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VL Exclusive – State Makes Man Choose Between Life Or Death To Keep His Children

from Victurus Libertas VL:

Michael Brooks, father of two small sons, is a resident of a small town in Tennessee where any form of cannabis use is illegal, including medical marijuana. Michael discovered he had Hepatitis C, for which he began taking all of the traditional pharmaceuticals he could in hopes of finding some relief, but nothing helped… until he found out about Cannabis oil. He traveled to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal and began legal monitored treatments of Cannabis oil. After using oil for a short time, Michael was feeling dramatically better and was able to discontinue all of the other medications.

Then, one day, at a routine doctor’s appointment a blood test was run, which is standard for those suffering from Hepatitis C. The blood test showed that Michael’s disease was undetectable! However, the tests also reflected high THC levels, as well. These high levels of THC were reported to family services, at which time CPS removed Michael’s two sons – Damon, 18 months old and Elijah, four months old at the time. Family services sites Brook’s cannabis use was the reason. He was forced to move out of his family’s home and to discontinue use of the life-saving Cannabis oil, but the children were still not allowed to stay. AND, to top it off, because he has not been allowed to continue his regimen of the oil, he is now as sick as he was years ago – which is the new reason CPS sites for not returning the children to Michael.

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1 comment to VL Exclusive – State Makes Man Choose Between Life Or Death To Keep His Children

  • Trespass Unwanted

    This is an opinion.

    So Cannabis oil doesn’t kill anything?

    “because he has not been allowed to continue his regimen of the oil, he is now as sick as he was years ago ”

    So taking it only makes the germs ‘stop’ what they are doing, but still live in his body?

    And, when someone takes people’s children, they always give them a contract.

    Many of you do not know that, because you are stacking gold and silver and arguing with strangers that don’t agree with you.

    Those same strangers keep quiet about the things that really count.

    So I only gave a piece of the info, he signed a contract if the kids aren’t living with him.

    Ask him, did he hold a pen and sign anything. He’ll tell you yeah!

    Also, the papers you sign at the doctor’s office gives them a lot of power.
    But its’ so ‘cool’ to walk into the office and finish signing the papers(contracts) as fast as you can, so you can see the doctor.

    Somewhere, that doctor had the power to draw his blood and report him, but no one sees where they contributed to the problem.

    It’s always someone else’s fault.

    I digressed on that, predicting the ‘backlash’ from an unknown cause something I wrote, got to them in some way.

    I wish they’d just type a response without targeting me in the process, but oh well, the society we live in.

    They should separate the wheat from the chaff, those that know to post an opinion and those that have no idea what a ‘trespass’ is and attack people they don’t know like they are the ‘thought police’. They want to ‘govern’ someone’s mind.

    Oh, they don’t know govern means control, and mind is in the definition of mental, where ment is a prefix of mental, but a suffix of government.

    No, never mind the mind control, cause the comment will be to control my mind since something written is not agreed with.

    I didn’t attack the man or cannabis.
    I only posted the stuff is still in his system, so the cannabis only made is stop what it was doing.

    And he signed something…which before coming after me, just verify whether it is fact or not.

    and forget learning about mind control, people want someone to tell them they are being mind controlled for them to believe they are.

    Proof is how many people voted knowing the supposed government is bankrupt and a corporation, and they voted anyway. How do you get people to do something they would claim they wouldn’t normally do? You control their mind.

    How do you find out how many people minds you control? You do something every so often to find out how many are still controlled, and you watch facebook and twitter and youtube to see how it propagates.

    They are spending a lot of effort to get people to use the word snowflake.
    They are pushing it hard, it hasn’t taken on yet, but over time, it will be part of the vocabulary of many who are mind controlled, because they didn’t pay attention that a word that meant a frozen speck of ice, has been put into the public to see how many people will turn to it as a word to describe other people.

    Say something often enough it becomes true.

    You are introduced to the new ‘truth’ if you’ll just step into the programming.

    People should not sign documents for things they do not agree with.
    But that’s a different growing up lesson.
    When you die from this hell, a very nice entity will convince you to come back, so don’t fear death, you’ll be stuck here in hell always.

    How many of you are nicer than the nicest entity up and out there, that will be so nice and loving they will show you ‘your’ ways, and your ways aren’t as nice, and you’ll come back…so why are you afraid to die…you’ll be back….6 billion die, 5.999,999,xxx billion will be back; very few will pass through the eye of that needle and be free of this hell.

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