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from SGT Report:

The Wikileaks VAULT7 documents will rock the deep state CIA to its very core – and the evidence the leaks provide will likely lead Barack Obama directly to a Federal prison cell.

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  • SGT

    IF IF IF our ELECTED President Donald Trump uses the LAWS we have on the books, Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton will go to prison.

    • Eric

      Hitting up the Doc’s Deals and buying more miners.

      Kaboom! 🙂

    • knowtoomuch

      ” Avec des “si’s”, on pourrait mettre Paris dans une bouteille”

      Nice d-r-e-a-m-s, SGT !

    • Ed_B

      Perhaps they can share adjoining cells? Oh, and don’t forget Billy Boy. He needs to be in the cell on the other side of Hellery.

    • Ed_B

      Amen to that, Sean. It worries me that he hasn’t cleaned all the Obamunists out of his administration. That should have been JOB #1, IMO. These people tend to be Marxists who will stop at nothing to undermine and delegitimize Trump every step of the way. Their activities seek to make the USA ungovernable. This is, at the very least, sedition… and perhaps treason. They need to be handled appropriately for their actions.

      Many of us absolutely despised Obama from the get go but we wished him well in the hope that he would succeed and thereby help our country succeed. We were naive about that because he had NO desire whatever for the US to succeed. Still, we did not act like complete jackasses over his election… unlike the Dems have over Trump’s election. 🙁

      As Obama himself said after the 2012 election: “Elections have consequences. I won. Get over it”. I suggest that his followers take that message to heart and put America ahead of their own politics. They won’t, of course, but that’s what AMERICANS would do. Marxists? Not so much.

    • C.I.

      I Can Not See This Sean………it Would Be Kinda Cool For Your establishment To Be finally upset And On A back foot Snivelling In A corner Aye.

      I Am thinking From A distance Here Of course. ?……….


  • d

    Just not soon enough…the damage he did to this country and its citizens WILL NOT be repaired…at the ballot box….since it will be discussed in the streets…and there will be no ‘winner’……just a trashed country …maybe without government it will be BETTER….we will see….imho

  • Timco

    Get serious. NONE of them will do one day in jail.

    • Trespass Unwanted

      CYA(ing), in my opinion, if they are not interconnected by family, they are probably interconnected by secret society, oath, or some other connectedness. (Another CYA) I believe, they pretend and lie, and it is all-owed [allowed].

      If it is true, as I have read and heard, that Trump is Jesuit, and the Pope is Jesuit, the One World Government could, in my opinion, be sneaked upon the people while they were relying on their sources to tell them what to look at.

      [Remember the days of the photographer who wanted to get a picture of a smiling baby without their knowledge he’s taking their picture and getting them to smile, whether they are happy or not]

      Keep your eye on the birdie!!!!

      [ Never mind there is a man who has other intentions and will do what he had planned to while getting you to smile with pride and have confidence while watching the birdie. ]

      Tweet Tweet

      It’s all opinion anyway. Trolls need not attack. I am not the enemy. My thoughts are my own…ie disclosure of opinion…if my thoughts hurt your thoughts, please fix your thoughts because I didn’t do it, to you…you did it to you.

  • Millicent

    “Nelson was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.”

    These people have dirt on everyone… Trump’s job will not be an easy one.

    • Timco

      Exactly. That is why they allow carnival freaks like Dennis Hastert to occupy higher offices in the gov. They are easy blackmail targets.

  • willygroper


    yeomans work.

    thank you. 😉

  • mike

    Trump is begging Rand Paul for his support for Trump/Obamacare lite and for Rand to go along to get along on health care with his last tweet. Trump is every bit a part of this deep state crap. Trump doesn’t care what replaces obama care as long as it is replaced. Really sad, I said I would give him a chance but he has not done a thing, nothing but executive orders..Like the old executive order and chief Obama. The deep state will be fine Trump will make sure of it. He only started this spying stuff to deflect the Russian garbage, the man is truly a moron. Nothing at all will come from any of this..Really, is it surprising to anyone the CIA has hacking tools? I would hope they did in the 21st century.

    • Eric

      Oh goodie. I’m glad you’re here mike. I was concerned the conversation was turning intelligent. I like how you offer no proof of your incoherent rant. When did you say you would give him a chance? I don’t recall that at all. Especially when you said you were voting for Hillary. Perhaps you shouldn’t get so worked up over these things and instead focus on the things you have direct control over. Like stacking more coins or storing more food in you pantry. Clams for dinner again?

    • Rdawg

      “Trump is begging Rand Paul for his support for Trump/Obamacare lite and for Rand to go along to get along on health care with his last tweet.”

      Just listened to Rand Paul interviewed on InfoWars regarding this very topic; you are full of shit and completely wrong.

      • KRELL427

        Nothing worse than a dumb fuck with an attitude problem. Mike has been spraying crap out of his mouth from his first SGT post.

        • mike

          Your the dumb fuck..duh only gold is money even though it isnt? Cant understand your mining numbers are bunk and there is no rarity when it comes to pms. But you still blather the 18th century line.Your totally invested in the golden god that has no clue about a thing.,You stupid buddy Rdawg pointing out Rands meeting with trump that went in one of trumps ears and out the other. Trump is pushing his new healthcare that will cost twice as much as obama care lol..When are going to accept the fact you live in the 21st century and you got had with PMs and Trump? Seriously you are a god damn moron sheep.

          • Eric

            One word… lol!

          • Howard Roark

            March 8, 2017 at 12:16 am · Reply

            Your the dumb fuck..”

            No son, YOU’RE the dumb fuck…pro tip, when attempting to insult someone as “dumb” proper diction and word usage are a plus…

            • mike

              think we have been over conversational English before..Like texting point is what matters, no rules. Had you imbeciles citing Rand Pauls take on his convo with Trump..Even Rand Paul is a moron for actually thinking he changed the morons opinions about big gov..Trump will spend more on health care than anyone and grow government more than anyone. If you believed Trump was any different than any other politician you’re an imbecile. How many times do you have to be fooled?
              You are an epic dumb fuck (just retweeting krells words)..

              Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 15h15 hours ago

              I feel sure that my friend @RandPaul will come along with the new and great health care program because he knows Obamacare is a disaster!
              21,368 replies 12,111 retweets 60,899 likes

              • Howard Roark

                I offered no opinion on “Rand Paul” or “retweet Krells word”, dipshit, I merely copied and pasted YOUR stupidity for context…and “we”(you) using phrases like “conversational English” and “texting point” is a lame excuse for not recognizing proper diction when referring to someone else as a “dumb fuck”…dumb fuck

                • Eric

                  I noticed how his “TRUMPS TWITTER LINK” is still posted right below his comment too. mike is truly a dipshit. He can’t even take 2 seconds to double check something before it spews out of his big mouth.

                  He also seems to think he was going to get social security and medicare for some reason. Obviously he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “TAX.”

                  mike is the most hilarious thing to come alone since Jacob. Hey, where is my fine feathered fatherless friend who gets such fabulous foreign aid anyways?

                • Howard Roark

                  mikefonestarJACOB…hmmm, a pattern is starting to emerge…sounds jewy…

                • Eric

                  Some idiots are just too ignorant and stupid to survive.

                  Good Riddance.

                  Unproductive consumeristic fucks.

                  How you doing Howard? Still firing up the ovens? I have lots of fuel for you.

              • Trespass Unwanted

                I don’t see the twitter link.
                Must be my sell fone web browser settings.
                [ I couldn’t resist the opportunity to misspell some’n ]

      • mike

        Here you go infowars, jesus christ you dudes are fucking retards.

  • Johny Comelately

    With the political war in Washington DC, I highly doubt the swamp will raise the debt ceiling come March 15th!

    I think the U.S. government will go into gridlock!!! This is it folks!!! Get your preps in order and watch SILVER!!!

    • Eric

      Just ordered some dragons of wales. Love this coin…

      And hit up the Gold Buffalo and the SGTREPORT coupon code on the 10 oz liberty bar deal.

      Don’t really care what the jobs report on friday says.
      Don’t really care whether the Fed raises rates or not next week.
      Don’t really care if the debt ceiling gets raised or not.

      $17.50/oz Silver is as cheap as it gets as far as I’m concerned. Trump put a floor on $1200 Gold when he got inaugurated. Be surprised if they can get it under that. But we’ll find out soon!

    • Eric

      Also, picked up another 10 gallons of water, $35 in groceries, cleaned the car, transplanted a coconut tree and a banana tree, took out the trash, threw some crap away, talked to my neighbors. Productive day.

      Prepped and watching like a hawk! 🙂

      • Johny Comelately

        NICE! And I need some of those Red Dragons. I just listened to Sarah Westall’s Clif High interview.

        Clif suggests there may be a silent debt ceiling freeze not to cause embarrassment. We may only find out in a few months from now that money is not flowing into certain government departments.

        Either way, reckoning is coming. Stay diligent!

        • Eric

          Red Dragons? Dragons of Wales. I really like my Coco the Dragon sculpture a lot too.

          A bit pricey. But better than most of the crap people spend their fake currency on.

          Cleaned out the air conditioner in a major way today. Need to do that a little more often. Getting hot now.

          Time to stay on track and stay focused. Top off those preps. Get the house in order. Gonna be an interesting summer.

          Hey you guys see this yet? Love this movie. Watched it 5 times already.

          Blue Skies Baby!

  • videoctr

    Rense video with David Oats, 13:10 speech reversal, “crime afraid the fifth”: Is not about a date, it refers to the “fifth column”. In light of the vault 7 and CIA deep state collusion data from Wiki leaks, it makes more sense to interpret the reversal as the deep state are the criminals, and they are afraid of the leaks that came out today.

    The coup to link Trump to Russia has blown up in the deep states face, it has back fired. The white hates have countered the silent coup. Trump has to take swift action, keep his foot on their necks. Drain the swamp! Thank you Mr. Assange. You are a hero.

  • AgShaman

    Apparently, not all skeleton based closet items are equal.

    Thankfully, numerology is just as Christine says…they had a bad day, and I had a good day.

    Can I get a Paul Harvey shout out/witness?

  • Guido

    The extent of the spying is no secret to many who visit this site, but it IS to Joe Sixpack. This is a wake up call for him, just as Trump INTENDED it to be.

    Trump suckered the Deep State into engaging him after he made his famous Tweet on Saturday that Obama had wiretapped him, and they behaved predictably. Amazing how the Wikileaks data dump piggybacked on Trump’s claim, the timing of which was impeccable.

    Notice how the fakestream media, the Deep State’s OFFICIAL propaganda arm, is backing off all of this and diverting the attention to immigration and healthcare? They will do all they can to minimize the impact of the Wikileaks release in the hopes that the public won’t draw a connection to Trump’s allegation of being wiretapped. In other words, considering the extent of the spy grid that’s in place, a FISA court was not necessary to obtain information on Trump and his people. Compared to that, FISA is child’s play.

    So now we understand why so much has been leaked to the media. The Trump administration has been under non-stop surveillance. I do believe the public is finally understanding the implications of this, but how they respond is the big question.

  • Millicent

    The Russians had this problem some time ago… What they did was eliminate all the computers & phones and made all the people the agency communicate in writing.

    I had a school desk that had an inkwell in it.

  • knowtoomuch

    ” A Limited Hang Out Civil War is something of a misnomer. When a Civil War or a Race war starts, it will not be limited. What a Limited Hang Out Civil War means is that the Bankers and the media they own will try to keep control of the narrative.

    Their problem is that all they can offer is a narrative. Bankers cannot offer a solution to the coming Financial Collapse because they would lose the source of their wealth which is to legally rob us of ours.”

    A nice read for all of you :

  • Kevin

    Trump has got to strike soon and make a show of arrests, prosecutions, and convictions with prison sentences for the Clintons, CIA/FBI, congress members, Obama, McCain and all the other swamp critters. The evidence is there and the American people need to see that justice applies to everyone. What has been lacking so far is the political will and green light to enforce the laws instead of allowing coverups. If this shit is allowed to continue for much longer, I’m afraid the opportunity for any meaningful swamp draining will be lost.

  • d

    when the purge comes, do you have your short list of banksters and scumbag politicians, that deserve justice to be served upon them………just ask’in

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