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Man Kicks in Ex-Girlfriend’s Door, Dies from Multiple Gunshot Wounds

by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

A 21-year-old suspect who kicked in his ex-girlfriend’s door died from multiple gunshot wounds after the former girlfriend’s brother opened fire.
The incident occurred in Detroit on Tuesday.

According to ClickonDetroit, the suspect began kicking on his ex-girlfriend’s door around 8:10 a.m. The girl’s 32-year-old brother opened fire on the suspect, shooting him “multiple times in the chest” and killing him.

Police and the ex-girlfriend’s neighbors said, “the man had been stalking his ex…[in] a case of domestic violence that had been going on for too long.” One neighbor said “the woman hasn’t lived at the apartment for long, but her garage door and window already have scratches and dents caused last week by her ex-boyfriend.”

The suspect was allegedly armed when he kicked in the door. Police have recovered the suspect’s gun and the gun used to kill the suspect.

It is interesting to note that the suspect apparently did not plan on being at his ex-girlfriend’s residence long; police arrived on scene to find his car parked in the street with the engine running.

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2 comments to Man Kicks in Ex-Girlfriend’s Door, Dies from Multiple Gunshot Wounds

  • d

    And THIS is what the 2 nd Amendment is ALL about…YOUR right to arm and protect yourself and others against any and ALL who would do harm… matter what the liberals say…your right is guaranteed by the Constitution…NOT given to you by it…the NATURAL right to self defense is YOURS from the creator….not from any government law rule or politician….imho

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