just denied. Of course it’s going down.

    • Eric

      not surprised AT ALL!

      • Millicent

        If we summarize the headline, I think “Rothschild”, whoever he is, knows a shitload more about what is going to happen than Eric does… O.K. Mr. Eric buffoon motormouth, what is going to happen on 3-15? Hint: nothing. The one thing we can be assured of is that you & SGT will keep jacking your jaws and spouting your usual PM BS.

        “Rothschild” is like “Soros”… a buzzword used to divert & focus the attention of the clueless on some nonsensical distraction. Gnats and Camels Eric, Gnats & Camels.

        • Eric

          When I get my crystal ball, I will be sure and tell the reasonable people here what will magically happen that day.

          Until then, I won’t sweat it too much because I’ve been prepared for it for quite some time. I’ll let you do the panicking from here on out.

          PMBS sounds a lot like PMS. What you have.

          I have Gold and Silver. Sound money in an insolvent world.

        • willygroper


          you are the best definition of troll i’ve ever seen via your own words.

          you have reduced yourself to ad hom’s & denigrating the very blog of which you are posting. the only thing validating your existence is stirring up a pot of shit if you don’t agree, yet never rebut with anything worthwhile.

          i don’t know if you need a valium, a poke in the whiskers, or both, but it’s evident you are not handling the strategy of tenshun in a very lady like manner.

          • Eric

            Nah. She’s always been like that.

            Not a lady.

            She just needs to stop collecting cats and find a man to set her straight. Doubt it will happen though.

  • Troy

    I talked to a retired guy about the stock market yesterday. He was a financial advisor for 30 something years. He is wealthy, all his friends and family are wealthy…they made all their money in the stock market.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I think he will live to see all his paper wealth vanish & he won’t see it coming.

      I have a buddy who is a bit similar, in that he’s rode the stock market all his life and cannot ever see it breaking down.

      Even with the DOW-COW @ impossible highs, with no visible reason for such numbers, yet he always repeats: “I’m in it for the long haul.” (He feels that we may be in for a “correction”, but it will pop back up again.)
      Well, at least I was able to convince him to buy a couple hundred ounces of silver, so he should be ok, but I fear, that as the DOW-COW drops about 10,000 points, and his silver hits $150 or more, I would not be too shocked if he sold the silver and used that money to buy more shares (at a bargain sale price), hoping to position himself for more paper profits as it “bounces back again”.

      At that point, I’d expect the DOW-DOG to crash another 50-80% deeper and silver to rise another 400% higher, and all his money (and his silver-safety net) to be gone.

      I’m glad he lives a thousand miles away, because I’ve tried to open his eyes, (get plenty of garden seeds, solar, silver, ammo, food, water, etc), and I’ve told him, if he gets into trouble when things are bad, that anybody who comes driving down my long driveway during the “zombie-starvation times”, I’ll shoot him as fast as I’d shoot any hungry stranger who dares to come asking for my food. He laughed at the joke, and I told him that it is NOT a JOKE. I told him he is my friend, but he is NOT welcome to ever show up at my home. YOu’re on your own and I told you so.

      He got kinda quiet because he understood that I am serious about protecting my own life from people who don’t have MY view of disasters to come.

      So he still thinks I’m nutty and that he’s going to be stock-market rich while I hide in a bunker.

      Time will tell.

      • glitter 1

        That’s why it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history.Wealth will move from paper to metal.All the paper wealth will go “poof”,”gone”.Those sitting on paper will become destitute,if that can be imagined.It happened in 1929,it will happen again and it won’t be pretty.
        Those with paper wealth are currently fat,however it can all turn on a dime and all go up in smoke.Those really smart ones you can bet are hedged with their gold and silver.

    • Eric

      Why would anyone “retire?” That’s a ticket to an early grave.

      I like to say I retired young but I really just stopped working for the man and started working for myself full time.

      Stay sharp and be happy.

  • GoldTooth999

    There is really no need for bitcoin and gold to challenge one another for supremacy. So much funny money has been printed that plenty opportunities exist for coexistence. BitGold, for what it is worth, has answered some of that call.

    Gold has thousands of years to support it. But most of its advocates are stone age fools. They missed the easy bull market in bitcoin. And they also missed the precious metals bear raid in 2008 and 2011. Arthritis and dementia are no excuses.

    Now when is gold going to surpass $1,500 and leave bitcoin in the dustbin of history? That is not asking too much.

    • Eric

      While I may have missed the “easy bull market in bitcoin,” I have absolutely no regrets about it as I was pursuing other markets and ways of increasing my personal wealth and improving my own situation without taking the unnecessary risk on something that could easily go to zero at any point in time. There is always another side to the story, and plenty of ways of making money using volatility to your advantage.

      I do wonder however, for those that are expecting bitcoin to go to say $10,000/BTC, how do you know you will be able to exchange it back into something of real value at that price?

      Maybe it’s just me, but I have found that it is better to secure ALL of the things I will ever need for the rest of my life for me and my family NOW, especially my metals.

      However, I and most everyone else here will still always need to acquire groceries, gasoline, and other essential items on some level. If for some reason cash is no longer functional, and credit/debit is no longer accepted, and for some strange reason nobody will accept honest money like Silver but will accept bitcoin, I will possibly buy or exchange something of real value for 1 BTC at probably a much higher price than today. That doesn’t sound too terribly difficult of a chore and definitely a lot easier than securing monster boxes of Silver and Gold.

      Funny thing about stone age fools, they have a lot more experience than young whipper snappers. I am neither.

  • GoldTooth999

    Eric, quit passing the golden crack pipe. You have nothing to celebrate about. Mining shares have been in the dumps for long term investors. You can’t ignore the simple fact that many mining executives bleed shareholder value whether the gold price is up or down. The chest pains are almost as bad as it was in 2008. What happened to the mining stock tip that this is the rally you don’t sell? The bitcoin gurus aren’t as sleazy as some of the gold gurus.

    In the foreseeable future, quality mining stocks will make a major turnaround. Last minute investors will want any kind of gold exposure. Quality mining stocks offer the beat deals. And bitcoin will more than likely reach $2,000 before gold.

    • Eric

      The “golden crack pipe?” lol.

      I guess when you just buy and hold and wait for something to happen, then yes you will experience some major chest pains.

      But I actively manage my portfolio on a daily basis and do what I know. I didn’t sit there and watch it all just go down the drain over the past 6 years.

      I’m pretty happy with my holdings. I’m sorry you are not. I plan on adding to my positions over time from here.

      You either do what you are or you are what you do. But I have said it many times and will say it again… everyone has to do what is best for their own individual situation.

      Physical metals and mining shares work very well for me. I take profits on rallys and buy at support. But I don’t guess at this. I do my due diligence.

      There are 10 million ways to make money. Find one that works for you and you’ll be happy.

  • anon

    “Beware the Ides of March” may come to mean ~ Beware that time of year (like every other) where you will encounter ENDLESS comments of little to no REAL VALUE on SGT Report, where name-calling has taken the place of the TRIVIUM: 1) Grammar, 2) Logic, 3) Rhetoric.

  • anon

    I wonder what would happen, if anything, if tomorrow morning EVERYONE in the World actually woke up to the fact, that there ISN’T ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH GOLD OR ANYTHING ELSE TANGIBLE to back up the world’s fiat currencies?

    • pipes

      That’s a ridiculous statement which seems to imply a fundamental lack of understanding of economics – AND LANGUAGE.
      Which is funny, coming from the commenter who was bemoaning the loss of The Trivium in the modern world!
      Fiat by definition ISN’T backed by tangible assets – or anything else other than a promise.
      Gold – or any other ‘thing’ – If it is to be the ‘backing’ for the currency unit, will NOT be affected BY the unit…the UNIT (relative value) will be affected by the amount of GOLD behind it.IT WOULDN’T MATTER IF THERE WAS ONLY 1000 OZ ON THE WHOLE PLANET.
      So, YES…there IS enough gold to back up the world’s NON-FIAT currencies.

      • anon

        “So, YES…there IS enough gold to back up the world’s NON-FIAT currencies”?

        Which currencies are the “world’s NON-FIAT currencies”? Please explain.

        • pipes

          Clearly you were just pretending to be smart, by throwing around the Trivium.
          You need to stop digging that hole now.
          The comment contains all the root information necessary to ‘understand’, should one be capable of doing so, but I can’t help you with the nuances of sarcasm and irony.

          • anon

            “pipes” – You didn’t answer my question: “Which currencies are the “world’s NON-FIAT currencies”? I take it, that you don’t have an ACTUAL answer to my question, otherwise, you would have replied with an ACTUAL answer.

            I think if anyone here is just PRETENDING to be SMART, it’s YOU. TIME WILL PROVE IT (which it actually has already). I haven’t seen anything of any extensive REAL substance, intelligence or social value, in ANY of the comments you’ve made on this site. Otherwise, I’d have seen your moniker “pipes”, LONG before now.

            I KNOW what is FIAT, and what isn’t. I don’t need YOU to inform me of that. But, you certainly were EAGER to “chime” in, for the very first time, and attempt to disparage my comment, as well as my intelligence, revolving around FIAT, and NON-FIAT currencies. But, hey, I guess that makes you ~ REALLY, REALLY “smart”. In some alternate reality.

            So, 1,000 ounces of whatever (gold, silver) could back up all the worlds NON-FIAT currencies. That’s funny, because I wasn’t talking about NON-fiat currencies. I was talking about FIAT currencies. But, then, suddenly, you change the subject to NON-fiat currencies. Then, I ask you a simple question, that you can’t even answer. Yeah, that’s really smart. Whew! I’m overwhelmed by your brilliance.

            • pipes

              You just keep digging.
              Too proud and too stupid to realize that pride is misplaced.
              Were you to have re-examined your original premise – that is, your original post – you could have found your mistakes. But you were too butthurt, and instead doubled down on the dumb.
              Now you flail about, demanding answers to questions that only you – in your dimness – can’t figure out.The joke is on you.
              By all means…continue…it’s still funny to me.

              p.s.I hope the added irony of “anon” attempting to slam someone’s handle for not rising to the level of previously being noticed, isn’t lost on anyone…

              • anon

                I think the person who needs to “keep digging” is you, actually.

                I’ll leave it to the well-informed on this site, to determine who is the actual fool.

                But, go on pretending that you have ALL THE ANSWERS, despite the fact, that you can’t seem to produce a single one of them, without it being attached to some kind of an attack.

                • KRELL427

                  Anon, you are one of the good guys who always kept his energy focused on the real problems, very commendable. its unfortunate that all these dickheads keep showing up and undermining to real warriors in this fight. They are attention desperados or trolls, what a pathetic life that must be.

  • anon

    Not sure WHY I’m even bothering to post this (given ALL of the degenerate name-calling on this site):

    “pipes” to Eric: “You really are about as attentive as a box of rocks, aren’t ya.” And, again: “You’re a broken record…pretty much worthless…and about as interesting to listen to.” And, again: “You are an dimwit on a number of levels…stupid.” Apparently, “pipes” thinks that Eric is “an” dimwit, rather than “a” dimwit, which is a very basic-level difference in the use of the English language. Of course, it MAY have just been a typo.

    And, again: “I’m in the market…And stacking…AND [in] Bitcoin…AND [in] Ethereum.

    And guess what DUMBO [emphasis added]…the Bitcoin and Ethereum are all HOUSE MONEY…I long ago retrieved my original stake in Bitcoin, and it has risen another 10x since then…the Ethereum has DOUBLED since I took my original stake back. [Fact or fiction?]

    And you know what I then did with my returned original funds? Bought more metal! [Fact or fiction?] So over these last years while you’ve steadfastly been TALKING SHIT [emphasis added], and taking your PAPER ROUTE MONEY [emphasis added] to buy metal, Crypto has been adding to my stack. [Again, fact or FICTION?]

    It wasn’t EITHER/OR…NEANDERTHALS [no emphasis added] think in such binary terms.”

    “pipes” ~ Always ready and willing to hurl the verbal attacks utilizing name-calling, as his primary calling-card.

    Again, “pipes” ~ only this time directed at SEAN, AND ANDY HOFFMAN: “Happily, both Sean and Andy had the wisdom and the foresight to look past the ignorance and blather, and become LEARNED [emphasis added] on the subject.” He ridicules them, even while he
    SEEMINGLY praises them for their having “educated themselves” on Crypto.

    Go back, look at “pipes'” comments. He doesn’t reveal ANYTHING, of any REAL substance. He just seems to be interested in making others seem like fools, by merely attacking them verbally, using name-calling in an ATTEMPT to make himself seem superior. He’s right about ONE thing: You could use Crypto-profits to pick up more metal. Is that some kind of major REVELATION before which we should all bow low, in deep humility, and with great respect, awe and reverence? Apparently ~ but ONLY in “pipes'” dreams!

    He really IS into Crypto, apparently. And anyone else who isn’t, well…they’re just “an” dimwit, dumbo, or NEANDERTHAL (apparently), or need to “look past the ignorance and blather” and become “learned” on the subject of Crypto, like he “obviously” is.

  • anon

    I forgot to mention, that “pipes” is also no doubt, “a” EXPERT in ECONOMICS AND LANGUAGE. By his own admission.

    • pipes

      Butt hurt much?
      Funny stuff…a little pathetic, but funny just the same.
      DOH! YOU GOT ME! I failed to proof-catch an ‘an’!
      Clearly that completely undoes the ignorance contained in your original comment, the lack of understanding of the subject matter of that post, your ‘holier than thou’ invocation of the Trivium, and your continued, dogged insistence on trying to punch back while being held at arms length by someone with longer arms.
      By all means…throw in your lot with the likes of Eric…birds of a feather and all that…you can even attempt to inject your own narrative into my comment about Sean and Andy…have at it.
      But at the end of the day, you’re still just another guy with just enough knowledge to make yourself look stupid.
      So if exposing ME as an asshole, makes you feel better about being stupid…well…whatever gets you through the night.

      • anon

        Dude, get over yourself. Seriously. You haven’t said ANYTHING of substance, to dis-abuse ANYONE of their supposed (by you) “ignorance”, or “lack of understanding” ~ about ANYTHING, other than maybe showing someone (out there, who didn’t already know) that, yes, YOU CAN BUY METAL WITH CRYPTO-PROFITS. Wow. What a revelation, dude. That is what is truly “funny” as you say. You attempt to come across as SO KNOWLEDGEABLE, SO HOLY (as in FULL OF HOLES ~ almost TOTALLY absent actual meaningful CONTENT) but do so, MERELY by using terms like “butt-hurt” (without the hyphen), and “pathetic” and “funny” and “DOH!” like the “Homer” [as in the cartoon: Simpson] (that you obviously are). Seriously? That’s ALL you’ve got? “Dogged insistence on trying to ‘punch back’ by someone with longer arms”? What are you on? Crack? BTW, I’m not interested in “throwing in my lot” with the likes of ANYBODY. How or why did you even come up with such a statement? This is the ONLY thread, on this site, for the past TWO YEARS, at least, where you, or your moniker “pipes” has EVER said ANYTHING to any of MY comments. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, DUMB-ASS? What you post DOESN’T PROVIDE ANYONE WITH ANYTHING SUBSTANTIVE ~ THAT THEY DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW! And “at the end of the day”, it’s YOU ~ with just enough of an EGO, to PROVE to everyone here, that YOU are, IN FACT, exposing YOURSELF as a substantive-content-free asshole. I don’t need to do it for you!

        • anon

          Wow. “pipes” is a total GENIUS. Let’s all start the Church of “pipes”, for we are not worthy! Let us now bow our heads, in utter and complete humility before our Lord and pray to “pipes” ~ the “all-knowing” and benevolent, the great self-proving and self-approving substantive-content-free asshole, that he so obviously is!

          • pipes

            You crack me up!
            I tweak your nose…AND YOU WRITE A BOOK! Or post multiple times…OR BOTH!
            You’re like an insecure little girl.
            Nothing I could say, would make you look as foolish as you have done to yourself.

      • willygroper

        screaming as usual.

        i’m a bit shocked the town cryer hasn’t posted the usual broken record: CLICK ON ALL LINKS, READ ALL COMMENTS.


        • anon

          I finished with “Willy-groper” a long time ago. It doesn’t surprise me at all, that “Willy-groper” would return at this moment, to make another INANE comment, since that appears to have become the norm, here at SGT Report.

          “pipes”, willygroper…I’ll have to start a list of names to completely ignore.

          • willygroper

            which is why you replied twice.

            grammar, logic, rhetoric.


            • anon

              I said I’ll have to START a list of names to completely ignore, I didn’t say WHEN I planned on starting the list, OR when I planned on officially ignoring said names on the list. But, right about NOW, seems like a good time ~ of course, several hours ago, like specifically at 2:56 pm (today) would have been OPTIMAL, judging by the most ERUDITE and substantive comments of Lord “pipes” and the never-to-allow-himself-to-be-COMPLETELY-forgotten-or-so-he-had-hoped Town willy-groper.

  • anon


    Not nearly as much as our all-knowing Lord “pipes” (and town-willy-groper).

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