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It’s Not Going To End Well, We Are On The Path To A Collapse

from X22Report:

Episode 1225a.

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3 comments to It’s Not Going To End Well, We Are On The Path To A Collapse

  • anon

    “It’s Not Going To End Well, We Are On The Path To A Collapse”?

    Allow me to “play Devil’s advocate” here.

    On the one hand, I have been thinking since at least 2009, that, yes, we ARE indeed on the path to a collapse ~ of the U.S. economy, if not the “global” economy. On the other hand, what seemed SO IMMINENT back in 2009, simply hasn’t happened. And 2009 was 8 (EIGHT!) years ago.

    EIGHT YEARS AGO. And, NOTHING has happened. Despite ALL the “prepper” site warnings, to buy this, buy that ~ whether it be gold, silver, or some survival item. I’m beginning to think we’ve all been PLAYED. By “gloom-and-doom” merchants in the internet gold, silver & “prepper”-sphere.

    Or, conversely, IF it is inevitable (that a COLLAPSE of the ECONOMY is guaranteed to occur) ~ that someone (or someones) at the “Fed” ~ are going to CAUSE AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE TO OCCUR ~ then, I would say that it will be an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ~ unlike any we’ve seen thus far in History. How could anyone conclude otherwise?

    • glitter 1

      The global financial system will collapse,which is and always has been the plan.At that point the solution will be brought forth to unit the globe under a single monetary system then the rest will fall into place.It will come about one way or another,plan on it.

  • AgShaman

    If you continue to dumb down the population further….you can both extend the date of collapse/implosion of financial system, but can also remove half the planet’s population at the same time. The Syndicates never run single ops…there are so many groups that are part of the “club” that they will shoot for compartmentalized, multi-faceted, pronged with various agendas, laced specifically, and individually from each other.

    Its thrown stones in water physics folks…a succession of ripples building to give the tsunami effect.

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