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March 15th is an important date. The US debt ceiling is about to be reached. Author James Perloff joins me to discuss the Rothschilds, the death of the Dollar and other historically important anniversaries which suggest that 2017 will be a year of immense turmoil. Support James Perloff by buying his books HERE!.

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  • knowtoomuch

    Dear Sean,

    just to inform you, but I still get :

    ” Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

    when I click on your amazing ‘Israel inter iew’ with Ken Schortgen !

    Are ‘they’ putting this famous ‘Kosher Pressure’ on you, Sean ?

    Just tell us please / share it with us !

    No need to feel ashame, it’s not your ‘fault’ 😉

    Best wishes,

    R Bahlmann

    ( ‘they’ won’t have me )

  • Eric

    Of course they’re going to raise interest rates. The Fed is way way way WAY behind the curve.

    Shut it all down!

    “You may not know it by looking at bitcoin’s recent price surge, but the infrastructure underpinning the world’s most popular virtual currency is teetering.”

    • knowtoomuch

      NO, Eric !

      The ‘Fed’ EXACTLY knows what it’s doing !

      Something with “bringing down the Entire World on purpose’ !!!

      ( don’t forget 8 out of the 8 ( PRIVATE ! ) Fed funding families were ALL socalled jews ! )

      Around 1913 ‘they’ represented 1,3% of the US population, so WHAT are the (mathematical) ODDS ‘they’ took ALL of these positions ?

      That’s right ; 1/77th to the EIGHT POWER !

      Virtually impossible, but STILL ‘it’ happened !

      • Eric

        I know. But they have to raise interest rates.

        The Federal Reserve doesn’t control interest rates. They control interest rate policy. They have to raise them in order to keep any credibility in the minds of the mind controlled.

        We saw a 120 basis point move in the 10 year US Treasury in the last 6 months of last year, and they only raised the Fed Funds rate once 25 bps that entire time. And that was in December.

        I don’t deny they know what they are doing. But it’s so ridiculous, I don’t know why more people don’t notice it. They’re way too comfortable is my only conclusion.

  • Eric

    Good interview. James Perloff knows his history.

    “The world’s freemasons are gathering in Tokyo this week and next to select a new world grandmaster, according to Japanese military intelligence. The meetings will start this week at the Freemason underground complex near Tokyo Tower and will conclude with a final leadership selection at the Sanno Hotel on March 25, the sources say. The meetings are taking place because a long term Freemason goal, the creation of a benevolent world government, is near completion, the sources continue.

    There is also a lot of talk from multiple sources of some sort of event planned for March 15th, the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. This is also the day the US government will hit its debt ceiling. Asian Secret Societies, for their part place great importance on March 19th, the day the last Ming Emperor died (also, by coincidence, this writer’s birthday). Exactly what will happen is not clear but certainly the last half of March will see many world changes, multiple sources agree.”

    • Ed_B

      “The meetings are taking place because a long term Freemason goal, the creation of a benevolent world government…”

      With groups like this, that ALWAYS seems to be the goal but never the realization.

      “The meetings will start this week at the Freemason underground complex near Tokyo Tower and will conclude with a final leadership selection at the Sanno Hotel on March 25, the sources say.”

      If ever there was a need for a bunker-buster, this hotel HAS to be it. One can only wonder at how much goodness that would do for humanity.

  • knowtoomuch

    You know Sean, I promised on your site the other day to produce a link of this (former) US Congress Member (*) who stated she was ‘asked’ to vow on the (Rothschild created) State of Israel beforehand.

    So I asked John Kaminski what her name already was, because he’d talked about her in one of his mails about 6 to 12 months ago, so he answered me this morning.

    Just youtube “cynthia mckinney reveals candidates must sign pledge to israel”

    This is one of the results you get :

    Look, I’m NOT working for / being paid by ANY party or person ; I’m ‘just’ a Concerned World Citizen.

    Christians are not allowed to swear on God, so I can’t do that, but if it were allowed , I’d certainly would !

    So this Mckinney says/states ALL wannabe-Congress Members have to take a sort of oath on ‘Israel’ to AIPAC, BEFORE getting their campain budgets. Let’s be kosherly clear.

    Over here in France it’s the ‘CRIF’, another (kosher) influence group, that choses ‘our’ candidates for the (french) presidency.

    But HOW do you explain that US Conress Members have FIRST to vow allegiency to a FOREIGN NATION (‘Israel’) BEFORE being able to be excepted / inaugurated as a Congress Member ?

    HOW is that possible without acknowledging ‘Israel’ (= khazar bankers) are the U.S. REAL BOSSES ? ? ?

    DEAR Sean ..?

    * = a Proud Black Woman

    • Eric

      They don’t have to. But if they don’t, they just won’t get any legislation passed or earmarks, or anything done and most likely get re-elected.

      The U.S., most Americans, and most of the rest of the world sold out to the Zionists a long time ago.

      I hate to say it, but it’s pretty hopeless. The people are just too damn ignorant. Unless Americans and the rest of western civilization gets their asses handed to them on a platter by bank closures, rocketing inflation, empty store shelves, etc. real damn soon, this thing will be over before it even begins. Most of them invite their own destruction and don’t even know it.

      Stay vigilant. You are the resistance.

      “NO!” is a beautiful word.

      • Eric

        Of course with bank closures, rocketing inflation, and empty store shelves, they will BEG the State for help and assistance.

        Welcome to Costco. I love you.

      • Ed_B

        “But if they don’t, they just won’t get any legislation passed or earmarks, or anything done and most likely get re-elected.”

        This makes me wonder just how Ron Paul managed to do so well for so long.

  • Troy

    I swear to God as my witness, nothing will happen that day….PERIOD!!!

  • mike

    Well BTC will continue to rise but the PMs are going to be creamed with an interest rate rise. Other than that nothing will happen on march 15..March 15th a bad conspiracy version of y2k remember that? Knew a few free masons, they are pretty goofy guys. Giving free masons credit for anything is like saying the kkk is still a force to be reckoned with..If you consider 20 trailer dwelling kkk rednecks a threat you need to reconsider your conspiracy positions.

    • Eric

      What degree level masons were they?

      How long does it take to confirm a transaction with bitcoin now? 3 weeks?

      Funny how the last 2 times we had an interest rate hike by the Fed, the metals had a rally.

      Mike’s version of history = 2 days. Longer than his attention span.

      • mike

        Think you have bad sources or I just have good luck. I have never waited more than a micro second to receive or pay for a transaction…Never!

        Eric is a tard…Brexit is what started the rally up to $21 for silver and now the rally is completely over. There might be a chance again for another small rally if Le Pen gets elected in France as in Frexit. The Frexit bump might bring silver back to 18 or 19 (France is not as significant as GB), who knows but it wont last. PMs are going this year to lower lows, barring Frexit or huexit etc your looking under $12 for silver sub $800 for gold and there will be plenty available for anyone that wants to buy physical.

        • Eric

          lol. Sure mike.

          Nice sources. Oh wait. You never provide any.

          And interest rates will stay at 0.50% forever.

          • mike

            I get shocked every time I read anything from kingworld news lol…Think “Shocked” is a title requirement for any article coming from that fake ass news site..Try a little harder, like something at least somewhat based in reality. If you linked any reputable news site not just parrot fake news conspiracy garbage I truly would be SHOCKED!

        • mike

          PS dont know what level they were just know 1 of them has been in the free masons for 30 years. He lived in a small house, had a real ugly wife and ugly kids and he seemed slow, like you. So unless that was an elaborate cover to live in a shitty house and forced to bang an ugly chick and father ugly children, I cant see what Benefits being a free mason gave him? I was not interested in anything they said the guys were just weirdos…Its grand pubah types that like to play dress up. Also knew a dude at the same job as the masons in the local (i guess) Kkk. He was a moron as well.

          • Eric

            Maybe you’ve been surrounding yourself with the wrong people then.

            No wonder you come here so often.

            The mason I know, I have been good friends with since high school. He is successful and intelligent. Unlike you.


            • mike

              Think your Mason buddy is fucking with your head..Everyone likes fucking with gullible people.

              • Eric

                Or in your case… ignorant douchebags who make assumptions.

                You’re right. It is fun though.

                • Millicent

                  Yawn… Anything new to say Eric? Your needle has been stuck in the groove for a long time.

                  “I’m Eric, I’m Smart… You’re stupid. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda
                  I stack PM’s, I’m Cool” You’ve about worn that one out by now.

                  But we know you will never shut your clueless yap so people will just begin to increasingly ignore your BS.

                • Eric

                  lol. When did I say that?

                  Yes. Not only are you grumpy all the time but you have no sense of humor either. Maybe you should get rid of the cats and get yourself a good dog. They are happier companions.

                  Feel free to ignore me anytime.

                • Millicent

                  “When did I say that?” Every time someone disagrees with you…

                  above: “Or in your case… ignorant douchebags who make assumptions.”

                  How about: “Arrogant fools who claim to know everything”?

                  That is a good description for you.

                  The Jewz are coming to take us away! Hey, Hey!

                • Eric

                  Um okay. So being a classical liberal (libertarian) as I am who likes freedom and liberty, I prefer sound HONEST money like Silver and Gold over private bank debt notes. It’s the only way out as far as I know.
                  Does that make me smart and cool? I think so.

                  You can be a slave if you want to. But try not to be such a grouch all the time. You’ll live longer.


        • Ed_B

          “PMs are going this year to lower lows, barring Frexit or huexit etc your looking under $12 for silver sub $800 for gold and there will be plenty available for anyone that wants to buy physical.”

          NOW you’re talking! Bring it on! Dry powder in plenty awaits this scenario. 😀

          • Eric

            Don’t count on it Ed. Assuming they raise rates this week, and they will… metals will rally. A double bottom around 1033-1045 is still possible, but I’m not counting on it. I prepare either way.

            But I’m ready to rock. Just need a Ford F-150 Raptor. Millicent will hate that.

            • Ed_B

              Not counting on anything, Eric. Until it is in hand, it’s just not real. 🙂

              Prepping either way is good and is what I do too. Hedging. Yeah, that’s it.

              Cocked, locked, and ready to rock. F150 is good. I’d like one with the 3.5L dual turbo V6. Great mileage AND power to tow in the mountains. It’s like pulling teeth to find a Supercab long bed these days, though, and that IS the ideal truck, IMO.

              • Eric

                Ed, If I was going for a good all around new truck, I’d go with the Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel V8. But for me, I gotta go with the aluminum body on the F-150 XLT or Platinum. Better gas mileage. 3.5L V6.

                Still love the Raptor. But too much $$$.

                • Ed_B

                  Eric… I have looked at the Ram 1500 and it is a solid truck, no doubt. But getting manufactures to build one in super-cab / long-bed format is like pulling teeth. It’s almost as if they want me to buy a mid-1990s truck in that format and have it completely restored. That IS an option and not at all a bad one. Too bad that most of those were such gas-hogs. I have a 1996 Ram 1500 that I bought from my daughter but it is a short bed auto-trans gas gulper. It does have 4WD, though, which is good.

                  Yeah, thanks for the reminder in the aluminum body on the new F150s. That sucks, IMO. Yes, it is about 700 lbs lighter than a steel bodied version but aluminum is a lot softer than steel. Anyone who really works their truck knows that steel is where a solid truck gets it done. It’s a LOT faster, easier, and cheaper to repair as well. At the very least, the cargo bed of these trucks should be steel.

  • KRELL427

    Answer from Fleck: “I don’t have any idea how the debt ceiling circus will play out, except that it will be raised. The concept of a debt ceiling is a farce. The law was passed in 1989 when the national debt was about $2.8 trillion. Today it is $20 trillion. It is a bad joke, and so I pay little attention to the nonsense about “maybe they won’t raise it.” I’ve seen that silly movie too many times

    • Ed_B

      Agreed @Krell

      There is a joke about what the debt ceiling means and it goes like this. A professional type fellow comes home from work one day to find every toilet in the house flooding over. He calls in an emergency plumbing company. They show up in 6 trucks and vans and start to work right away. The fellow spends the night in a hotel, goes to work the next day, and then goes home to see how the plumbers are doing. When he arrives at home, he discovers that the toilets have stopped over-flowing but that this is only temporary. He also finds that instead of solving this problem, the plumbers have brought in some carpenters and drywall guys to “raise the ceiling” in his house. Because of this, there is now room for another year’s worth of crap before it once again “hits the ceiling”. This is Washington DC’s idea of “fixing” this problem. Anyone from outside of DC would have fixed the plumbing problem, removed all the flooring and drywall, thoroughly cleaned the place, and then fumigated it before replacing the flooring and drywall. But that is difficult and making room for more crap is easy, so we all know which path DC will choose. We know this because this is what DC ALWAYS does. Yes, friends, it is WAY past the time for the generous application of torches and pitchforks.

  • KRELL427

    Ed , have not heard that one before. Looks like Greek farmers are about one notch away from “torches and pitchforks”.

    • Eric

      lol. You need food. You need cash. You need dimes. You need CHANGE. Last thing you want is bitcoin. Oooo a piece of paper! Everybody wants that real bad.

      Dimes aren’t much better than copper quarters for barter or trade. Unless they’re mercury dimes.

      This bitcoin shit is way too stupid. Can’t believe people fall for “paper wallets.”

      Bix is a smart fella. But still fell for it. Dig the greenhouse.

      • Eric

        By the way, I got a solar/battery backup. That was great until the battery died.

        Got plenty of candles and batteries and flashlights. Lots of ways to cook food too.

        Don’t waste money on stupid shit like that unless you have it already all figured out.

      • Ed_B

        Mercs are good but then so are Roosies. Same silver content and usually cheaper/ better shape. Yeah, they look similar to later non-silver dimes… until one looks at the edges of a stack of them. Weight is likely higher for the silver dimes. I know that it is for quarters.

        • Eric

          I keep going back to coins that are easily recognizable Ed. Someone sees a roosevelt dime and doesn’t know anything and they think it’s the same as a copper dime.

          Remember where I live. They’re not too bright here.

          Something about shiny coins that doesn’t get me excited about paper wallets.

          • Ed_B


            “I keep going back to coins that are easily recognizable Ed. Someone sees a roosevelt dime and doesn’t know anything and they think it’s the same as a copper dime.”

            So you also do not have any Washington quarters? LOTS of those around are the clad junk metal coins. But then, some are also of the 90% silver persuasion. 🙂

            I suggest that the clueless among us will be among the 1st to be weeded out during any sort of SHTF. They will either learn what’s what quickly or they will become statistics. Because of this, I don’t spend any time worrying about those who haven’t got a clue. Talking to them is like talking to dead people. They truly are among the walking dead; they just haven’t fallen over yet.

  • Howard Roark


  • Windrunner58

    OK Kids, it is 7:30 AM on the 15th here in Alberta, sun is shining, coffee is good, eggs smell great. Just sitting, waiting….

    Got my G&S, got my BTC (much to the chagrin of Eric), got my storables, got my “personal protection”, just sitting waiting…

    Something gonna happen today? Tap tap tap (my feet)….

    Just waiting. Maybe Rachel Maddow will announce the fall of the system tonite.

    • Eric

      Yeah. Rate hike coupled with Gold and Silver and related mining shares soaring back above resistance levels.

      So predictable.

      Don’t have any problem with you having your BTC. More Silver left on the market for me. But here’s an idea for you, go out to and try to trade your paper wallet for something real with someone who doesn’t already accept bitcoin.

      • Windrunner58

        You must be one wealthy dude Eric. Me leaving silver means more for you. It tips the scales that much eh!..

        I have plenty of G&S, but BTC, it is being used. I have used it, I have sold it. Not that hard when you educate yourself.

        Here is one for you: Take your monster box of silver to your local car dealer and buy a car. Chances are they will want you to convert it to burnable fiat first. Those who do not “deal in” silver do not know its value nor how to convert it. Quite similar don’t you think? Don’t go on a rant about how silver is tangible, how it is a medium of exchange. You are preaching to the choir. But I also know the value of alternative methods of payment if and when TSHTF. One can never be TOO prepared.

        Also I am not a Fonestar, you will not bait me into two weeks of debate. I am closer to 60 than 50 and I have much broader views on things…

        • Eric

          I never said nobody was using bitcoin. Just that it isn’t being accepted by grocery stores, gas stations, or car dealerships. And all anyone has to do is show me one that is. These are the places that I (and most others) will still need to frequent on a weekly or monthly basis.

          Until I see it being used somewhere that I actually have to shop at, it is just another tech stock to be traded on an exchange somewhere. I have no problem with that. But in the end I would rather have a monster box of Silver than a paper wallet. And obviously when mike and matrix and others continue to convert bitcoin into Silver then even they don’t have as much confidence in it as they say they do.

          Obviously a car dealership will not accept Silver as payment. I would not be surprised if they did however. I have seen people willing to accept precious metals in exchange for land before. However, those that do know the value of it will accept it. And I know many of those. There is no telling where bitcoin will be accepted 1 year from now or 60 years from now. The Silver will however still buy you what it buys you today as it has a long history of acceptance.

          Anyways, I just simply cannot see why anyone would want to exchange fiat for 1 bitcoin when they can exchange it for 60 ounces of Silver instead. Just for the record, I do thoroughly understand and have educated myself on crypto currencies. If you know others that accept it then that might work for you. But where ever I have gone, I do not know anyone who has even heard of it and nobody interested in it. And certainly nowhere I need to shop.

          • Windrunner58

            Good arguments, all. As are mine. Where I live we can go for coffee, shop for groceries in “organic markets” (owned by millenials – forward thinking), no you can’t use in major chains…..yet. BTC will grow. Banks pay zero in interest, I remember being 20 and getting 11% in Canada Savings Bonds. I don’t keep any money in banks, don’t even have a bank account. We own a company and my wife who does books, pays me by paper cheque, I go into our bank and cash it. The banksters do not like it, but I challenged them on the monetary system and they backed off. Now they graciously cash it because they do not want a scene.

            One day more and more people will take out all their money and close their accounts. When Silver becomes exchangable readily, we will be in good stead. Can’t see that happening soon.

            BTC gives forward thinking citizens a choice. When we wanted to pay off a condo I met with a local bitcoin company and traded my bitcoin (I obviously sold too soon!!!) and he gave me a wad of cash. It was simple. AND as a paper wallet, no one knows who owned it, the transaction was totally private.

            I have bought more now, just for one day…..perhaps.

            I have a basket, more than one egg. It is smarter that way. I learn from the millenials, but I am a wise baby boomer. I wait for the crash. Either way I have safety.

            I see the back and forth between you, Mike (he is a mole me thinks), others. You are smarter. Don’t get goaded so much.

            16th today. Looks like we avoided another catastrophic date. Be well. W.

            • Rdawg

              That was well thought-out, courteous and fair. And not a single insult.

              Well done, sir. Well done. Folks commenting here could learn much from you; myself included.

              • Windrunner58

                Thanks Rdawg. I have been following this site for about 5 years, it is the best site on the net IMO. It is my belief those on this site are well informed and we all really want the same thing.

                There are those who like to goad a reaction to those who comment daily, I read many many comments. I pick and choose where and to whom I comment. I am in no hurry to throw stones back and forth it is counter-productive.

                Sean has done a fantastic job creating this site, the Liberty Mill & the Phaser. His interviews are top notch, and those who follow this site get the best info available.

                Let’s get along and we win!

                • Eric

                  Yep. Working together gets the job done. Most people here are well informed and we do want the same thing… freedom.

                  I’d probably hop on the bitcoin train in some small way if I had any reason to like you did Windrunner, and I probably will eventually. But for now I will keep stacking the shiny, the pantry, and the cash reserves while I still can and while it’s still available.

                  I closed out a whole bunch of accounts in 2012. Really don’t need something else to keep an eye on and think about all the time.

                  At least twice I’ve gone all physical until I realized this is ridiculous. There is no reason to stress about this so much and I can keep 3-5% in there if it makes life more comfortable. If the banks close, I’ll be like FINALLY! I don’t need to pay them anymore.

                  Working on the victory garden. I did really like Bix’s greenhouse. Wish I had room for one of those.

                  I’ll say this… Chris Duane nailed it when he said Southern California will be like Mad Max. There are so many clueless people here. Glad my area is as good as it is.

                  Found a new local coin shop I need to check out. Real close too.

              • Ed_B

                Agreed @Rdawg… well done gentlemen. It’s refreshing indeed. 🙂

                The good news in all this is that there are maybe 12,000 or so different kinds of things in which we can invest. We not only don’t all have to pile into the same ones but it would be a terrible market if we did. Given that, do your own DD and invest where you please. But, having made your choices, be ready to live with them for better or for worse because you WILL own them. As will we all. May we all come through whatever crap is headed our way so we can see the better days that come on the other side.

  • anon

    I found out on 3/8, that Mike S. King’s book _THE BAD WAR: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II_ had been banned by, by the order of some “Jew”-ish Rabbi, who had apparently made a call to Jeff Bezos. Then, I started looking for books that report the TRUTH about the HOLO-HOAX, and I was specifically looking for Victor Thorn’s (R.I.P., 2016) book, entitled _The Holocaust Hoax Exposed_ (also suddenly not available on I FINALLY found it for sale, though, at (here: It only cost $25.00.

    BTW, If you want the independent media to exist, you need to support the online AUTHORS that PROVIDE it… economic censorship now under way

    Read the comments, in the ‘comments’ section. Support the REAL HEROES of the TRUTH MOVEMENT.

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