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PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

from SGT Report:

From the Franklin and Hampstead cover ups to Jimmy Savile and Sir Edward Heath, their crimes against children are legion and now they are bing exposed for all the world to see. #Pedogate is SYSTEMIC GLOBAL Pedophilia, and it’s an abomination that must be stopped.

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10 comments to PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

  • willygroper

    i’ll preface this with the exception of his CTM interview, i respect Wayne Madsen’s research.

    on CTM he called bullshit on pizzagate because no victims had come forward…not very analytical to me & highly ignorant of how this cult of death operates.

    1. they have breeders for sacrificial purposes. no birth cert, no records, so iow they don’t exist.

    2. how do they come forward if they’re dead? or used for blackmail?

    3. evidence…had this convo with someone else. i would imagine flesh not eaten/organs stolen, the remains would be cremated by the same perpetrators that own the funeral homes. cremains are ground. guess what they could easily use & profit from? the ground up bones? calcium phosphate fertilizer. iow, no evidence.

    4. Madsen was blissfully unaware of the hacked bodie of children at the “catholic orphanage” in ireland.

    the war is spiritual & against the whole of humanity.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, Willy. I have seen the very same “logic” applied to the Obama surveillance of Trump issue. They go on and on about FISA court orders when that is ridiculous. Those involved in underhanded activities do NOT play by the official rules. No, they hire some thugs with electronic experience and do everything they want OFF THE BOOKS so there is no paper trail that leads back to them. This is not rocket science, yet it seems beyond the grasp of the talking heads on TV and the nitwits who write for newspapers. This line of reasoning looks a lot like a great big red herring, which IMO, is exactly what it is. Those offering it for public consumption surely know this but they are not fooling very many on this web site.

  • Eric

    As a wise man I know once said, “this is never going to end until we kill every last one of them.”

    Who’s up for pedophile hunting?

    Waiting on you guys.

    • Ed_B

      No license necessary and no bag limit. Sounds good.

      Back in the 1950s, there wasn’t a lot of this kind of crap because people refused to put up with it. If someone harmed a child, that person was hunted down, captured, tried, and either hanged or sent to prison for the rest of their extremely uncomfortable and short life. Because of this, there were very few such problems, which is the way that it should be. These days, with the “everything goes” BS mentality, such vicious and heinous crimes are thought by some to be “lifestyle choices”. They are not. They are evil, pure and simple, and should be dealt with on that basis… which is to say squashed like the vermin they are.

  • susan

    Get this – I always thought this death was suspicious, now look where the physician is hiding:

    ‘George, 53, planned a follow-up ¬≠appointment with Simeon but died as the physician, now based in Israel, was preparing to fly back to London.’


    Murdered, obviously, like Michael Jackson.

    Who owns the record rights?

  • John 14:15

    The Rothschilds and ‘Friends’ Grusome photos from one of their parties
    Now these ‘FRUITCAKES’ Rule the World.God Help the people of the world.

    • Ed_B

      These idiots cannot even rule themselves. What makes any of them think that they can rule others, let alone the world? Even though they are alive physically, they are dead spiritually. That puts them below animals on the spiritual food chain. I would pity them but cannot because that would be tolerating evil and we should never do that. Better to expunge them and all their kind to the very last one. They have earned a place in hell, so they’d best get on with getting there and taking up their well-earned and well-deserved permanent residence.

  • Sam

    What time is the hunting party to gather?

    • Ed_B

      No doubt as soon as the ammo is prepped, the torches oiled, and the pitchforks dulled a bit.

      When confronting evil of this magnitude, we really do need to get medieval on their asses. Merely hanging them is too good for them. They need the 3-day 3-step program that consists of impalement, disembowelment, and being set afire. All of these are heinous punishments but heinous crimes deserve no better, IMO.

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