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VACCINE STUDY: Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Vaccinated Children Have a 700% Higher Chance of Neurodevelopmental Disorder

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

On Valentine’s Day, a 34-page study that illustrated some of the harmful effects of vaccination was made available for viewing online. Six hours later, the URL had vanished, and the study was seemingly erased from the depths of the internet — likely in the hopes that the “controversial” information it contained would be forgotten.

Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports, by Anthony R. Mawson, et al. seemed like any other standard report on vaccination at first glance, according to author James Grundvig.

The paper had been linked to Grundvig, and he recently published an article about the study, how he authenticated it with the study’s author, and he even described how the publishing journal went about censoring the information.

Grundvig writes that after reading Mawson’s conclusions in the study, it appears that perhaps the CDC has purposefully avoided conducting such research themselves because “it would have run counter to CDC’s messaging that all ‘vaccines are safe.’”

Research: vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders

To conduct their research, Mawson and his team engaged in a cross-sectional survey of mothers of children who were educated at home. Homeschooling organizations from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oregon were asked to forward an email to their members, requesting mothers to fill out an anonymous online survey. The questionnaire gathered information on vaccination status and health outcomes of their biological children who were between the ages of 6 and 12. In total, 415 mothers provided information about 666 children. Of those, just 261 (or 39 percent) had not been vaccinated. Information on pregnancy experiences, birth histories, acute and chronic conditions, and the usage of medication and health care services was also included in the data collection.

Overall, the results of the study showed that while vaccinated children were less likely to have had chicken pox or pertussis, they were significantly more likely to develop other types of infections, allergies, and were more likely to be diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder (referred to in the study as an NDD). NDDs were defined as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a learning disability, or any combination of the three. Could it be that unvaccinated children are in many ways healthier? It certainly seems that way.

Data reveals shocking disparities

The specific details of these incidents are even more shocking. For instance, the study found that vaccinated children had a 7-fold higher chance of being diagnosed with any sort of NDD — or, in other words, a 700 percent increased risk. There was a 2-fold increase in autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, a 2-fold increase in ADHD diagnosis and a 2-fold increase in learning disabilities.

Vaccinated children also exhibited a 900-percent increase in other allergies besides allergenic rhinitis (which boasted a 1-fold increase on its own). There was also a 9-fold increase in eczema and atopic dermatitis. There also appeared to be a 400-percent increase in chronic illnesses among vaccinated kids. There were no notable differences in less common conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome, cancer, Crohn’s disease, depression, diabetes (type 1 or type 2), juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, encephalopathy, and others. However, the researchers note that a larger sample size would be needed in order to detect differences in incident rates of these more rare conditions.

In regard to acute conditions, while vaccinated children were significantly less likely to have had chicken pox or whooping cough, they were also more likely to develop middle ear infections — with a 3.8-fold increase in occurrence. Vaccinated kids also had a 5.9-fold increased chance of having pneumonia compared to unvaccinated children.

When it came to Hepatitis A or B, high fever in the past 6 months, measles, mumps, meningitis (viral or bacterial), influenza, or rotavirus, there were no substantial differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

After controlling for other factors, Mawson and his team determined in regression anaylses that there was a 3.1-fold increase in NDD among the vaccinated. Furthermore, a possible synergy between vaccination and preterm birth was discovered during the research. The team found that the interaction of preterm birth and vaccination was associated with a 6.6-fold increase in NDD.

Big Pharma and their shills will be quick to try to discredit this study by saying that they “can’t verify the results” because of the anonymity of the survey data — however, as Grundvig recalls, the CDC used the exact same survey method in 2015 to produce the 1-in-45 rate of autism occurrence in newborn babies. It will be interesting to see them try to talk their way around that one.

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1 comment to VACCINE STUDY: Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Vaccinated Children Have a 700% Higher Chance of Neurodevelopmental Disorder

  • Sam

    Are neurotoxins bad for my child?

    Let’s think about this for a minute. The world neurotoxin sounds harmless enough but let’s take a closer look at this word. Neuro means nerve and toxin means poison – thus we have nerve-poison.

    Now think with me for a minute. How much neurotoxin [Nerve-Poison] would you like to put in your body or your child’s body?…

    a) a little
    b) a lot
    c) none

    These neurotoxins and heavy metals have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. This means that when these toxins are administered, they go into your child’s brain. Does this sound like a safe place for poisons to go?

    Not only that, but children do not have a Myelin Sheath covering their nerves. In fact, their Myelin Sheath is not even near complete until they reach the age of two. This means that their entire nervous system is vulnerable to attack by practically everything – especially poisons.

    Mercury causes damage to the central nervous system. Once your child is born the world system wants to vaccinate them and one of the first shots they are given is a Hepatitis B shot.

    Here’s another point to remember… your child has to be able to make bile in order to get mercury out of his/her body [that is’ if they are able to get mercury out of their body at all.] However, your child has a huge problem because infants do not make bile for the first six months of life. So all of the shots your children get before that age are even a higher risk.

    So why in the world are we giving authority to men to put nerve-poison into our children that are still developing their nervous systems? Better than that – why would we EVER allow anyone to put poison into any of us?

    Learn a little about how your child’s brain and nervous system work…
    www [dot] trackingvaccinations [dot] com

    Why in the world are our kids being given poisons that will at minimum slow down their thinking abilities and could in worst case scenarios lead to long term diseases or life long problems?

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