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Clif High’s web bot ALTA report, the price of Bitcoin, and the hard data showing unimaginable manipulation of silver on the Comex are all screaming the same thing: Hyperinflation is coming, and one day soon, the US Dollar will have very little purchasing power. If you’d like to show SGT Report a little love, our Bitcoin address is: 1B34t2rydbgnXDokAw6cQGpi7MNx6PffL1

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  • fonestar

    I just bought Bitcoin at an all time high today, $1278 USD. It amazed me that a guy can still spend just $10.00 and get 900,000 satoshi. Is that not the craziest deal we’ve ever seen in our virtual lives?

    • thinking outside the matrix

      The idea that Bitcoin price can not be manipulated up or down is straight laughable. All you need is paper dollars to drive the price up or down. That’s just being honest. The Government wants Bitcoin to rise. Has that even crossed your mind? Get a clue, why do you think they are purposefully creating massive dollar debts and printing up money. It’s called transition to a fully cashless and digital era and the sheep will willingly follow. Why do you think Blythe Masters, the most powerful precious metals manipulator, left JP Morgan and then left the country to start a digital asset company a few years ago in Israel. Why do you think Larry Summers who was partially responsible for the 2008 Financial crisis started his own Bitcoin company a few years ago. The financial insiders are running from the old system and are starting the new financial system which will be fully digital for more control.

      • SGT

        TOTM, any market CAN be manipulated. To be clear though, in this video I said that Bitcoin is NOT able to be manipulated daily by tens of thousands of (Comex) contracts, which is true. Bitcoin will likely go far higher in coming months because of the extremely limited supply/high demand fundamentals.

        • Eric

          The price of an all digital currency like bitcoin cannot be manipulated. lol.

          Sure why not?

        • Eric

          It’s not bitcoin that is manipulated anymore than it is Gold that is manipulated. It’s the price of something that is manipulated.

        • Ed_B


          As we all have seen over the years, ANY market or asset price that CAN be manipulated for the profit of the manipulators WILL be manipulated. We’ve seen this in gold and silver, in the Forex, in Libor, and even in the base metals market. We don’t need ANY more proof of manipulation to know that it is both a serious problem and occurring all around us on a continuous basis.

          Fact is, there isn’t much that any of us here can do about it other than spread the word to others who have somehow managed to avoid seeing it. Aside from that, all we can do is prep for hard times so that when, not if, the SHTF, it will not destroy us or our families. Got preps?

        • videoctr

          If the bitcoin ETF is approved I would suspect it would be a vehicle to manipulate bitcoin price by naked shorting it, which is the modus operandi of central banks. Just my Joe Schmo opinion.

        • joejoe

          As long as bankers control the currency they can also control cryptocurrency.
          They can buy all the cryptos they want with all of the money they stole from their other rigged games.They control EVERYTHING connected to dollars.
          The only thing they can’t control is physical commodities and until people start using those for trade,they will control everything.

          • Ed_B

            “The only thing they can’t control is physical commodities and until people start using those for trade,they will control everything.”

            I’ve been thinking along these same lines lately. Stackers are not waiting for the US Gov or any other “authority” to establish a PM monetary standard. We are already on such a standard via trading our extra fiat currency for silver and gold. So, it is reasonable that we will also lead the US Gov, Fed, etc. in the use of these metals as money, whether or not they want such a standard.

            It is encouraging that various states are also moving in this direction via passing laws that recognize silver and gold as money. While this seems a small victory, it’s actually much more than that. Once these metals are recognized as “money” once again, there will be no tax on converting them to fiat when we need currency for spending. Currently, there is such a tax at the federal level and in a number of states as well. By chipping away at the foundation upon which these taxes rest, we will be able to eliminate them at some point. As more states do this, the pressure on the US Gov to do the same increases. As it passes the 34-state constitutional amendment ratification level, it will become too great to ignore any longer and the US Gov will do the same… and it’s about time.

            • joejoe

              Exactly! They may be able to manipulate the price of everything but they cannot manipulate what you have in your possession.
              Sure they can say that an ounce of gold is only worth this or only worth that but when their system collapses they can’t change the fact that you own that ounce.
              We really don’t know exactly what the purchasing power will be but we do know it still will have plenty.
              Not the case with cryptos,once the paper game ends without a price it has no value or usefulness whatsoever.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                I agree with you, that having those physical ounces in your hands will give you plenty of purchasing power (what that amount it will be, fluctuates, but normally in YOUR favor).

                I wonder what (right now) is the “purchasing power” of a single ounce of silver inside parts of Venezuela. A few months ago, a single ounce of Ag was able to purchase up to SIX MONTHS of food for one person. I imagine it may purchase MORE as the Bolivar falls ever deeper. Somewhere, it said that a single ounce of Ag had the purchasing power of holding about $2,000 of American dollars inside Venezuela.

                What tools will be available to the “cabals” to prevent the US dollar from falling as low as the Bolivar? Impossible for you and ME to see it until it arrives. Just be ready for it.

                Food, seeds, silver, solar, ammo, etc.

                The REAL trick here, is to GET these things NOW while they’re easily available, because the day may come, when you’ve got PM’s, but none of the imported goods, or market items are available.

                If you don’t get em when you don’t need them, then when you need to get them, you cannot locate them at ANY price.

        • willygroper

          i’ve had several folks try and sell me on BC.

          like Holter said, an EMP then what.

          while it cannot be manipulated like the crimex, the fact that it was created will not exempt it from criminal dilution.

          mt.gox? iirc there was another.

    • thinking outside the matrix

    • knowtoomuch

      forestar, one “satoshi” equals one millionth of a bitcoin, so you must have paid about 1,100$ for 0.9 BTC , OR you (only) bought 9,000 “satoshi” for your ten or eleven $.

      It’s one way or the other.

      If not, I would like to buy your “900,00 satoschi” for let’s say 50 bucks ; 500% within a day, that would be a NICE profit no ?


  • Joe Rathwell

    I think you mean subscribe to Clif, I did try, but it wouldnt accept my Canadian Postal code city and province

    Thank for any help


  • Millicent

    “Stack PM’s and you will preserve your wealth…”

    “That’s just being honest.” The Government wants you to stack. Has that ever crossed your minds? Get a clue, why do you think they are continually promoting the collapse scenario along with prepping? Because they care about your well being?

    • Eric

      What’s a “government?’

      • Millicent

        Guys like you who want to tell everyone else how to run their lives because they know better…

        • KRELL427

          Millicent, “The Government wants you to stack.” Do you realize the true scope of the financial system and how small a percentage the stackers make up? They can rape the other 99% much easier and profitable and have been doing it for over 100 years..

          • Eric

            Thank goodness Millicent doesn’t have any physical precious metals. Sometimes lessons need to be learned the hard way.

            If only she had read just one book on the subject.

            • KRELL427

              Your right, they are gonna learn the hard way. Unfortunately losers always blame someone else for their mistakes and learn nothing.

              • Ed_B


                Indeed so… and then they blame those who are not incompetent / who have prepared for disaster, and beg government to steal what others have so all can have a “fair share”. Nothing is stopping these twits from prepping now and securing their own financial future. Well, nothing other than being idiots who spend most of their disposable income on i-crap.

                • Millicent

                  Yes, Mr. Ed… and that is why we have had years of Bush, Clinton and Obama presidencies which have run America into the ground… Because idiots like you have been “preparing” to save your own asses instead of doing your civic duties and being responsible voters and getting involved in local and national politics.

                • Eric

                  Yes Ed. It’s all your fault. Lol.

                  If only you had voted for the right people you could have stopped the hyperinflation. Instead of preparing for the worst and working on things you have direct control over, you should be blaming others, running away to South America, and starting a cat farm.

                  I wonder how much i-crap millicent is holding. 🙂

                • KRELL427

                  Millicent ,speaking of preparing to save your own asses. Wouldn’t leaving the United States to live in another more affordable country fall into that category?

                • Ed_B

                  Milli, you have NO clue on this yet are squawking like a seagull at the beach… all noise, no substance whatever.


                  No, dammit, I tell ya, it’s the RUSSIANS!!! lol

            • willygroper

              yea, but she’s got 1 heckuva scary monster box. 😉

  • JMiller

    “Hyperinflation is coming, and one day soon, the US Dollar will have very little purchasing power”

    Please stop with this nonsense. Hyperinflation may be coming one day, but not necessarily soon. I am tired of hearing people saying this or that will happen “soon”. Most of the times people predict things that do not happen or at least in the time frame given. And then when it does not happen the way that they said or in the time frame they give, then they make excuses as to why they were wrong. You would think people would learn to stop doing that after being wrong several times.

  • glitter 1

    With all of the analysis and commentary over the last several years relative to debt levels,hyperinflation of currencies(printing/QE)and what it portends going forward,the debate is futile/over.If there is still doubt as to where all this is headed and people do not move to protect themselves and their families then they will get what they deserve,plain and simple.

    “You can lead a horse to water,but you can’t make him drink” as the old saying goes and it’s said/repeated over and over again for a reason because it’s true.

    Another good one is “you can yell till you’re blue is the face and they still won’t listen”.

    A co-worker use to say of her Father: “if you’re not going to listen then you have to feel”.

    • Eric

      You can think for yourself, or belong to a herd.

      • glitter 1

        Comprehensive analysis/postulation,double and triple checking a plan, asking “The What If Question” then pulling the trigger.Success breeds confidence.Some don’t know what they don’t know and most likely never will.

  • ecobel

    send your money to Bix and the Bot, the more they say silver will rise, it doesn’t. As March rolls by it will happen between April and September…….

  • Bob

    Good ol’ Cliff forecast $38 silver by last July. He’s just some clown throwing numbers out based on some BS methodology that’s seldom correct. Good ol’ Bix has been forecasting doom by autumn for years. Got it wrong still again last year. Yet Sgtreport treats them as if they’re some sort of forecasting geniuses. They’ll be right some day, but what use is that if a sucker listened to their garbage forecast last year or the year before or . . . and lost his shirt?

  • Ed_B

    Maybe the real problem in all this forecasting is that it is an impossible feat for which many still yearn? IMO, forecasting is a bit like winning the lottery… amazing when it happens but the odds are WAY against it happening.

    Added to this is the thought that we not only do not know the future but we cannot know the future… until it becomes the present. Even with all their charts, technology, and efforts the weather folks still have trouble forecasting tomorrow’s weather. Yet someone supposedly can forecast the prices of PMs or the value of the US dolalr months or years in advance? LOL! PT Barnum would have a field day with this. 😀

    All I want the prepper community to understand is that forecasting the future is impossible. Once that is clear, we can ALL stop hoping to find someone who can. While this is happening, we can also just laugh out loud at anyone foolish enough to even imply that they can forecast anything. 🙂


    U N B E L I V E A B L E !!!
    Watch gonna do when the lights go out ???

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Even without all the predictions of “Silver is gonna skyrocket” and hyperinflation is coming, it’s easy to see how the manipulators are losing control of the “price”.

    Simple example is that Silver, for a LONG LONG time, was about $4.50/ounce, and even six months after 9/11, 2001, the price is silver was bouncing around $4.50 per ounce, and now today, it is 400% higher.

    What stocks, what bonds, or what currencies can you hold, that goes up 400% in 15 years?
    (Crickets chirping)

    So, if that’s how badly it grows under the massive manipulations, just think about how much it will “grow” when bad things happen in the economy?

    So even if nothing bad EVER happens, then silver is just a damn good investment for the long haul.
    I myself, and 110% sure that silver will go up higher and faster in the next 15 years than it has in the previous 15 years.

    So, $18 per ounce, 4X higher, = $72 / ounce. That would be pathetically small and slow.

    Solid data around the world, solid data about governments, banks, stock markets, etc, all reveal that there are things that will happen and cannot be avoided. Fiat collapsing. Debts unpayable.

    Food will skyrocket. PM’s will skyrocket. Paper money will be like Venezuela & Zimbabwe.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      AND… when I looked at the price for Gasoline in Feb 2002, it was about $1.15 / gallon. Today, it’s about 2X higher.

      So the “PURCHASING POWER” of silver, has gone UP more than 2X faster than the rate of “Shopping-Cart” inflation (and twice as much as “gas tank” inflation).

      Shopping cart inflation has typically been about 10% every year… and that means that silver has been going about 20% / year in comparison to gasoline prices.

      Putting it another way, it means you can buy a GALLON of gasoline, for TWO SILVER DIMES and get back about 35 (fiat) cents in change….(because right now, EACH silver dime is worth $1.30 of SCRAP SILVER.)

      • Eric

        Watched Die Hard the other night. The price of gasoline outside Nakatomi Plaza in 1988 was 76 cents/gallon. And that was Los Angeles. Closer to $2.92/gallon now.

        The price of Silver in 1988 was between $6 and $7 for most of 1988.

        Do the math. Silver is at least $6 below it’s current long term value against gasoline.

      • Ed_B


        “Putting it another way, it means you can buy a GALLON of gasoline, for TWO SILVER DIMES and get back about 35 (fiat) cents in change….”

        Good gas prices where you are. It’s $2.69 a gallon here at the discount stations and maybe 10-15 cents a gallon higher at the big oil company stations.

        But your point is spot on. Silver has done very well in maintaining purchasing power over the long term… better than most things and MUCH better than some. It is an ideal form of savings, although I do like the fact that gold is a lot less bulky than silver for the same value. One can put $50k worth of gold in their jeans pockets and no one knows they are carrying it. Silver? lol Great stuff for sure but bulky when thousands of dollars worth or more are involved.

        • Eric

          I don’t know about you Ed, but I don’t usually feel comfortable walking around with $50k on me. Whether it’s denominated in Gold, Silver, cash, or anything else, I’d just assume not carry that much around on my person while living in a police state.

          $50k worth of ammo maybe. 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    Sean, PLEASE “consider” the option “Pizzagate” goes FAR more back in history than you ever thought !

    ■ Baby blood drinking by the jews / book of Ariel Toaff, Tel Aviv University History Professor & a son of Rome’s Grand rabbi early 2000’s. :

    Toaff’s book was BANNED before even coming out !

    THANKS to Good, Objective Jews like Toaff (or Makow,Nathaniel or Atzmon) I NEVER EVER became an “anti-semite”, even though 90+% doesn’t even HAVE a semitic origin / DNA.
    Please CHECK everything what I just wrote ! ! !

  • knowtoomuch

    You’re all “fresh men” over there in the USA ; your country does ONLY exist for let’s say about 4 centuries.

    Massive jew immigration to your country only began about 150 year ago, coming mainly out f / migrating from Europe.

    So over here (in Europe) we have “a bit” more experience with this people.


  • knowtoomuch

    Podestà = magistrate

    I just read in the intro from Toaffs book.

    “Podesta” ; sounds a “bit” familiar, no ?

  • knowtoomuch

    So I DON’T CARE if anyone calls me an “anti-semite” on this site or on whatever site;

    It just slides off me.

    As far as I’m concerned I’m only giving my 50cents on the “synagogue of satan”.

    Sharing objective info on a (mainly) mentally SICK people, cought in their EVER LASTING LIES, and continuing those lies up to today.

    From which the “german gas chambers” is the most obvious/out crying.

    “Pathological Mythomanes” is how I see them.

    I would like to see “them” STOP lying to, and perverting morally entire societies before I could RETRACT these DISGUSTING words.

    But I’m still waiting for that to happen.

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ Ex-CIA Scheurer ” the real problem is the leaders of the jewish community in the U.S.” ( skip the first minute please ) :

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