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‘Three Wise Men’ Warn Crash Coming, Own Gold

by Mark O’Byrne, Gold Core:

‘Three wise men’ are warning that the next financial crash is coming and that one of the ways to protect and grow wealth in the coming crash will be to own gold.

The men who have recently warned are Jim Rogers (video below), Martin Armstrong (blog below) and Tony Robbins (video below). Each come from somewhat different backgrounds and are respected experts in their respective fields.

Each has different views in terms of asset allocation and how best to weather the coming financial storm but all are united in believing that gold will act as a wealth preservation tool and will likely rise in value when other assets fall.

Jim Rogers is a world renowned investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund with fellow investor George Soros. He is an investor, traveler, financial commentator and author who believes that this will be the ‘Asian Century.’

In his usual plain speaking, honest manner, Jim Rogers warned on Bloomberg TV that

“the Federal Reserve… has no clue what they are doing. They are going to ruin us all.” 

Central banks have driven rates to all time record lows and in the process, debt has “sky-rocketed.”

Rogers slams the ‘counterfactual’ arguments that things would have been a lot worse if the Fed had not done all this, “propping up zombie banks and dead companies is not the way the world is supposed to work. … It’s been nine years and we have nothing to show for it [economically] except staggering amounts of debt.”

Rogers is pessimistic about the outlook for America and thinks that Donald Trump will see the US continue on the path to bankruptcy – a path set by Bush and Obama before him.

He concludes the Bloomberg interview ominously by saying that “this is all going to end very, very, very badly.”

In recent years, Rogers has consistently said that he wants to own more gold and silver and will continue to accumulate the precious metals on any price dips.

Watch Rogers on Bloomberg TV here

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1 comment to ‘Three Wise Men’ Warn Crash Coming, Own Gold

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I have listened to a number of Jim Rogers interviews, and he OFTEN speaks about the wisdom of owning gold AND FARM LAND. It’s a real commodity, it’s productive, and it supplies something that humans need to live.

    Just look at the situation in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and many other FOOD starved areas of the world. There are times when PM’s just won’t save your life, but having a supply of FOOD is what’s needed.

    No let’s get out there and PLANT something edible!!!

    You can be flat broke, and still be able to plant something to eat, even if you’re just RENTING a place to live. You can fill a container, even an old, discarded car tire, half full with DIRT, and plant some potato sections in it, and as the greenery grows up, you pile MORE dirt around it for the potato roots to spread into the higher and higher dirt. (more taters).

    Can’t afford dirt? You can FIND dirt. Dig it up, put it into something to transport it, take it home and USE it.

    Living on the 2nd floor and have no patio space? Then you can put little containers of dirt on the sunny window sill and plant LETTUCE, radishes, or other things that need only a tiny bit of space.

    How about putting a little tray of dirt & lettuce on the dashboard of your car (if you can park in a sunny spot. Don’t forget to water it, even twice a day if needed. Some plants don’t need full sun, and you can put your “car garden” on the seats. Don’t forget, you can buy mushroom supplies and grow them in a cupboard or closet!

    OK guys… gardening is work, but it’s also FUN to do.

    Can’t afford to spend a dollar on a pack of seeds? Then open up your sandwich, and scoop out the seeds from that slice of tomato.. wash off the natural slime (an inhibitor to sprouting too soon), and dry them out,, and then you can PLANT them!!

    Before you cook that ear of fresh corn, cut off part of the end with the largest kernels (most mature), set them someplace to DRY, and then you can plant them when needed.

    Got a bag of dry beans? You’ve got SEEDS!!!

    Even if you’re living in a cardboard BOX somewhere, you can DUMPSTER DIVE in places and find left over or rotten-out-of-date veggies, (restaurants, grocery stores), collect those seeds and use them.
    Don’t forget to “resprout” carrot tops, onion bottoms, celery bottoms, potato eyes, turnip tops, garlic cloves, etc.
    Even if you’ve got no home or apartment, you can plant some things, next to the city alley, or other places that escape being noticed,, empty LOTS, easements, landscape planters!

    I’ve always wondered about the acres and acres of UNUSED land in between the lanes of all the big freeways (the median). Instead of GRASS, how about planting some gardens and crops on that vacant land?

    One time I’ve seen CORN growing in a house gutter!! There must have been SO much dirt and dust, and composting leaves up there, and some BIRD or squirrel must have pooped out, or dropped a few corn kernels up there, and one was growing… it was NOT going to become a full grown plant, but when I saw it, it was about a foot tall.

    AT my old DETROIT house (on a side street of single family homes), there was always a bunch of leaves and grass clipping and dirt from the yards, collecting along the curbs of the street. It was really good, DARK, rich dirt. I used to scoop it up with a snow shovel, and spread it in my yard, in the LOW spots, or places where I needed some GOOD dirt. That neighborhood, was filled with very poor “fill dirt”, lots of limestone rocks, clay, but very little humus.

    The street curbs, with all those crushed leaves, etc, was really nice “Curb-Compost”!!! And it was FREE. Yes, of course it can have pollution on it, but during the fall, and summer, if the streets had been swept by the city, and a NEW accumulation was present, then it didn’t have enough time to collect oil, gas, or other crap.

    So you see? It’s possible to survive and be very clever about how to do it,, even for FREE.
    Even with a bit of pollution, it sure beats starving to death.

    Rake up grass and leaves, as cover mulch for your garden, to prevent weeds, and hold moisture and protect the soil from getting sunburned or drying out too fast.

    PS. Watermelons, honeydew, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and so many other things, come with FREE seeds in them. And don’t forget to “Google” for such things as “Edible weeds”, etc

    Even the dandelion is food. Plantain, Purslane, Amaranth, some flowers, and more.

    OK, I hope this gave somebody a bit of joyful inspiration and encouragement. Even the MOST poor of us can grow food for free. Knowledge is power, and putting that knowledge into action, can make your life a little better.

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