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Ultimate Prepping: “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

We all know the major scenarios.

But will you know what to do in when the real thing happens?

First and foremost, you need the basics: the ability to bug-out and survive for at least three days with food, water, fire starters, emergency shelter, etc. You also need the necessities to stay in place or in your redoubt for at least two weeks. But that’s just for starters.

There are so many factors at hand, that you have to become a second order prepper.

That means Plan B and so much more. It means thinking ahead to the many pitfalls that could end your survival bid. Take yourself down the path you would go time, and time over again. Think it through until you find the flaws in your thinking. Know before you go, and avoid situations before you even get into them.

Get rid of fantasy and unrealistic notions, and figure out a realistic strategy for long term survival, particularly in case of prolonged collapse.

Check out this fundamental and thoughtful video especially for city preppers – and get ready to get out if necessary.

Brad Harris of Full Spectrum Survival talks with YouTuber City Prepping in a conversation you don’t want to miss:

What will you do when the cities begin to burn? Will a great exodus push millions from the populated regions of the world into the more rural areas where food and greens are plentiful?

Will you stay behind and shelter in place or be one of the first to leave? We talk with City Prepping, who has considered this in great detail and gives his opinion on why it’s better or worse to remain in the city when a disaster strikes!

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2 comments to Ultimate Prepping: “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    When any “city block” is burning, if the grid is down, if the fire department crews have bugged out of town, etc.. then the fires will JUMP from building to building until there is no more fuel for the fire.

    If your structure is close enough to “burst into flames”, then your structure is toast.

    I’m not sure what is the safe distance, but I’d bet it gotta be at least 50 feet or more?
    And if there is a driveway in between houses, and a vehicle is parked in that spot, then it’s part of the fuel.

    Even if your house is BRICK, I’ll bet the windows are not fire-resistant and that the ROOF is not made of sheet metal, stone or tile. Landscaping bushes, trees, and wooden or plastic fences are fuel for the fires.

    So many cities & suburbs, have houses that have no more than 10-30ft from structure to structure. It’s gonna be like the “Chicago Fire”, Pompeii, etc.

    If you want to “prep” for fires, besides all the normal stuff of fire-proofing the area, removing fuels or combustible items, I’d suggest you get several sheets of SHEET METAL, (tin roofing, etc), so you can SET it up as a HEAT SHIELD to protect some stuff. But you also have to be able to FASTEN it so the WINDS don’t blow it down.

    But if you put a sheet metal heat shield around your car, perhaps you’ll save the tires & glass, etc.

    If you’re gonna be putting up a garage, or tool shed, then you can make it fireproof by using POLE barn sheet metal side walls and roofing! Then, if you’ve “pre-made” some sheet metal window covers, then the glass will be a protective barrier too.

    Fire extinguishers are NOT going to save your house if the neighbor’s house & garage are on fire and the radiant heat makes your place “burst into flames”.
    If you put a sprinkler system heads, around the outside of your home, and IF IF IF the city water pressure still works, then yes, you can have sprinkler heads that can protect your roof and side walls from heat and fire.

    If you go FULL prep mode, and buy a 1000 gallon water tank (or bigger) and gasoline powered pump to pressurize your own pipes (and you’ll need to shut off the city water pipes so YOUR pressure system is not trying to “back feed” the city water pipes.) You might have enough water to save your home from a ONE time event.

    Same advice if you live in a rural area where local fires may burn your house, you can have an outdoor sprinkler system, water tank and gas powered pump (diesel fueled pump is BETTER because diesel fuel is LESS dangerous.)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    They talked about ALL the normal stuff (and it was good), but the ONE thing they did NOT cover, was FIRE.

    So that’s why I covered it.

    I’m going to buy myself, one of those BACK PACK “garden sprayer” things. Hold between 3-5 gallons of water, etc, and has a “side lever pump handle”, these are used by fire-fighters when walking around the grounds to put out those few little sparks here or there. They are not any good against any TRUE fires, but for those situations where you need a bucket of water here or there, then these things are great.

    Also, you can use it for it’s REAL purpose of spraying your garden.

    One BIG thing for your “bug-out vehicle” is make sure you’ve got some TIRE PLUGS to fix holes, some cans of “Fix-A-Flat” because they don’t need electricity to get your tire filled very fast (you need 2-3 of those to really fill a flat tire that you just plugged the hole.)

    Having a HAND (or foot pump), as well as those electric models, can save your trip.

    How about watching some TIRE CHANGING videos,, NOT just to change the tire on the car, but I’m talking about getting a bad tire OFF the rim, and putting a good tire on that rim!!!!

    There are tricks to “setting the bead”, such as spraying a specific amount of Starter Fluid into the tire, throwing a lit match at it and WHOOOMP!!! The vapor fuel does a small explosion and sets the tire beads. Also, you can use a ‘tie down ratchet strap”, around the tire tread, to help hold it on the bead so you can air up the tire.

    Tools to get tires OFF the rim, etc, are not expensive, but you need these in your kit and you need to watch videos how to do this.

    Breaking the bead, can be impossible, BUT, if you lay the wheel on the ground under the car, and put the base of the JACK on the bead, and jack up the car while the base pushed down into the bead, you can “break the bead”… etc.

    You could even DRIVE your front tire onto the sidewall of the flat tire to break the bead. There are tricks to every situation. Be educated on those tricks.

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