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Government Prescribed Immigration Debate

from The Daily Bell:

Is immigration really a terrifying threat to our safety? Or perhaps it is yet another source of fear the power elites use to maintain control.

There are two paradigms of thought which are both based on premises the government hands down.

One seems independent enough; that borders are statist, and therefore bad. The government has no business restricting freedom of movement (which is true), so they should stop oppressing foreigners and let them in, whatever the consequences.

The other opinion is that while open borders would be great, even ideal, the current state is such that we must restrict access… using the state. If we want to be safe, and not have immigrants leaching off the system, we have got to keep them out!

And the latter is generally the fear that Trump promotes, including in Tuesday’s speech to Congress. The idea is that illegal immigrants are flooding across the border, on a murdering rampage. If we don’t stop them from coming in, and kick out those already here, the system might collapse under their weight, and your family might be murdered.

Yet according to the PEW Research Center, illegal immigration has largely stabilized, and some studies suggest illegal immigrants are statistically less likely to commit crimes than native born citizens.

On the other hand, in America, our behavior is restricted by government. If we could really do as we please on private property, then we could take actions to reduce our risk if it turned out immigrants do introduce new dangers.

But in America, it is considered discrimination to refuse service. And it is increasingly, it is the citizen’s job to do police work in preventing crimes, lest we wind up in the government cross-hairs for “harboring” criminals.

This fear leads to more power for the U.S. policing agencies, and more money that the government gets to spend on your behalf. And by now who hasn’t seen the mass of videos from random rights-violating “immigration” checkpoints within U.S. borders?

The government doesn’t care which of their prefabricated opinions you hold, because each one gives them more power.

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