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Welcome to the EM50 Mobile Video Studio

from clif high:

This is our new, 1977 GMC motorhome destined to become the hph mobile video studio. The EM50 reference is from the movie Stripes with Bill Murray in which the GMC played a character.

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4 comments to Welcome to the EM50 Mobile Video Studio

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That’s a helluva bug-out vehicle. I’m glad that Clif is doing well enough to afford a few nice things, and he’s got plenty of intelligence to shop for USED stuff and save a bunch of money.


    GMC Somewhat rare, 455 cu in, front wheel drive! Very good shape!

    • Craig Escaped Detroit


      Back in ’76-80,,etc.. I was an employee at the GM factory where we made those engines, and I worked 2nd shift. It was MY job to install the intake manifolds on every engine that came down the line, so there is a 50% chance that I am the one who helped to put that engine together.

      Those are the Cadillac Eldorado (Front wheel drive) engine / transmission combo. And if memory serves me correctly, I think they were 500 cubic inches. (or was it 525 ???)

      I recall building 425’s, 500’s, etc. The one that everybody hated was the V8-6-4 (it had solenoids on the valve-rocker-arms that could shut down / disconnect some of the valves from working so those cylinders would not be taking fuel, etc. I understand such technology works quite good now, but back then, many people hated it.

      There was a 454 Big block Chevy truck engines, and 455 Pontiac Firebirds or some Buicks too?

      Those big old engines got terrible economy, but they were heavy duty, very strong blocks, heads, cams, pistons, cranks, etc. And the transmissions & differentials were also very good.

      As for the diesel pickups? I liked them better before they came out with the DuraMax BECAUSE, the previous generation, was much easier and CHEAPER to buy PARTS for it.

      You could get a rebuilt set of BOSCH injectors for about $200 (two hundred) recently…but for the same engine but DuraMax generation? The same set of 8 injectors, is nearly often more than $2,500…(two thousand five hundred). I know, because I bought a set of old style injectors about 5 years ago.

      Same crap with the Ford (Powerstroke, by International). Previous generation reman injectors were about $25 each, and now, a reman is often more than $300. (My cousin bitches about this stuff.)

      One nice thing about that big old motorhome, is you don’t have to mess with a DRIVE SHAFT or U-joints. The rear axles should be less expensive and easier to service than a standard rear end.

      But the real expense and work, is all in the front end.

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