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Fukushima Worker on Verge of Breakdown “The Earth Around Me Distorting Like Jell-O”

from MsMilkytheclown1:

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4 comments to Fukushima Worker on Verge of Breakdown “The Earth Around Me Distorting Like Jell-O”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That terrible, fateful, dreadful day (03-11-11) shattered almost every nuclear worker’s confidence in the so called “safety” of nuclear power.

    And now Westinghouse has declared bankruptcy as a direct result of both “money lost” and future money losses tied to Fukushima.

    In the state of Georgia, are the only nuclear reactors under construction in the USA for the last 20 years or more, and it was Westinghouse either “in charge” or playing a vital role, and thankfully, I think those reactors will never be finished. They were scheduled to go “on line” in 2019.

    But there is no good news to be found, because the Pacific ocean is partly dead already, and dieing more each day with such massive contaminations that will not abate or slow down for thousands of years to come (more likely for millions of years). Fish stocks are heavily wiped out, sea life, bird life, and shore life is devastated and getting worse (yet all the news media is traitorously silent.)

    The world would have been OK if we had never embarked on the destructive path of “nuclear power”.
    It was pure folly to use something so destructive when we have no methods of making radioactive soil, water & land, to be NON radioactive.

    We cannot make plutonium, uranium, and all the other elements & isotopes, into safe, non radioactive things. Even if we could do it on a small scale, we never had the ability to clean up an ocean, an atmosphere, or a continent.

    We can run, but we cannot hide. This is the one thing we have no defense against. We are turning this planet into an alien world, and I wonder how long it will take, before we make it into a dead planet with nothing left alive.

    That’s because radiation destroys DNA chains, and every living thing on this planet is based 100% on the DNA system. Without properly functioning DNA, there is no life. Thank you nuclear power, you have destroyed our planet, we are just waiting to see how long it takes for the never ending poisons to finish the job. I’d like to see every politician, every general, and every banker who did this to us, die a horrible bone cancer death from their favorite “energy” products.

  • Steelerdude

    You really have to take a step back, take a deep breath and ask “what the hell are we doing with these nuclear plants? We are definitely playing God with the world with
    these nuclear plants!”

    You have an emp or the yellowstone caldera blow off…you might as well party like its

  • Videoctr

    Nuclear fission generates heat in order to ultimately create steam. The government and industrial leaders put us at risk to do that. We all now pay the big price of global environmental destruction. Crazy!

  • Millicent

    I have said this before… Nuclear Power Plants are a front for producing weapons grade material. All of the BS about clean & cheap energy is just mindwash for general consumption by the gullible public.

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