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Martin Armstrong – Dow 42,000

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Since we started talking with Martin Armstrong years ago, he’s been adamant in his belief that the stock market was heading higher. And he’s been right. Perhaps it hasn’t gone up as fast as he expected, but it has continued to make new highs. He’s not backing down now. Businesses and the wealthy are putting their money into the market because they’ve lost confidence in governments around the globe. They believe their capital is safer in the stock market than in government bonds, the Euro, European Banks and elsewhere. Governments are on a rampage against the populace. It’s all about survival. In their current configuration, they cannot survive. They’re in an unsustainable death spiral. But rather than admit that and restructure, they have gone the route of confiscation and authoritarianism. In the long run it won’t work, but for now they’ve got nothing to lose.

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2 comments to Martin Armstrong – Dow 42,000

  • Timco

    if Martin Armstrong claims the Dow is going to 42,000, it’s time to finally short this market. Besides Jim Willie and Jim Rickard’s, Armstrong is the most useless market forecaster of all time.

  • john


    W/o the gov’t printing and buying stocks/bonds etc. the market evaporates!
    Lies everywhere. All gov’t data is lies.

    Martin is bananas. Market mainly only from gov’t buying!!!

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