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Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon: The Nightmare Continues Six Years Later While The Mainstream Media Remains Silent

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

‘Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.’ Hosea 4:3

Back on March 11th of 2011, our world changed forever for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere though most still do not know it. Whether via an ‘act of nature’ or an ‘act of HAARP’, the earthquake and resultant tidal wave that struck Fukushima, Japan on that day left a path of death and destruction that has stretched far beyond that island nation.

As nuclear expert Dr. Helen Caldicott recently stated of Fukushima, “highly radioactive water is still pouring into the ocean every day and will likely continue doing so until the end of time”.

Calling the hopes of cleaning up the mess that’s been made ‘a fantasy’, the stories and videos we examine in this ANP story prove to us we’re sleepwalking towards extinction. The ‘mass animal deaths’ painstakingly kept track of by End Times Prophecy continue with at least ‘117 known mass death events’ in 43 countries in 2017 alone.

According to End Times Prophecy, the year 2016 brought 556 KNOWN ‘mass death events’ spread over 81 countries. In 2015 there were 828 known ‘mass death events’ spread over 96 countries. In 2014 there were 651 known ‘mass death events’ spread over 76 countries. In 2013 there were 798 known mass death events in 93 countries. In 2012 there were 465 ‘mass death events’ documented across 67 countries while in 2011, the year of the disaster, hundreds of mass death events also happened across the planet.

Dr. Caldicott, author of the book “Sleepwalking To Armageddon”, also warns us that if another massive earthquake over 7.0 magnitude strikes Fukushima, we could witness not only the ‘end of Japan’ but the need for parts of the Northern hemisphere to be evacuated after recent photos of Fukushima #2 showed structural damage and a massive hole. In the final video below, Pastor Paul Begley tells us all about that latest story.

As Dane Wigington over at his Geoengineering Watch Blog recently reported,”the triple meltdown nuclear volcanoes at Fukushima continue to dump unimaginable amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and oceans”. If the mainstream media doesn’t report upon the mass deaths due to Fukushima and this still unfolding tragedy, does that mean it never happened?

As we learn in this brand new story from ENENews, every day since the tragedy now over 6 years ago, the Pacific Ocean has been completely pummeled while the mainstream media has nearly completely ignored the death and destruction that radiation from Fukushima has brought to the Pacific Ocean and the West coast of America.

As we hear in the 1st video below featuring nuclear activist Kevin Kamps, the government of Japan is now forcing some residents of Fukushima to move back into their homes or they’ll lose their compensation for suffering through the disaster. Mothers who are concerned about the health of their children are being accused by the Japanese government of suffering from ‘radiophobia’ – the government of Japan is telling them that “it’s all in their heads”.

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2 comments to Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon: The Nightmare Continues Six Years Later While The Mainstream Media Remains Silent

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I also posted THIS in another SGT article, but it fits BETTER with this article.

    I think I found what may be a “better” place to live than Australia or NZ.

    Uruguay (because it’s NOT touching the Pacific ocean) and does not have all the big negatives of Brazil.

    I think NZ has some good points that are better than Australia (remembering how Australia instituted so many anti-gun laws and made possession of many types of guns 100% illegal), but I don’t know if NZ has better, worse or similar laws?

    The BAD thing about NZ & Australia, is that they are still in the Northern Hemisphere and part of the Pacific-Fukushima ocean current mixing cycles.

    But NZ & Australia are English speaking nations & it would be easy to assimilate into those nations.
    I did a bit of looking at the world maps, trying to figure out what places might be better for long term survival if and when the Fukushima building collapses and unleashes the spent fuel pool (containing at least 7 full reactor loads of old rods) into the air & water of the northern hemisphere. If there is a storage pool for each reactor building, and considering how rods are changed out every 12-24 months, it’s likely there are more than 7 full loads in that ‘pool’.

    OK, so my MAP search, trying to figure out WHERE in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, that would be pleasant for living.
    I eliminated everyplace that touches the Pacific ocean, and then I eliminated Africa because I cannot find any African nation that will be “white friendly” when the SHTF.

    That leaves only South America. Brazilian government is quite corrupt and they greatly restrict items that can be imported, and shipping your stuff there, it’s well known they take a long time to go thru all your stuff and use it as a “free shopping day” to steal stuff, and then you may have to pay bribes to get what remains but all the important things will be missing.
    Brazil has a major pollution problem from the overcrowded cities, huge crime & corrupt police problems. Brazil was a big slave nation a long time ago, and so they have a very large percentage of population that is not “white friendly”.

    I looked at Chile, and it has a lot of nice things going for it, (but I’m still not comfortable with the idea of Chile sitting on the Pacific side of things. Chile has those beautiful mountains, but is part of the “Ring of Fire” and has some of the worst earth quakes in the world. (Mountains are a “weak spot /unstable” feature in the earth’s crust.) And you never want to be within a couple miles of any shoreline to avoid the rare, but not TOO rare Tsunami events that happen more often in the Pacific than in the Atlantic.

    My attention was captured by Uruguay. A small nation, with the lowest population density, and white-friendly too. It was the only nation in S. America to largely escape the crash of ’08.

    The infrastructure is well developed, cost of living is about 20% cheaper than the USA.
    The language is Spanish (of course). They don’t have the massive corruption as Brazil (but I’m sure that all Spanish speaking nations have more corruption than we are used to in the USA.)

    The WEATHER is just about perfect.

    Look at their distance away from the equator, and it seems their weather is about the same as our weather along the Gulf of Mexico (Mississippi, Louisiana, southern Georgia, northern Florida, etc.) and plenty of rainfall.

    It seems their ‘immigration’ regulations are easy to navigate, and not expensive at all. Uruguay is about the same size as “Washington state”. It sits on the Atlantic coast, and shares borders with Brazil & Argentina. Electricity is 220v @ 50Hz.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sorry,, one BIG BIG BIG error in my posting,, where I said NZ & Australia are “Northern Hemisphere”.. WRONG!!!
    (hey,,, it’s 4AM here and I’m groggy)… but those places are CLEARLY in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.

    I wish I would have caught that BEFORE I hit “SEND”. (and if Sean’s programmers would put an “EDIT” feature that allows us to EDIT our own mistakes,, then my posts would be better and have fewer errors.

    OK,,, be well.

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