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Rockefeller Dead = Bad Guys’ Plans Dying Too! (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

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1 comment to Rockefeller Dead = Bad Guys’ Plans Dying Too! (Bix Weir)

  • anon

    “Rockefeller Dead = Bad Guys’ Plans Dying Too! (Bix Weir)”?

    The only problem with that, Bix, is that there is a rather long list of Rockefeller-surrogates still alive: 1) Henry Kissinger, 2) Zbigniew Brzezynski, 3) Bush, George HW, 4) Charles – Prince of Wales, 5) Bill & SHILL-ary Clinton, 6) Gates, Bill, 7) Gore, Al, 8) Rockefeller, David Jr., 9) Rockefeller, Nicholas (the one Aaron Russo knew, and who disclosed 9/11 to him, and more, before it even happened), 10) Soros, George.

    Of course, that’s a PARTIAL list ~ go here ( for a much more in-depth list ~ AND, A WHOLE LOT MORE. Fortunately, many of the dudes on the list of “globalists”, above, are REALLY OLD ~ not quite 101, like David Rockefeller was, but still really OLD…(just sayin’)

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