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by Daniel Lang, The Daily Sheeple:

A man who claims to have been a former supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, made a startling claim in a Youtube video posted earlier this week. During a protest over the shooting death of Philando Castile, Trey Turner says that several of the BLM activists discussed burning down the governor’s mansion if the officer who shot Castile wasn’t charged. And the threats spewed by these activists didn’t stop there.

“There was talk about going beyond that and burning down the mansions that are on Summit Avenue with the governor’s mansion.” Turner also claims that one of the organizers for the protest suggested attacking multiple government buildings. “He mentioned burning down city hall, he mentioned burning down the capitol building, he mentioned burning down the police station.” When he told them that the only reason why they wanted to burn these structures down was because they didn’t know how to handle their anger, the BLM activists said that no, it’s “because they need to burn down what these white people have and they need to attack the white privilege so that their voices can be heard.”

Turner says that he was originally hesitant to associate himself with the movement after hearing negative media coverage, but decided to join the protest when BLM activists claimed that they were peaceful and didn’t hate white people. However he had a falling out with the group when he disagreed with them about white privilege. He also claims that “I was called a racist, and I was called an Uncle Tom because I said that blacks need to address the killing of each other just like they need to address the killings by police.”

Can we please stop calling this a peaceful organization? This is clearly a hateful group that is funded by globalists for the purpose of stoking racial tensions in America.

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