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Was There a Wiretap of Trump?

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:

Commander-in-Tweet Donald Trump has potentially dug a deep hole for himself. By publishing a Tweet over the weekend stating that President Obama had tapped his phones during the Presidential election campaign, Trump has simultaneously suggested that a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court (FISA court) found sufficient evidence to warrant a wiretap. (The wiretap would have been at the behest of an intelligence agency, not President Obama directly.)

Chuck Todd, host of Sunday’s Meet the Press, summed up the mess as follows on his program yesterday: “It’s such a serious allegation. I mean it is either, if it’s true, it’s an extraordinary political scandal. And if it’s not true, it’s an extraordinary political scandal.”

It should be noted that if it’s not true, it would be not so much a political scandal as it would be another in a long, long series of off-the-wall falsehoods promulgated by Trump with no negative ramification to his career – unless one considers being elevated to the highest public office in the land a negative impact. For years, Trump was a leading purveyor of the birther meme that former President Obama had no legitimacy as President because he was foreign born and not entitled to hold the office. Then, abruptly, Trump decided to renounce that position.

While there has been only glowing embers and a little smoke before on the ties between the Trump camp and Russian officials, there’s now darting flames scorching a lot of toes.

Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was forced to admit last week that he misspoke in his Senate confirmation hearing. Sessions now concedes that he did meet with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign after transcripts showed he had discussed Russian sanctions with Kislyak prior to Trump taking office. A new revelation concerns Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law who is married to Ivanka Trump. Both serve as advisers to the President. According to multiple media reports, Kushner was part of a meeting with Kislyak at Trump Tower in December. JD Gordon, another Trump policy adviser, met with Kislyak at the Republican National Convention last July, as did Carter Page, a Trump policy adviser and oil industry consultant.

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence for more than six years during the Obama administration, appeared on Meet the Press yesterday. He flatly denied there had been any wiretapping of Trump. The exchange between Chuck Todd and Clapper went like this:

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4 comments to Was There a Wiretap of Trump?

  • a guy from Ukraine

    There is a russian saying going like this “One in the field is not a warrior”
    I believe Trump greatly overestimated his power. Rather than stealing a victory from Trump the Deep State has taken an unexpected approach allowing him a victory but launching an all-out anti-Trump defamation offensive.
    THe idea is very simple – to keep a foe so heavy shelled with (mostly fabricated) accusations he can barely raise his head dealing with the issues of paramount importance . Trump is now spending most of time trying to clear himself from lies promulgated by the deep state controlled puppet media. Any bashful offensive by Trump is counted with even more anti Trump histeria and falsehoods.
    THe weeks elapsed saw Trump giving up much of the ground and the failed detente with Russia is a good example here.
    Will Trump be able to withstand the pressure and keep on with his agenda? Just as long as he complies with the deep state agenda that keeps steering him the way they need.
    Mind you, they have not even engaged the main weapon yet, i.e. the power to collapse the overblown financial markets and blaming it on Trump.
    Trump has shown he would easily get rid of his pivotal aides under the the pressure from the Deep Sate.
    “One in the field is not a warrior” as russian say

  • C.I.

    “one in the field” is an asset!


  • joey

    And the aricle’s writers are whiners and quislings.

  • Thomas

    Investigative journalism is a good thing, and being critical of Trump is valuable when you cover the facts. Mike Krieger does a very good job at this.

    The Martens should stick to the financial world reporting. They show their disdain for President Trump in the very first sentence calling Trump “Commander-in-Tweet”, and then they quote Chuck Todd. Fuck Chuck, he’s the biggest idiot with a microphone!

    The Martens have jumped on the idiot train.

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