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There Is Something Seriously Wrong With The World When…

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

There is something seriously wrong with the world: 

When a country, a government as well as individuals from that country fund, arm and train terrorists who have murdered thousands, tortured them, rounded up women and children and sold them on sex slave markets or used their bodies to harvest organs and yet the king of that same country flies all over the world in a disgusting display of wealth and opulence and gets to ride on golden escalators.

Those who pander to Saudi Arabia, bow and scrap before them and their arrogant princes, accept millions into their private bank accounts and ensure a steady stream of military hardware to this country, are the same people who demand that a duly elected President by the people of that country, not someone who considers himself the ultimate, infallible and unquestionable ruler due to his birth, must go.

Assad throughout the last six years has stood by Syria and the people of Syria in their time of desperate need. Although he is not a Christian he has shown support for Christians and even attended their church services. Unlike Saudi Arabia where Christians are not allowed to set foot in that country. Assad, like everyone else in Syria is fully aware that at anytime he might lose his life. And yet he has not fled to another country and taken his wealth with him as so many so-called world leaders do after they have lined their own pockets and the going has got too rough for them.

There is something seriously wrong with the world:

When thousands of people die, their families are broken up and their lives ruined due to heroin addiction and yet Afghanistan which is the world’s largest producer of opium is guarded by American military and uses NATO bases to fly out their very lucrative cargo of illegal narcotics. There is no war on drugs, it is a war for drugs.

The same can be said for the CIA who for many years now has been neck-deep in shipping cocaine out of South American countries and has infested the whole of American society to the point where cocaine usage is now considered the norm as opposed to the exception. Between heroin and cocaine it is no wonder that Western Nations have completely lost their minds, their moral compass and any semblance of integrity and real justice has been replaced by mafia criminal gangs, going by the names of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Council On Foreign Relations, Open Society Foundations,  Davos, the Bilderberg Group, the P2 lodge and so many others that now control every sector of society.

There is something very wrong with the world:

When a proper investigation is done into the political situation in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza strip and the person who presents this report to the United Nations is forced to resign and the investigation is suppressed as opposed to being presented to the so-called world leaders whose job it is to prevent wars, human rights abuses and promote just and equitable political governance in all countries.

This, while at the same time condemning Russia, falsely accusing it of invading Eastern Ukraine and declaring the internationally observed referendum in Crimea to be null and void even though the large majority of people living in Crimea no longer wanted to be part of Ukraine, which they never were in the first place until only very recently in their history, and that decision was not of their choosing in the first place.

Glaringly obvious is the lack of reporting in Western media about the over 1 million people from Eastern Ukraine who have fled to Russia since the start of the civil war in 2014. Or that it is Russia who has continuously supplied humanitarian aid to the traumatized, starving and penniless people in the Donbass region ever since the Kiev Nazi junta has taken it upon themselves to constantly grad rocket the whole region, this because the people of Donetsk and Lughansk both voted in internationally observed referendums for independence from Ukraine and a government whose policies they neither voted for nor support thanks the coup in Ukraine engineered and directed by Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and George Soros’s “colour revolution” courtesy of yet another one of his Open Society foundations.

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9 comments to There Is Something Seriously Wrong With The World When…

  • anon

    The answer to, or the reason for, what is described in the first two paragraphs in this article will be different for those who are SELF-EDUCATED, and those who are not. For the SELF-EDUCATED, the reason is ZION-ISM (& Rothschild-Israel, est. 1948, in sunny, historic PALESTINE). For those who are NOT SELF-EDUCATED, the reason is, simple high-level collusion, and corruption. The UN-SELF-EDUCATED have it only partly correct.
    You see, it was MI6, that placed the House of Saud in power in Saudi Arabia. You may as well say the ROTHSCHILDS placed the House of Saud in power in Saudi Arabia, because MI6 works for their interests.

  • anon

    “There is no war on drugs, it is a war for drugs.”

    Correct. Study the History of the British EAST INDIA COMPANY, and the OPIUM WARS WITH CHINA. From the early 1800’s until around 1949 (we are told) ~ the Western “elites” were supplying Chinese laborers in China with Opium, which caused millions of them to become addicted to Opium, and reaped HUGE PROFITS for the Western (BRITISH) Anglo-JUDAIC “elites”. (Always remember, if you wish to know who OWNS YOU, simply find out who it is that you are NOT allowed to criticize. You can rail against the “White” man all day long ~ but, you’ll ONLY run into trouble, when you start criticizing the (“elite”) so-called “Jews”, or any of the tools they use to implement their overall AGENDA, like “political correctness”. It’s the Western “elite” Anglo-JUDAICS vs. Humanity.

  • anon

    George Soros is a Hungarian “Jew”.

  • anon

    The Western “elite” Anglo-JUDAICS ~ NEED ~ TERRORISM ~ just like they NEED the so-called “Holocaust” or HOLO-HOAX-IANITY (because it is a RELIGION!) and to constantly use the term “anti-semitism” to continue to play the eternal “victim” in perpetuity, to assist them in bringing about their “elite” “New” (i.e., “Jew”) WORLD ORDER. They also need the other ruses, of 1) “Judeo-Christianity” (which DOES NOT EXIST! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “JUDEO”-“CHRISTIANITY”! The Orthodox Rabbis cling to a faith, that is based upon BABYLONIAN/ORAL TALMUDIC TEACHINGS!); 2) HOLO-HOAX-IANITY (when you SERIOUSLY investigate the so-called “Holocaust” of the claimed “6 Million”, you quickly realize it was a near-complete fabrication. Did “Jews” die in Nazi NATIONAL-SOCIALIST (NDSP) LABOR/WORK Camps? Of course. But, were any “gassed” en masse, with Zyklon B ~ a KNOWN de-lousing (de-LICE-ing) agent, used to stop the possible spread of TYPHUS? Of course, not! The EVIDENCE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! They also need to continually use the “political correctness” ruse of “anti-semitism” to attack their victims who dare to expose them!

  • anon

    Read Victor Thorn’s EXCELLENT book: _The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie_, which you may obtain, here:

  • anon

    Be sure to click on “The International Reporter” (Katherine Frisk) link, at the top or bottom of the article, too, and read the comments, in the ‘comments’ section which follows the ACTUAL article, on their website.

  • willygroper

    7 comments…all from the town crier.

    what, no click on all links, read all comments?

  • Millicent

    “Big day tomorrow. Maybe Gold busts through 1265 and up to 1300…”

    Maybe Baybee. More Hopium from the peanut gallery.

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