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How Will You Get Safe Water When You Can’t Trust the Tap? | Galen Lehman

from Reluctant Preppers:

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2 comments to How Will You Get Safe Water When You Can’t Trust the Tap? | Galen Lehman

  • knowtoomuch

    IMPORTANT : A few years ago I heard a tea spoon of bleach could sterilize a gallon of water. Later I read drinking this “bleached water” for a few weeks will KILL the (good) bacteries in your guts as well, resuling in severe sickness. So you can do it a few times a month, but not more !

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Chlorine bleach, for those who don’t know this, is that chlorine is actually a GAS (and they dissolve it into water). Laundry bleach is sodium hypochlorite (3%).

    I don’t know how much of it will EVAPORATE in 72 hours, but I have read that city tap water (with chlorine treatments), if you leave a jug of tap water, that the chlorine GAS will evaporate-escape from the open jug of water.

    There has to be some similar measurements for laundry bleach escaping from an open container.

    There are websites that explain how many DROPS of laundry bleach are needed to sterilize a quart of water. I’d say, do the mixture in several jugs, and then label them with the dates, and start drinking the ones that have been left open for 3-5 days.

    PS. ionic/colloidal silver will also KILL all the GOOD bacteria in your stomach too.

    It is very wise to have a supply of pro-biotics, yogurt or yogurt tablets exactly to help rebuild the GOOD bacteria in the gut.

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