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Spicer: Trump Says Jobs Report ‘May Have Been Phony in the Past, But It’s Very Real Now’

by Melanie Arter CNSnews:

President Donald Trump may have thought jobs reports were “phony in the past,” but they’re “very real now,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Friday.

“In the past, the president has referred to particular job reports as phony or totally fiction. Does the president believe that this jobs report was accurate and a fair way to measure the economy?” a reporter asked Spicer.

“Yeah, I talked to the president prior to this, and he said to quote him very clearly. ‘They may have been phony in the past but it’s very real now,’” Spicer said.

As reported, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that in February, the U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate “dropped a tenth of a point to 4.7 percent.”

When asked how much of the February jobs numbers that the president should be credited for and how he would “characterize the economy that President Trump was handed over by [former] President Obama,” Spicer said, “Look, numbers are going to go up and down. We recognize that, but I think there’s no question when you look at the CEOs that hire people, and the CEOs that have talked about how the investments that they want to make in America, you know you can look back over the several administrations.

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