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Nuclear Radiation Meter Arrives/First Reading

from BPEarthWatch:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I really like those “GQ” rad meters. They are about as “low cost” as you can get, and still give you a lot of functionality.

    Of course, because they are less than $150, they will not be as sensitive as meters that have $200 worth of detection parts inside. The GQ meters use a Geiger tube, and cannot detect Alpha radiation. It does detect Beta, but not so good for Beta. It is mainly for GAMMA detection.

    Having said that, I really like MINE. And on Youtube, there are videos showing how some people modify their units to be more sensitive. It takes some new parts (money), and some soldering and work to make those mods, but the job is fairly simple for experienced people.

    This meter has a big display window, includes an easy button push to see the readings as a CHART graph. The memory stores days and days of readings, so you can look at the time chart and see if there is any trends or spikes.

    There are number of different web sites that tracks radiation readings about the world, and some that are local to their own area. This is just ONE such site (mostly the USA), and contains NO government systems, it is ALL home, private users who have connected their meters (via software and a cable) to the internet.

    The EPA system readings are even higher. (but it is those Government controlled EPA system meters that have been known to be SHUT DOWN when the government does not want you to see that we are having a “situation” happening.) This map, is both EPA government systems & home PRIVATE system readings. The colored icons, are CONFUSING because they do NOT indicate Low, Medium or High readings… but they indicate RISING, Normal or FALLING readings from that sites “average” reading. You have to CLICK on each one to see the actual CPM’s. Often, a GREEN icon, can still have a reading of over 200CPM!!! And some sites showing RED, can often be UNDER 50CPM’s.
    It takes a bit of clicking & reading to understand this system, but this site has a very nice FORUM for reading the posts.

    Don’t forget about for breaking news (heart breaking news) about nuclear situations around the world and plenty of updates on Fukushima too.

    Here is the company website for purchases. Less than $125. (I don’t know if they include shipping)

    Here is the same meter from a “seller” on Amazon. $125 w/Free shipping.

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