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Identity Crisis: Where is The Daily Bell Going?

from The Daily Bell:

You are about to embark on a journey with The Daily Bell as we shift gears, and cruise down the open road towards freedom. You will still receive relevant daily news insights. And don’t worry, we will still be unabashedly biased towards libertarian ideals of freedom.

There are a lot of roadblocks for the freedom lover, and it is important to keep those in mind. The Daily Bell will always be here to alert you to what governments are doing to stop our progress towards a better world.

But there is a fork in this road, and we are taking the scenic route. We are taking the route that moves us individually towards freedom. And when individuals become free, the world becomes free.

This new trajectory that The Daily Bell is taking will be more interesting since we will be stopping to see the sights; all the great advancements that are being made in freeing humanity from old rotting power structures.

It will be a positive trip, because the bad news about government overreach and oppression will be analyzed in the context of speeding steadily away from that dilapidated mess.

Let’s rev the engine, take the top down, and burn some rubber. We aren’t getting any younger, so let’s take this road trip while we can, and it might be surprising how many hidden gems of freedom we find along the way.

Get in, and let’s go for a ride. Welcome to the new Daily Bell!

Who is The Daily Bell?

My name is Joe Jarvis and I just hopped into the driver’s seat.

The Daily Bell has always been committed to alerting you to the propaganda in the media. As your escort, if you will, for The Daily Bell, I will take that one step further to analyze current events in the context of focusing on solutions.

I am a big believer that becoming free is an individual journey. I’ve been frustrated, of course, by what can sometimes seem like a steady march towards statism. But when you really think about it, this is the best time ever to be alive.

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