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Ultralight 3 lb Titanium Woodstove For I.N.C H Bag: Abused & Tested

from Canadian Prepper:

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7 comments to Ultralight 3 lb Titanium Woodstove For I.N.C H Bag: Abused & Tested

  • videoctr

    Will we as a civilization ever get beyond the fire paradigm?

    • Eric

      Yep. Right after we transcend the water paradigm and the sunlight paradigm.

      • Eric

        Last part of that article…


        As to whether zero-point energy may become a source of usable energy, this is considered extremely unlikely by most physicists, and none of the claimed devices are taken seriously by the mainstream science community. Nevertheless, SED interpretation of the Bohr orbit (above) does suggest a way whereby energy might be extracted. Based upon this a patent has been issued and experiments have been underway at the University of Colorado (U.S. Patent 7,379,286).

        Let us know when a zero point energy heating unit is commercially available at the retail level. Until then, I am going to keep burning wood in my wood stove which is cheap, reliable, and actually quite clean when done properly.

        • videoctr

          Commercialization is the trickle down.

          Keep an eye on the deep state military industrial complex. They have spent trillions of our tax money on special access programs that have no congressional oversight.

          NASA, Lockheed Martin:
          Inertia and Gravitation in the Zero-Point Field Model

          • AgShaman

            They have been tapping zero-point energy for years, based off Teslas work. That’s why skunkworks honcho bragged about lunch on the moon and back the same day. Cern is most likely working off zero point and plasma torsion field physics.

            The big secret about physics is that it is a dead end science for the soylents…and limitless potentialities for the breakaway civilization.

            They put the clues in most sci fi movies and teevee. Even the crazy woman on the plane knows there is more to it than she can grasp when gravity is brought up again and again. Folding space, folding time, manipulations beyond the 3rd dimension….its all being studied at feverish paces by the various govts looking to get back the advantage or at least get back to square with the ancients that had this technology

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