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Think Rich: The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Fast — Tony Neumeyer Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends:

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4 comments to Think Rich: The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Fast — Tony Neumeyer Interview

  • Ed_B

    Secrets to becoming a millionaire, huh? Try this: 1) work hard AND smart; 2) save religiously; 3) invest wisely; 4) spend carefully; and 5) find a good mate and stick with them through thick and thin. These 5 simple things in one’s life make becoming a millionaire almost unavoidable.

  • randy0302

    Real Estate is ever increasing??

  • anon

    “Think Rich: The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Fast”?

    In my opinion, THIS is precisely a part of the overall thinking, that has led to the moral bankruptcy of Western Civilization. There is a relevant quote, here: “When it comes to money, everyone is of the same religion.” -Voltaire

    There ARE some SANE individuals in this world. But, they are increasingly “atomized” individuals, who share little in common with or in relation to the HERD (or even their OWN FAMILY MEMBERS). The smartest among them, will take a CAREFUL look, at the AGENDA of the self-proclaimed, (but documented FAKE-) (RABBINIC ORAL TALMUD- and CABBALA-INFLUENCED) “Jews”, who intermarried with the traditionally CHRISTIAN Anglo-Saxon Royalty of the West, to create an entirely NEW form of Anglo-JUDAIC “elite”-enslavement, with not only some of its former ROYALTY vs. SERF aspects, but now, with this relatively new “Jew”-ish (GENETIC, FINANCIAL AND CULTURAL) component added to the mix ~ an “elite” with an ideology and practices, which are SUBVERSIVE to Christian civilization, at its FOUNDATIONS.

    Dude, Where’s My Civilization?

  • anon

    If you want the independent media to exist, you need to support the online AUTHORS that PROVIDE it… economic censorship now under way

    Oh, but hey, look!

    Another article about how to get rich QUICK!

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