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Government Report: Islamists Building ‘Parallel Society’ in Sweden Aided By PC Culture of Silence

by Liam Deacon, Breitbart:

Aided by a politically correct culture of “tolerance”, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is secretly building a “parallel” society in Sweden by infiltrating organisations and political parties, a government report has concluded.

Surprisingly, the document takes aim at “political elites” for fostering a doctrine of multiculturalism and silence, which can help and facilitate the nefarious ends of anti-democratic organisation like the Brotherhood.

Somewhat predictably, however, the publication of such claims in Sweden – where open criticism of liberal, multicultural ideals is rare – has caused a row, with critics labelling the report “conspiratorial” and claiming it misrepresents Islam.

Published Friday, the document was commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), part of the country’s Ministry of Defence, which is responsible for civil protection and public safety.

The paper’s authors claim the Brotherhood is working to increase the number of practicing Muslims in Sweden, encouraging tension with Secular society, and targeting political parties, NGOs, academic institutions and other civil society organisations.

They also slam the “established structure of values among the country’s political elite [which] places a high value on ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’ of citizens who are in some sense different from the mainstream”.

In the report, the Islamism of the MB is described as a totalitarian political ideology born out of Islam, a religion. This can make it “difficult to oppose what on the surface appears to be (a vulnerable minority) religious rights”, it explains.

Critics, therefore, “run the risk of being called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ and because of the situation in Swedish society such classifications endanger people’s careers”.

The press was quick to label these claims inflammatory, and 22 academics and “experts” in religion have published a blog post questioning the methodology of the research.

The academics – from many of Sweden’s leading universities – say it is “almost conspiratorial” to suggest criticism of Islamism is difficult in Sweden. They also insist the claim that the Brotherhood is building a parallel society is refuted in past research.

In response to the blog post, the department has refuted the criticism of their methodology, and the report’s editor, Magnus Norell, told public service broadcaster SVT:

“Had they smoked something before they read it? You just need to read the report. If someone doesn’t accept this, there’s not much I can do about it. It’s proven.”

Controversially in Sweden, the report also links Islamism and poor social integration to immigration.

“Islamists aim to build a parallel social structure competing with the rest of the Swedish society the values of its citizens. In this sense, MB’s activists pose a long-term challenge in terms of the country’s social cohesion”, it states.

Adding: “Migration from Africa and the Middle East is likely to continue in coming years, both in form of relatives and refugees…

“Given that MB’s goal is to increase the number of practising Muslims in Swedish or European territory, there is a great likelihood that a ‘tug of war’ will occur between the majority community and the Islamic community with the MB’s encouragement…”

The authors of the blog post objected to this claim. “The [report’s] authors seem to conclude that Swedish Islam is a homogeneous phenomenon and that Swedish Muslims are led by the Muslim Brotherhood…” they write.

“It is a conclusion that goes against the overall research, which rather points towards the Muslim community being diverse and there being competition between Muslim groups…”

Founded in 1826, the MB aims to create a global, Sunni Islamic Caliphate by organising Muslims politically. It is arguably the largest Islamist organisation in the world and has links to the Muslim Council of Britain and many other mainstream European Islamic institution.

The group has been accused of fostering links to militants and is considered a terrorist organisation by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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5 comments to Government Report: Islamists Building ‘Parallel Society’ in Sweden Aided By PC Culture of Silence

  • anon

    Question: WHO, WHICH TRIBE, EXACTLY, is behind “Political Correctness”? Answer: It’s the “Jews”! Specifically, “Jew”-ish COMMUNISTS (secretly funded by “Jew”-ish ZIONISTS, Rothschilds, WARBURGS, Schiffs). But, hey, don’t take MY word for it:

    1) Kent Clizbe – Willing Accomplices: How [COMMUNIST] KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America


    For more on this subject, I strongly recommend you take a good CLOSE look at the so-called “Holocaust”, as well as the actual HISTORY of the so-called “Jews”. Start here:

    1. The HoloHoax by David Cole, Jewish Truth Seeker

    2. Auschwitz – Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth – HD (English Subtitles) Part 1/4

    Be sure to watch ALL FOUR PARTS!

    3. Read! THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler (FREE .PDF)

  • anon

    It turns out, it was these SAME Rothschild-agents, in the ‘City’ of London, on WALL STREET, and in Germany, and elsewhere (DISRAELI, the WARBURGS, SCHIFFS), who were behind BOTH WWI, AND WWII! You can look at this on a very simple level: Question: HOW MANY WHITE, CAUCASIAN AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN SOLDIERS DIED DURING WWI, AND WWII? I’ve checked into it. The best number I can find is: 82,911,000 deaths in both World Wars. How many “Jews” are said to have been “gassed” in the NON-EXISTENT (according to “Jew”-ish researcher David Cole) “GAS” Chambers under Hitler, the Nazis and ~ NATIONAL ~ SOCIALISM? Reportedly, again, by the “Jews” ~ “6 Million”. “SIX Million”, compared to 82 Million, 911 THOUSAND total deaths during WWII. Yeah, “6 Million” is a “Holo-caust”, but NO MENTION of the nearly 83 MILLION MAINLY WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH AMERICANS & THEIR MAINLY WHITE, CAUCASIAN NON-“JEW”-ISH EUROPEAN COUSINS, who sadly, were DECEIVED INTO BOTH WWI AND WWII, & killed each other off, while Western predominantly “Jew”-ish FINANCIERS continued to operate the Western Financial system in perpetuity, creating inter-generational wealth, for themselves, and their heirs. Un-F#@$-ing believable.

  • anon

    Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

  • anon

    What the heck is Barbara Spectre’s motivation?

    Are the ZIONISTS (in Rothschild-Israel) allowing the MUSLIMS/ARABS into Europe NOT ONLY to destroy European CULTURE & CIVILIZATION, in the various countries, like Sweden they now INFEST (and France, and Germany), but ALSO to make life so unbearable for European ‘Liberal’ (non-ZIONIST, non-practising, etc.) “Jews”, that they’ll decide to move to Israel? Also, since it is widely-known, that MI6 was fundamental in the placing in power of the (Wahhabist/Salafist, SUNNI) House of Saud in SAUDi Arabia (in order to destabilize the Middle East, by creating VIOLENT, RIVAL FACTIONS within ISLAM, and smooth a path for the creation of Rothschild-Israel, est. 1948) ~ isn’t it also likely, that letting these MUSLIMS/ARABS into Europe is also COVER, for covert actions, led by both Israelis AND SUNNI MUSLIMS working for the Western Intel Agencies (like CIA/MI6/Mossad) to create TERRORIST EVENTS?

    “Whoever is in power in Downing Street [or in Washington, D.C.], whether Conservative, Radicals, Coalitionist, or Pseudo-Bolshevik, the International Jews rule the roost. Here is the mystery of the ‘Hidden Hand’ of which there has been no intelligent explanation.” (Leo Maxse, writing in the August issue of the “National Review” 1919)

    Source: 1001 QUOTES BY AND ABOUT JEWS (Mainly On the Topic of Jewish Supremac-ism)

  • anon

    ‘Killing and maiming children’: Watchlist calls UN to blacklist Israeli Defence Forces

    1. Get the United Nations (U.N.) OUT of America, please.
    2. What, NO “DIVERSITY” or “INCLUSIVITY” or “MULTICULTURALISM” FOR PALESTINIANS living in or near Israhell?

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