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Jerry Robinson: The Market Has The Same Look As The Dot Com and Housing Bubble

from WallStForMainSt:

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2 comments to Jerry Robinson: The Market Has The Same Look As The Dot Com and Housing Bubble

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It’s “funny” that we understand that the “Comex”, there is more than 100 “claims’ for each ounce of physical gold, but so many people don’t understand that the “stock (and bond) markets are playing the same game of “musical chairs”.

    I would NOT be shocked if there are more than 2 claims for each share… SOME market watchers say that they believe at least 50% of the shares are “counterfeit-smoke & mirrors”.

    Those estimates are likely to be far too low. I’ll take a wild guess without any facts to back it up, and say that they may be more than 5 claims for each share of stock. The ponzi banks & brokers, may have ran it up to 20-50 claims per share. They keep selling shares that don’t exist, but the buyers keep giving up real wealth for it.

    So, the markets are looking like a bubble? Yep. But all the “Hopium stock investors” are certainly expecting a “bit of a correction” sooner or later, but they won’t get a “Correction”… nope,, they’re gonna get CANCER!!! It’s gonna be fatal.

    People DO make money (often for DECADES on end) in “the markets”. And fish get fat in the tank, pigs get fat in the corral. The farmer eventually comes to harvest his crop.
    The farmer often is a guy named “Goldman”, Morgan, or “The Tribe”, etc.

    Every stock in the world, can instantly go to ZERO if the company decides that it wants (or needs) to file for “bankruptcy”. The only protection against that, is to stay out of the markets, buy physical stuff that is in your hands.

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