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The wealthy are going underground as luxury doomsday bunkers sprawl across Kansas

by Tracey Watson, Natural News:

For many, the world just doesn’t feel like a safe place anymore. Pandemics, the re-emerging threat of nuclear war, terrorist attacks, and even the threat of a good old fashioned natural disaster have many scanning prepper sites online and stockpiling food in their basements.

For some people, though, that just isn’t good enough. Those with the means to do so are flocking to snap up luxury survival condos built on the site of a converted missile silo in Concordia, three hours north of Kansas City.

Larry Hall, manager and owner of the project, spent five years designing the facility, and he has the skills needed for the job, having previously worked with NASA. The project has been an overwhelming success, with the first complex already completely sold out, and orders streaming in for the second.

People’s reasons for wanting the security of their very own luxury fallout shelter differ, but include everything from fears that a solar flare will destroy the power grid, to concerns that the volatile political situation could lead to a nuclear bomb being unleashed. (RELATED: Are you worried about the future but don’t have the resources to afford a luxury survival condo? A 2012 survey found that 41 percent of people in the U.S. view planning for a catastrophe as a smarter investment than planning for their retirement. If you’re one of those people, keep up with the latest in prepping news at

Hall’s website states that “given the present worldwide economic conditions, historical disaster evidence, and the obvious signs of global climate changes; that it is prudent to have a ‘disaster plan and shelter’ in place should a need for it occur.” Plenty of people have taken his words to heart. The condos appeal to a diverse array of people, with units having been sold to business tycoons, architects, lawyers, athletes, and even famous Hollywood celebrities. Families with children have also bought units, and the first development boasts 19 children under the age of 21.

The missile silo in which the condos have been built descends 15-stories underground, but residents are not left feeling claustrophobic or desperate to escape because careful consideration has been given to both the physical and psychological needs of residents. Each unit is equipped with fake “windows” which stream live video of beautiful outdoor scenes, making those in the room feel like they have access to the outside world. In fact, the condos are so comfortable and luxurious that some owners use them as vacation homes.

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