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McCain Institute’s Failure To Use Donations For Anti-Trafficking Purposes Raises Questions

by William Craddick, Disobedient Media:

Questions about John McCain’s foundation have arisen amid revelations that, for the last several years the foundation has not been using its donations, instead depositing small amounts of their large endowment into the Arizona State University Foundation. This issue has added importance when considered in the context of John McCain’s controversial sources of funding and the arrest of a number of past campaign workers on charges such as child abuse and drug trafficking.

I. The McCain Institute

The McCain Institute for International Leadership is a think tank established in cooperation with Arizona State University. The primary focus of the foundation is combatting human trafficking and promoting a new generation of “national security leaders.” The McCain Institute has hosted a number of speaking events over the years, with speakers such as Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Governor Chris Christie, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. Board members of the McCain Institute’s Human Trafficking Advisory Council include Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of anti-human trafficking group, Thorn. The Institute’s Board of Trustees includes Lynn Forester de Rothschild, former general David Petraeus and Joseph Lieberman. Factoring in board members, employees and interns, the McCain Institute has 80 employees assisting their operations in various capacities.


With the connections that the McCain Institute enjoys, the expectation would be that they would be using their generous endowments, ample staff and influence to make meaningful strides in the fight against human trafficking. But an inspection of their finances reveals that this is not the case.

II. The McCain Institute Is Not Spending Their Endowment

A review of the McCain Institute’s filings with the IRS reveals that they are not, in fact, spending any of their endowment on combatting human trafficking, or apparently on any other expenses. In 2012, the McCain Institute received $8,685,619 in donations, gifts and grants. Yet their expenses were a mere $500,000. In 2013 they again, only contributed $500,000 of their endowment. In 2014, the McCain Institute received $1,305,000 and donated $1,500,000. All of the donations made by the McCain Institute in 2012, 2013 and 2014 went to the Arizona State University Foundation, a group which appears to have nothing to do with human trafficking. Why McCain is not spending his foundation’s endowment on anything, let alone anti-human trafficking efforts, raises questions about where the cash is actually going and what it is being used for.

III. John McCain Has A Long History Of Corruption Allegations And Criminal Staff Members Involved With His Campaigns

The McCain Institute’s website features a long list of donors that includes Chevron, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, FedEx Corporation, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and McCain’s own 2008 Presidential Campaign. McCain has always been cozy with big name donors, a habit which has caused him to be accused of impropriety in a number of instances. In 1989 McCain narrowly escaped corruption charges along with four other Senators after it was alleged that they intervened on banker Charles Keating Jr.’s behalf to resist banking regulators in return for financial support. In 2008, McCain was accused of impropriety by Judicial Watch after he accepted campaign donations from multiple members of the Rothschild family in London. Wikileaks also revealed that McCain had improperly lobbied the Russian government for campaign contributions. In 2016, McCain cut off reporters enquiring about a $1 million donation that he had received fromSaudi Arabia in 2014. More recently in February 2017, Breitbart accused McCain of corruption after it emerged that McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham had all accepted donations from George Soros.

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9 comments to McCain Institute’s Failure To Use Donations For Anti-Trafficking Purposes Raises Questions

  • Cl Sand

    Dear Sean, SGT, Krell, Rdawg, Gaystar, Eric, Ed B, and other readers….I propose a challenge…It will take less than 4 minutes of your day but could change your mind on some key issues …Again, less than 4 minutes…
    1.Go to utube and type in Major Payne
    2.You will see multiple video options, but i would start with the 7th one down, contributor name Pham Na or something like that…This is the clearest vid but can be seen on ANY movie copy of Major Payne…(has 1995 in parenthesis)
    3. Go to 33 minutes and 50 seconds, and watch the eyes as the kid is waking up from passing out….
    Am I crazy??????????

    • SGT

      …Lizard/cat eyes…. WHY?

      • DL Hughly

        Damn SGT all this Satan crap you’re posting in here and you’re clueless (cheapshot, you’re providing a great service, thank you) So quick lesson

        1.Satan was prob coined from Catholic Church. Jesus mentioned Satan…But what he actually said was Saturn..
        a.ancient Rome was called Saturnia
        b.their biggest holiday, dec. 25th, was called Saturnalia (changed to Xmas)
        c.needless to say they worshipped Saturn, Cronos, etc etc…
        d.hence the Essenes of that day were saying watch out for Saturnians, not Satanists..

        2.The rulers of ancient Rome were powerful even before Rome…Their aristocracy came from Phoenician blood lines (red hair green eyes, think Prince Harry)..Towards the end of the Phoenician times the language received a new name, but the actual letters and words were almost identical…What is this new language? Its ancient Hebrew (gogle image it you can see it side by side)
        a.In Phoenician, one of the words for Saturn was Israel….Israel was one of the names for Saturn in late Phoenician. They were also Saturn worshippers, like the Babylonians)
        b. Like the flag of Israel, the star is a hexagon (like saturns north pole) and the other pole looks like an eye (like the back of dollar bill or like the pyramid with an eye sticking out of the Israeli central bank.
        c.In Phoenician culture you’ll frequently see references to the Golden Age of Saturn, this was when these things could walk around in the open and them and people could freely sacrifice whoever they wanted…

        3.Anyway shit got broken up but like good chosen ones, they kept it in the family…There is a ridiculous amount of evidence that show the Phoenicians set up worldwide trade routes….Think the ancient Port City of Ophir (phillipines)..This was when they were probably shipping gold out of Potosi, down to Nazca, and out to Ophir, Rama Empire, Egypt…They were also in Canary islands, North America, and so on…
        a.Do you really think Colombus was looking for India????? Come on..

        4.Hope I helped – oh and to wrap it up, most Phoenicians are Jews, but not all Jews are Phoenicians…Many great Jewish people dont know this, and the power structure is playing them for cannon fodder…For the record Catholicism and Muslims also worship Saturn but thats for another day….

        5.THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL UNDERSTAND PIZZAG$#%& WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT THOSE EYES ARE ALL ABOUT….It’s more than just a physical rush…You need to research sex magick and Aleister Crowly, and you’ll see exactly where the “satanic” religion comes from (although its thousands of years old you’re not gonna find super old stuff in print so Aleister and the Golden Dawn will suffice)..Ask yourself why Aztecs, Maya, Inca, Egyptians, etc. were so adamant about human sacrifice?? You see why all those priests are REALLY touching those kids…Its WAY MORE than a sexual rush…

        6. These people run your TV shows, your fake news, your banks, your politicians(through pizza blackmail), your military(see Kay Griggs on utube), your religious class(gogle snake chair Vatican or Audience Hall of Paul VI which is a building built like a snake head with not one cross in it), your universities (now safe spaces make sense, making it so people are too pus^y to confront the truth), they re-wrote your history, and lied to your about physics (just spend one day researching quantum physics and you’ll see)

        Now go back and Listen to Trumps speech about what happens when you bring a snake in your home, you get bitten!!!!! Hes telling you for crying out loud….

    • Eric

      Funny. WHY? Because they put it right in from of our faces and mock us for not noticing.

      Don’t know if that’s anything worth speculating on. Yes they are reptilians. Yes the eyes are the tell.

      Nothing really new to me. But McCain is a major Mr. Payne. How does this idiot treasonous ISIS funding traitor still not have a room in a cell block in Guantanamo?

      • Ha, McCain a Major Payne, now thats funny….Supposedly Mccain was found guilty of treason and was headed to prison after ratting out American helicopter routes to the Vietcong(while he was a prisoner in Vietnam, singing like a canary)…God only knows how many Americans that guy got killed..Anyway he got an offer he couldnt refuse and now you know why he is who he is….

  • Cl Sand

    For the record it’s after the kid passes out from smelling Keenan’s fart after they put laxatives in his cupcake, i know i know its a kids movie….

  • Eric

    Jay Weidner is on Rense tonight. Awesome stuff!

    “If they want a war, let’s go to war cuz we’re going to kick their asses in.”

  • DL Hughly

    Now go find Robert Morningsky, the Hopi elder, on utube, and listen to what he tells you about the Rocapharoahs, the Redshields, and the Shetu (means stone builder aka FREEMASON) He will connect the story of the Annunaki, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Ancient Egypt, the Shetu, The Phoenicians, Ancient Space war, Jews, freemasons, aliens, and Aleister Crowley, and finally Roswell, all together…All conspiracy theories are connected and its taking way too long waiting for you humans to figure it out…..

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