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Shocking New Study Proves Islam Is Not A ‘Religion Of Peace’

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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3 comments to Shocking New Study Proves Islam Is Not A ‘Religion Of Peace’

  • Anonymouse

    Unfortunately that poll is widely flawed. It is biased in many ways. My bet is the lines of questioning were setup to lead to particular answers which supported an agenda.

    Before you put together a video like this you should ensure you have actually read the Qur’an, which you clearly haven’t.

  • Karma Respect

    Christians, Jews and Muslims are the Abrahamic religions, they share the same Old Testament and pray to the same God.

    Over 200 million people have been slaughtered in Abrahamic Wars ,including the Bolshevik Revolution and both World Wars in the past 100 years.

    How can you call Christianity or Judaism religions of peace?

    Alex Jones has screws loose in his brain to demonize one Abrahamic religion and leave out the other two.

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