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How Will 260 Million Americans ‘Disappear’ In Less Than 8 Years? Deagel Has America Sitting Just Above Venezuela By 2025 With Purchasing Power Of US Dollar Ranked 78th In The World

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

‘The purchasing power of the US dollar will continue to plummet like a corrupt banker wearing cement shoes dropping to the bottom of a river as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money, backed by nothing, like it’s toilet paper’.

Last updated on March 23rd of 2017, the ‘country’ page for the United States of America over at seen in the screenshot above still shows a forecast population for the US for the year 2025 to be 61 million people. Much more than just a ‘significant’ drop from the 321 million living in America in 2015, we’ve asked in stories on ANP time and again what they expected to happen to 260 million Americans and where they were going to go in less than 10 years.

While the forecast population drop is shattering, maybe even more doom-portending are the forecast financial numbers outlined by Deagel with a gross domestic product drop from $18 trillion in 2015, #1 in the world, to a forecast of only $949 BILLION in 2025, ranked only 11th in the world. The drop in forecast military budget from $781 billion a year in 2015 to only $8.2 billion a year in 2025 shows that according to some, President Donald Trump’s increased military budget might be a temporary thing.

Meanwhile, with 2025 less than 8 years away, the GDP per capita drop from $55,855 in 2015 to a forecast of only $15,517 in 2025 shows us many more Americans will be living in poverty in less than 8 years from now than are here now. What does Deagel know that we don’t know? This new story from Zero Hedge reports the ‘retail apocalypse’ has officially descended upon America as Dave with the X22Report also expands upon in the 1st video below. And as we read in the new SQAlert republished below videos, everything happening now geopolitically and financially is tied together quite tightly with Deagel’s 2025 forecast which still shows a forthcoming collapse for America despite President Trump.

While Deagel admits their numbers are only a ‘forecast’, we should keep in mind the sources for their information are the United States government, the CIA, the US Department of State, the US Department of Defense, the World Bank, the European Union, the US Army, the US Navy, the US Marines, the US Air Force, and the US Coast Guard among others.

Many people have asked, what does do? Deagel keeps track of numbers. For example, as seen in the screenshot below, if you want to know how many B-1B Lancer Long Range Attack Aircraft the United States of America had in their possession, we’d go to Deagel which has numbers for everything ‘military industrial complex’ related. And as we also see, they update their website quite regularly as seen in several March and February 2017 entries.

So, with strong ties to the US government and US military as sources, what does Deagel know that we don’t know? Besides the other huge drops in population, GDP, and military budget, the Deagel category for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) tells us exactly what the mainstream media won’t: Very difficult times are ahead if Deagel’s forecast for 2025 is correct.

In 2015, the United States stood at #16 in the world for PPP at $55,800. In comparison, the failing socialist nation of Venezuela stood at #89 in PPP at $16,700.

For 2025, Venezuela is forecast to be #86 in the world at a PPP of $9,108, a big drop from 2015. The US’s forecast PPP for 2025? $10,345 for a ranking of #78 in the world.

Quite a steep drop when you consider Venezuela’s PPP in 2015 was $6,000+ more than they are forecasting the US’s PPP to be in less than 8 years from now! What might happen to cause such a HUGE drop in the US dollar’s purchasing power? It’s clear to us that Deagel’s forecasts show an America in 2025 in total collapse with the purchasing power of the US dollar worse than what is happening in Venezuela right now. You can see the US in the chart from Deagel below, sitting only 8 spots above Venezuela in Deagel’s 2025 PPP forecast. This chart shows the US approaching 3rd world nation status by 2025.

Why is such a huge drop in our PPP forecast for 2025 for the US, dropping from $55,800 to $10,345? Of course, the purchasing power of the US dollar will continue to plummet like a corrupt banker wearing cement shoes dropping to the bottom of a river as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money like it’s toilet paper. For even the people in Venezuela have recently figured out it’s much cheaper to use money there as napkins or toilet paper than actually having to go out and buy the products.

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15 comments to How Will 260 Million Americans ‘Disappear’ In Less Than 8 Years? Deagel Has America Sitting Just Above Venezuela By 2025 With Purchasing Power Of US Dollar Ranked 78th In The World

  • AgShaman

    That report was from a time when it looked like the Hillary selection/Soros takedown via the Rothschild machine was the order on deck.

    To get those numbers will require a mild hunger games scenerio, whereby there’s lotsa starvation, coupled with grid down EMP problems, in conjunction with World War !!! or the Civil variant(or both simultaneously)…which would also beg a pandemic of bioterrorism from a multitude of army labs a-la Steven King novel.

    Not saying that they cannot make it happen anymore….just that so many have been exposed to the blueprints that it will work opposite when humans figure out they are being played and resort to building relationships to get to the “other side” intact.

    Kiss my as Deagel…I hope you spent your CIA money unwisely and ended up with some STD for your part

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Who ever is part of the circle jerk of “Deagel”, their declarations are strange, wild and alarming.

    But I’m plenty alarmed by all the analysis and reporting on so many things here at SGT, ZH, Max Keiser, Celente, Clif High, and dozens more.

    What does all that stuff tell me? Answer= big crisis/crash cannot be avoided, but the timing is unknown.

    The only right answer, is to be prepped for it, even if it takes YEARS to get here. When the SHTF, there may be no way to obtain preps or to start doing what should’ve been done.

    Me? I’m following the “prep even if it doesn’t look like it’s needed” model.

    Such as= Just finished planting potatoes to give me a tater harvest of about 150 pounds in 90-120 days.

    Raked the old dry weeds/thatch from the garden and placed it into the tater trenches to act as mulch.
    Also started the roto-tiller and going lightly over the rest of the garden soil to dislodge all the new weeds, and get ready to plant everything else in the coming days and weeks.

    Just have to ‘top up’ about 8 gallons of space in my kerosene cans, to be 100% full and ready for NEXT winter. (Just in case the SHTF and fuels become unavailable when November/December arrives.)

    I’ll have just enough for light & heat for one full winter. I need a proper wood burning stove (perhaps a $300 model). I already have one full cord of seasoned oak, cut and stacked under the car port.

    I’ve got plenty of dry & canned foods, seeds, well water, bath soap, Toilet paper & hygiene supplies, canning supplies, hand tools, ammo, some solar panels & RV batteries/inverter,etc, and I keep a rotation of about 25 gallons of gas, and 5 propane bottles for the grill, or a space heater, camping stove.

    I’m 10 miles from the nearest town (and it’s only 5k population). This area is zoned ‘homesites required to have no less than 5 acres per home. Farms on two sides. Dead end street (easy for me and the neighbors to spot strangers.)

    I’ve got about 3+ acres of ‘mini forest/woods’. Mostly crummy oaks and crummy pines. Neither one is good for lumber. This species of oak, when dead on the ground, ROTS very fast. Burns good.

    Got about 30 large wild blueberry bushes scattered, and a couple very small fruit trees I planted 2 years ago. Got 2 fenced garden areas about 35X35, and a third one about 8X24 far enough apart from each other, so I can easily rotate crops and not worry about much cross pollination if I plant different varieties of corn in each plot, etc.

    The fences should help to deter rabbits, and other small animals (and if I have to get up at night, I’ll have a decent chance of getting them with the 22 cal. pellet rifle before the get back out of the garden fence.

    I may wish for a night vision scope, but cannot come up with the $500 for it. But the big, 2X7X40mm optical scope on the pellet rifle, is sighted in very well and gathers a lot of light, AND I’ve mounted a nice LED light on it too.

    That’s not counting my 22LR or the 12 gauge, etc. A few days ago, I stood in my kitchen watching an adult doe (deer) munching on weeds, just 25 feet from my back door.

    My neighbor has about a dozen outdoor cats, and they roam freely and I have NOT seen a single mouse or rat because those cats take care of it. They also have a few beagles, and they do a good job of watching out for coyotes, deer, fox, raccoons, etc.

    No pets for me. I like animals, and they like me, but I just prefer to avoid the hassles.
    I’d like to have a Tilapia or Bluegill (breem) pond, and some ducks, chickens or quail. No guinea fowl (too noisy).

    Got the 2001 mini van updated, so I think I’m in pretty good prep shape for hurricanes, food shortages, grid down, or city riots.

    I hope all of you guys out there, have your own decent prep setups. Every situation is different, but we all need to eat, poop, keep warm, and be safe.

    • Eric

      Sounds good Craig. I’m not as prepped as I would like to be, but definitely as ready as can be right now. I’d be better off getting out of here if it starts getting too ugly. But I can bug in and lock and load if need be for a helluva long time.

      Did you check this yet? Free shipping.

      This one is the cheapest.

      Tough to find a used one I’m sure. But that was where or is where I’ll order one from eventually. Not that cold here though. lol.

      The one I have in my bedroom is excellent. I highly recommend having one especially if you already have some nice oak cut.

      Cats come into my yard. There’s like a million gophers around so I don’t mind.

      You know anything about growing coconut trees? Mine isn’t lookin too good. I just found it in the indoor garden section at Lowe’s. I wonder if the entire coconut shell it’s growing out of should be submerged under the soil. It didn’t come that way.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I don’t know nuffin about coconut trees.

        I’ll have to do some shopping around for a wood stove that may suit my needs & meager budget.

        I do love to SEE the fire, and MUST be able to cook on it too.

        So many choices out there. You shoulda seen the enameled cast iron parlour stoves they had in the stores in Europe! Wonderful stuff. My ex-girlfriend had a wood burner, and the STOVE pipes they use over there, are not sheet metal, they are seamless PIPE, cut to the full length from stove to roof-top!!!

        • Eric

          Here’s one for $327. Not much to look at though. But you get what you pay for I imagine. You can cook on just about anything that has a flat surface and gets hot. I’ve cooked on mine before but you gotta have the fire going real good and hot before you can start cooking anything.

          Might be able to replace the door with a glass door. I have a sauna stove I did that with and never hooked up. Still sitting here. I’ll probably tote that thing back to MN at some point. It’d be good for and ice fishing shanty.

          Too Hot here. lol.

          Honestly, I would spend a little on the wood stove. Not get something too cheap. You don’t want a piece of junk that can cause much bigger problems.

          If you have the time, patience, and space for it, I’d build a rocket mass heater. Not that it’s too terribly cold where you are either. 😉

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            Back in the late ’70’s, I had this exact model in a big old 1923 farmhouse? style home in Detroit, and it heated the place very well with a hot fire.


            And this is what that big old house looked like. Nearly 2000 sq-ft, 9ft ceilings (1st floor only)
            No insulation at all, drafty windows, 1st floor would be toasty, and rooms at the edges would be 65F and 2nd floor also about 65F (this was during cold winter days in the 20-25F range.)

            This is the same size, and pretty similar appearance to my OLD (1923) Detroit house.


            It was a bit of work to be heating that entire house with wood for a couple of years. I was able to get about a good 6 hours of burn time, perhaps a bit more if careful (and not so toasty).

            You’re right, I don’t need a lot of heating capacity in my current location (Fl panhandle).
            EVen a little box stove would do well, but I really like a door with glass.

            I’ve even used a 10k BTU kerosene heater (rectangular type) to heat a few Detroit rooms, and also used the same thing to heat this Florida mobile home-1000sq-ft.

            I’m pretty shocked that I am able to maintain indoor night time temps of 65F with just 6 kerosene glass lamps when the outside temps range about 35F. I’ve got 2 like this, with the pedestal base, and the rest don’t

            1 quart reservoir, and burns 1 ounce per hour (1000 BTU’s) So I can get about 24 hours of “burn time” without getting TOO low where the wick has to reach too far and the flame gets reduced.

            (Easy to figure out the BTU’s, because kerosene has 130k BTU per gallon=128 ounces) So that comes out to a bit more than 1000 BTU’s per ounce, and these lamps consume 1 ounce per hour.
            Most nights, I was using 4 lamps to keep the bedroom, living room & bath, between 63F-69F even on the colder nights.


            • Eric

              Have you see these?


              And maybe LEDS for the lights.

              4 kerosene lamps sound kind of dangerous.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                I’ve seen the “Big Buddy” propane heaters.

                Kerosene lamps have been used for more than 100 years now. As long as they are on a shelf, table, or properly mounted somewhere, there won’t be any problems. When you light them, to illuminate a room, you really need at least one at each end because they’re only about 10-14 candle power.

                The fact that they burn pretty cleanly, while giving some decent light, is pretty nice. They make no noise, don’t rely on any pressurized gas, hoses or pipe fittings, and there is about 40% more BTU’s in a gallon of kerosene than in propane.

                Just be aware of all the heat that goes up from the chimney, so you don’t place them directly under combustible things.

                2 kerosene lamps, gives the same BTU’s as a 600w electric space heater. 3 lamps is almost exactly the same BTU’s as a 1000w electric heater. This can be used as a system for portable heat and light for the bug-out camper.

                For “rough” handling, use, outdoors, on moving vehicles, boats, trains, etc, the metal Dietz type of Hurricane lantern (sometimes known as a rail road lantern) are great, because they are WIND proof, have a carry handle, and can be carried outside on a rainy, windy night.

                There are several models that have a wider base for better stability. The biggest is the Jupiter with a 72 ounce reservoir (burn time up to 70 hours). Amish farmers have a few favorites.

                Use them in the homes, barns, on wagons, also for baby chick brooder warmer, or a bit of added night time heat for a small greenhouse. Can also be placed inside the well-pump-dog-house to prevent the pipes from freezing-bursting.

                Outdoor LED yard lights are WONDERFUL for indoor lighting. Some are VERY bright. I have some of them. Leave them outdoors, and when an emergency calls for indoor lights, just bring them inside. They won’t heat up the house, which is VERY good in summer, but for winter heating? The kerosene fueled lamps can do a pretty decent job.

                I attached a little 5w solar panel on the hood of my lawn tractor, and it keep the battery trickle charged, and instead of having to put a charger on it, or buy a new battery every summer, the same old one is now about 4 years old. Don’t know when it will need replacement, but this trick has been great (and eliminates forgetting to plug in a battery charger).

                The worst part about kerosene lamps, is the same trouble with owning a gas powered chainsaw.

                You gotta fill em up, and always seem to spill some gas. So I clean & dry, a 2-2.5 gallon plastic LAUNDRY detergent jug (the type with the PUSH BUTTON dispenser), I fill it up with kerosene (or gas & oil for the chainsaw), and when I need to refill the saw or the lamps… I put the fuel jug on a shelf or table, and hold the reservoir-tank filler cap up to the dispenser button, push the button, and can EASILY meter & monitor how much fuel is going into the tank.

                I have eliminated the spillage problem. Then I put the jug back on the floor in the upright position just in case the dispenser nozzle gets leaky.

                PS… talk about “sounds dangerous”? I’d apply THAT label to every wood burning stove & fireplace system.

                • Eric

                  Craig, the fireplace I had in the living room (before I demolished it) was horrible. I knew it was bad and got a credit for it when buying the house. Had some work done on it. Extending the pipe and chimney up to regulation worked great, but all the heat went straight up and out. Burned great but didn’t heat the living room too well. But there was an exposed wood mantle way too low to the ground that made it dangerous not to mention it was an old crummy POS in general.

                  One of these days I’ll get that thing done. Backbreaking doing all the bricks though.

                  The wood stove I have doesn’t seem too dangerous at all whereas a kerosene lamp that can be bumped or I don’t know. I just got mom and dad to take a ton of glass out of this house. After they left I dropped a jar. I really don’t like having too much glass around.

                  If you haven’t done so already, invest in a 49 cent funnel. That should solve all spillage problems in the future. 😉

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  @Eric, I’ve got plenty of funnels, and I don’t care to recall how many times I’ve filled them faster than they could drain, or when they flip out of the hole, etc.

                  The laundry detergent jugs with dispenser button works so well, and it’s a thick plastic that holds up very well to fuels. I keep them out of all the sunlight, because I don’t want to risk the UV rays from degrading it.

                  My next wood burner, I’ll make sure to hook up a fresh-air intake-(burning air) and not pull air from the house to go thru the firebox and out the chimney pipe. That’s about the quickest & biggest improvement for efficiency.

                  I love the Rocket-mass heater, but this is a mobile home and would require a lot of under-carriage reinforcements, etc. And like you said, the winters are normally pretty mild with the occasional cold snap.

                  I really like the information about how Zeolites store heat. Like a cup full of DRY DRANO mix, add water and it boils.
                  Zeolites have the same action, but after it’s lost its heat, you can REHEAT it (as in the summer time), and come winter time, have a system that adds portions of water, and it starts to heat up, again and again until it cannot gain anymore water. It lasts forever, and has up to 4X the BTU holding/generating capacity of water.

                  And you need only 1/10th the cubic volume for heat storage as other mediums. Plenty of stuff, requires 120 cubic yards for winter heating, but the Zeolites can do the same work with just 12 cu-yds. And it’s not an expensive material.

                  In one old Mother Earth News in the 1980’s ?

                  There was a story about a Swedish experimental home with stainless steel Zeolite tank in the basement, connected to another tank-of water-buried in the dirt outside the home. They put a vacuum on the system, and when the tank in the basement got colder, it created a bit of a higher vacuum and sucked some water from the outside tank, and the zeolite tank got hot, warmed the house and equalized the pressure and the water flow stops.

                  In summer, you heat up the tank with excess summer heat, and the water vapor gets driven into the cooler-outside tank where it condenses, just waiting for the next winter. They cycled it thru 20 years worth of cycles, without any degradation.

                  And there are also “Phase change” materials, but they rely on actual heat & cold to trigger the phases. I wonder what is the cost of the phase change sheet rock slabs?

    • JMiller

      “big crisis/crash cannot be avoided, but the timing is unknown”

      Also unknown is the severity and how long it will take to play out once it starts.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        That’s right, we cannot know how deep or how long. So I’m basing my plans on the “Venezuelan model”.

        I think we’d be very lucky if things started to normalize in just a year or two, but I think we are looking at a 10 year depression or more.

        It may start slowly like Venezuela, and get progressively worse (and this would be best because it would allow people time to get their gardens rolling as things got worse).

        But if it happens over night, as the Stock Market crash of 1929, (the worst year of the “Great Depression was actually 1932-33), then it’s going to kill the largest number of unprepared sheeple.

        The Cyprus “Bail-in” was an overnight event. The Indian Cash ban, was very short grace period. Germany’s hyperinflation took a couple years to hit bottom.

        If we get hit with bank closures (like Cyprus) and China & Saudi stop accepting US treasuries for payments, and the “Swift system” is abandoned by China, Russia, Saudi, etc, then it could all come crashing down in hours or days.

        Plan for the worst, Hope for the best… and NEVER get it backwards.

        Grow those gardens, either in the yard, or a Patio-container garden. As I also read, you can grow up to 100 pounds of Oyster mushrooms in a 3X3 ft closet/cabinet/crawlspace.

        You can grow a lot of Tilapia in a 55 gallon drum/tank, etc. (The BLUE Tilapia are illegal in Florida because they can survive cold & hotter temps in the wild, and if they get into the ecosystem, they would be very invasive, but they are more suited for a wider range of growing zones.)

        You can grow a number of food plants as Landscaping, trellis greenery, planters, etc.

        Dig up those house bushes and plant stuff that grows FOOD. Get busy. Google it, plant it.

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